The little lunatic dutifully popped up immediately, “Host, it’s Lu Baiing, the one with a seven year long secret crush on Si Jinze.”

Ran Muxun narrowed her eyes.

Lu Bailing ah…..

In the plot she was the first person who discovered that Si Jinze liked Ran Muxun, for this reason the times she secretly dealt with the female protagonist was not little, however on the surface she treats the female protagonist extremely well, the female protagonist also regarded her as an elder sister who she could tell anything to, for the female protagonist to take a liking to Si Jinzhi so fast, there was actually a lot of Lu Bailing’s handwriting1. 

From Ran Muxun’s perspective, Lu Bailing was truly clever, she knew Si Jinze liked the female protagonist, and also knew that the female protagonist grew up together with Si Jinze, and certainly had good feelings towards him, the parents of the two parties would definitely be happy to see them get together as well…..

So after she realised that Si Jinzhi, because of hating Si Jinze, was interested in Ran Muxun, she deliberately created all kinds of “opportunities” to let the two people be alone together, and even orchestrated a kidnapping incident to let Si Jinzhi be the hero saving the beauty. 

And at that time, Si Jinze still had not realised the female protagonist liked his little brother, so he had not yet blackened, once he became aware of it, it was already too late to stop it, the female protagonist was already uncontrollably in love with Si Jinzhi.

Lu Bailing was actually just the type of character in novels that are the catalyst for the male and female protagonists to get together. 

Lu Bailing should know that Ran Muxun has been discharged from the hospital by now, having not heard any news about Si Jinzhi recently, while Si Jinze had been looking after Ran Muxun all the time, her heart was uneasy, so she came running to the Ran household. 

Ran Muxun rolled her eyes, and loudly called “Bailing jie2, I am over here!”

Lu Bailing came over very quickly, upon seeing Ran Muxun, her face sank.

She actually directly moved into the Si household!

She originally thought that she would work at the Si family’s company after graduation, become Si Jinze’s secretary, accompany him day and night, and then it would surely lead to love overtime……

She never thought, right now Ran Muxun would be in a more advantageous position3 than her!

“Bailing jie?”

A burst of anger and jealousy flashed through Lu Bailing’s eyes, hearing her words, she instantly panicked, afraid that she would be seen through, but the next second, upon meeting Ran Muxun’s unfocused eyes, she relaxed.….

What is she panicking for? Ran Muxun is just a blind person now!

It’s a pity…..

Even when she became blind, Si Jinze still liked her!

Lu Bailing bit her lower lip, not reconciled at all, but her mouth was still smiling, holding Ran Muxun’s hand, she said with incomparable pity and tenderness, “What a pity…..your parents just passed away, and right now even your eyes are blinded…..luckily Jinzhi is here, Ranmu, don’t worry, even if you are not able to see for a lifetime, Jinzhi will still look after you for a lifetime!”

The corner of Ran Muxun’s mouth twitched. 

This Lu Bailing truly speaks with one stab after another, specifically choosing to jab at other people’s wounds, if she was really the original Ran Muxun, by now she would likely already be riddled with gaping wounds. 

However, the original female protagonist was also a dull single-celled organism, such obvious malice, yet she actually didn’t notice, and even foolishly regarded Lu Bailing as her elder sister. 

But even if she could see through it now, she could not show it. 

Ran Muxun lowered her head, with somewhat of a loss, she performed the stupidity of being pricked in the heart by her words, but still not noticing her hatred, and sighed, “But, Jinzhi he….”

“Jinzhi, what happened to him?” Lu Bailing asked with some urgency.

No matter how her people checked, they could not find anything about Si Jinzhi’s location, however, Ran Muxun is Si Jinzhi’s fiancée, she certainly must know!

Ran Muxun opened and closed her mouth, giving the appearance of wanting to but hesitating to speak, and for a very long time, didn’t say a word.


Handwriting (手笔): What they have planned and orchestrated, usually secret underground schemes
Jie (姐): Means older sister.
I did gege before, keeping it somewhat consistent.
And Sister Bailing sounds kind of formal, like a nun.
Bailing sister…
近水楼台 (Advantageous position): [Song Yu Wenbao’s “Qing Yelu” quoted a poem by Su Lin of Song Dynasty: “The moon is first obtained by the tower near the water, and the flowers and trees in the sun are easy to spring.” Later, “the tower near the water” is used to describe the approach to certain people or things, which can give priority to certain benefits.] Oxford Dictionary

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