Fortunately, Si Jinze did not force her, standing up, he told Aunt Liu to tidy up things, and once again carried her up to his bedroom on the second floor, Ran Muxun was already numb, and let him carry her to sit on the side of the bed, when she thought she could finally relax, he actually didn’t leave, instead he suddenly grabbed a strand of her long hair, took it under his nose to smell, even deeply taking a breath, with a face of intoxication, then also taking it to his mouth to give it a kiss…

In her mind, the little lunatic was already screaming excitedly.

“Host!! Doesn’t he think you are very fragrant and very delicious?! It’s over, I feel like he seems a little unable to hold back!”


This little lunatic, upon seeing such a perverted scene, is actually so thrilled…

Sure enough, it really is a perverted system!

“Host, I heard it….” The little lunatic said faintly.

Ran Muxun originally wanted to pretend she was oblivious to whatever Si Jinze was doing, but she saw Si Jinze suddenly approach her closely, and not even one centimetre away from her eyes…

Deeply breathe in.

Ran Muxun immediately broke into a cold sweat. 

“Jin, Jinzhi? You…aren’t you going to work?”

However, Si Jinze sighed quietly, “Ranran, for two days, you haven’t taken a bath.”


So, when he was smelling her just then, the odour on her body disgusted him??

The corner of Ran Muxun’s mouth twitched.

“I…I will go wash up in a while.”

“En….do you need help?” His voice was little husky.

Ran Muxun smiled stiffly, “No need, it will be fine to just let Aunt Liu come over….Jinzhi, if you don’t go to work now you will be late!”

Si Jinze looked at her, the finger that had just lifted up her hair, gently caressed the soft skin of her neck and shoulders, seeing her trembling involuntarily, he finally couldn’t resist laughing lowly, “Okay, then Ranran must remember to wash up, otherwise…mould will grow on you.”

“…..I understand.”

Supposedly mould was growing, yet he still held onto her so tightly last night, when sniffing her he even looked like he could not wait to swallow her…..

Si Jinze finally left.

Ran Muxun gave her own body a sniff, alright, after entering this world she didn’t shower for over twenty four hours already, but she obviously didn’t smell any kind of odour…..

Upon thinking about how the bathroom had also been installed with monitoring by this pervert Si Jinze, she didn’t want to go inside to wash up at all.


If she didn’t wash up, he will certainly know, and when he returns he might even want to help her take a bath!

Now that would be truly terrifying!

Little lunatic even thought it was a pity, “Host, I feel like letting him help you take a bath is beneficial in enhancing the affection between the host and the capture target….”

Sorry, his possessiveness towards her is already so strong that it’s scary, no need to enhance it!

Hardening her scalp, she fumbled around to grab a conservative outfit, Ran Muxun entered the bathroom by herself, she didn’t plan to call for Aunt Liu, or let others help herself.

Relying on someone else to wash up is way too uncomfortable,  even if they are both female, it’s still the same….

Soaking in warm water, Ran Muxun closed her eyes, too comfortable to even say anything. 

Then, she suddenly felt that something wasn’t right.

Someone was watching her!

Cold sweat came out, Ran Muxun took a deep breath in, in her mind she asked the little lunatic, “Si Jinze that pervert….is he watching me on the monitor?”

The little lunatic hesitated slightly, “Eh, this, Host, I think…..your imagination, could be a little more expansive?”

The bathroom suddenly had a weird atmosphere. 

A chill went down Ran Muxun’s back. 

She could sense it, in the bathroom, there was someone else! 

In the corner of her eye, Si Jinze, who knew when exactly he appeared, was currently standing in front of a full length mirror that was only one metre away from her….

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