The purple on her body……

Are all traces he has left……

Her lips, body…..all contaminated with his breath.

This made him extremely satisfied, a certain part of his body……

Also felt more uncomfortable. 

However, his mood suddenly became extremely happy.

Ah yes, the person Ranran grew up with, from childhood to adulthood, is him, the person who understands Ranran the most is him…… 

The type of behaviour Ranran hates, he knows very well.

Then……if it was “Si Jinzhi” who behaved in a way that Ranran hates…..

She certainly won’t ever again love him like she did previously, right?  

Si Jinze’s eyes shined, he took a deep breath in, lowered his voice, and said in a tone that was more similar to Si Jinzhi: “Ranran, I’m sorry……”

“But, I think, for an engaged couple, this should be a normal thing, is it not?

It wasn’t easy for Ran Muxun to finally pull out a bedsheet, and press it over her own body, listening to these words, her eyes flashed, raising her head, she roared furiously: “You go out!! I don’t want to see you ever again!!”

Si Jinze raised the corner of his mouth.

She said she didn’t want to see Si Jinzhi ever again. 

He stood up happily, and despite his reluctance, Si Jinze still, one by one, did up the buttons of his clothes, then left this room. 

Inside the room.

Only upon seeing that he had finally left, did Ran Muxun relax. 

Standing up, feeling the pain in certain parts of her body, as well as the traces he left, she bit her lower lip, endlessly ashamed and resentful. 

This damned1 yandere!!

Originally she had thought only slightly sacrificing a little bit was enough, how could she know, as soon as he started he would be exactly like…..a beast, she almost wasn’t able to hold him back. 

The little lunatic was actually even a little unfulfilled, “Host, how stimulating! The system suggests the host do more things like this in the future! Hehe….”


If it had a physical body, she would definitely squash it into a ball and kick it outside!

The little lunatic howled: “Host! You being like this is not right, little lunatic2 was only sincerely giving the host a suggestion~~The host truly did a great job this time! Now, the capture target shouldn’t kill the male protagonist….”

Ran Muxun closed her lips tightly, not wanting to say even a single word to it. 

This perverted system!

All over her entire body are marks that Si Jinze, this pervert, left, his breath still remains between her lips and teeth, Ran Muxun gritted her teeth and re-entered the bathroom, but as soon as she went in, the things that had occurred in there previously once again flashed before her eyes, Ran Muxun’s complexion flashed blue and purple, she promptly gave her body an all over cleanse, then changed into clean clothes……

In the neighbouring room. 

Si Jinze watched this scene, his Adam’s apple bobbed, but he still held back. 

Giving a certain place a call, Si Jinze raised the corner of his mouth. 

On the other side, the little lunatic detected the content of Si Jinze’s phone call, and was excited to no end: “Host Host! Si Jinze let his people save Si Jinzhi…..also, he appointed a beautiful lady to go! Tsk tsk, Host, the capture target is so evil…..”

If Si Jinzhi had other women, even if Ran Muxun loved him again, she absolutely would not be able to accept it. 

Ran Muxun pursed her lips. 

This is her objective, to prevent this world from collapsing, the first thing she needs to do is let the male protagonist survive. 

Even if she had already taken a shower, the marks that bastard left on her body still clung to her relentlessly3…..

At night, Ran Muxun was tossing and turning, unable to fall asleep, but at this time, the door unexpectedly opened!

Her breathing suddenly blocked, sneakily entering her bedroom at this time, other than Si Jinze, there will be no one else!


该死 (Damn): Can also be literally translated to ‘deserves to die’, I just thought that was interesting, whenever RMX says damn, she could also mean ‘go die’
I thought Ran Muxun was just calling the system crazy, but is it actually its name, or did it just grow fond of this title? 
如影随形: Like a shadow following a person, means to follow relentlessly, also just saw my translations copied on an aggregator site today, lol they are so fast, they even disabled text selection to prevent copying how interesting.

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