”You shouldn have snitched bitch. Now someones gonna pay. ”

Dumbfounded, staring at the Phone, Phoebe started to tap on it, inserting the words she managed to form in her head. This person knew her every move and the messages she got from him mysteriously disappeared. They had something to do with it.

”What do you mean by that? ” Phoebe texted

”You snitched. Someones gotta pay. Now, who would that be? ” The message came in alongside pictures of Sydney and Alan. Phoebe lost her grip on her phone as soon as she saw it. Another text came in.

”Pick one. ”

”Im really sorry for calling the cops. Please don hurt anyone. Why are you doing this? ”

”Ok ok fine. I won hurt anyone but Im only doing that just because we didn go over the rules before. Now, I have only one rule and mission. Rule; NEVER INVOLVE THE COPS. You
e only going to get people hurt. ”

”Ok, whats your mission? ”

”To make your life miserable. ”

Phoebe switched off her phone and sat on the floor. She started to cry and couldn help but started to think about whatever went wrong that brought her here, to this maddening situation. She was finding it difficult to put two and two together. Getting up from the ground and wiping her tears, she decided to contact Dex. He vowed to help her unofficially so technically, she wasn informing the cops.

Grabbing her phone and switching it on, she quickly took a screenshot of the conversation between herself and the unknown number. Forwarding it to Dex, he asked her to send the number to him which she did. Phoebe sighed and dropped her phone on the table. Sydney unexpectedly barged into the house, causing Phoebe to startle.

”Jeez Phoebe, its just me. Why are you so on edge? ” Sydney asked with her hands up.

”Sorry, you just scared me is all. I was zoned out and you just barged in. ” Phoebe sighed.

”Zoned out huh? Daydreaming of Alan yeah? ” Sydney teased, raising her eyebrows up and down.

”No I wasn . ” Phoebe managed to smile. Sydney was her rock. She managed to make her smile, even laugh in every tough situation she was in. Phoebe deeply relied on Sydney and nothing could change that.

”Speaking of Alan, ” Phoebe continued, ”did he show up? ”

”Yeah he did. He was a but disappointed you didn make it though. Please I don want to talk about him. ”

”Why? You
e the one who brought him up. ” Phoebe laughed.

”And I immediately regret it. ” Sydney laughed. ”We chatted for a while today. I was asking him questions about himself and he said that hes such an interesting topic and we do like talking about him. Hes a dick. ”

”Yeah he sure brags a lot. ” Phoebe laughed.

Time went by as Phoebe and Sydney caught up with each other. Phoebes tension eventually lessened as the thoughts of Sydney being with her and Dexs help was in her mind.

Night reached. After doing the norms, Phoebe lay on her bed, face up, looking at the ceiling. She prayed a quick, silent prayer for everything in her life to work out. For the whole stalker fiasco to end. For her to finally find the peace shes been longing for. Finally dozing off, she turned off the lights and closed her eyes. She didn get any message from the number.


Waking up to the bright rays shining on her face, Phoebe quickly checks her phone for any message from the number. Instead, what she saw was a message from Alan.

”Didn get to see you yesterday. Hung out with Sydney though. Shes cool. Id be there today just in case. Good morning. ”

Phoebe smiled. Yawning and getting up from bed, she walks to the bathroom. She looked at the mirror and sighed. She washed her face and started to brush her teeth. After doing that and bathing, she goes to dress up. She decided to just go to the diner to see Alan. She decided not to overestimate what the stalker could do. Confident in herself, she walks down to Sydneys room. About to knock on the door, her phone rings. Looking at the caller, she released the breath she didn realize shed been holding for the brief seconds.

”Hey Dex. ”

”Good morning Phoebe. You need to come over right now. I got a potential lead that might lead us to the stalker. ”

”Really? Thats great. Where should I meet you? ”

”Meet me behind the Mayfair park. Youd see a black Camry. Im in there. ”

”Ok. Thanks. On my way. ”

Phoebe hung up and started to jump up. She was happy. She could finally breathe. She prayed it worked out and theyd catch the bastard whos been stalking and threatening her.

Sydney came out and looked at her. ”Someones in the mood today. Whats up? Excited to see Alan? ”

”Nah, its something else. ” Phoebe smiled.

”Whats that? ”

”Its… ” Phoebe paused. She didn want to get Sydney involved in it because she had no idea how dangerous it could be. She didn want Sydney to be more involved than she already was. ”… Nevermind Sydney. Its nothing. Id just be on my way for a casual meeting. Ill be back. ”

”Sure… You do you. ” Sydney smiled. Before she left the door, she turned back. ”Hey Phoebe. ”

”Yeah? ”

”What about the creep with the unknown number? ”

Phoebe paused. She didn know what to say. She just wanted shit to be over with and there was a chance it could be over that minute. She still didn want to tell Sydney.

”Haven heard from them in a while. ” She smiled.

”Thats cool. Drive safe. ”

Few minutes after Sydney left, Phoebe went out and locked the door. Opening her car door, a familiar scent hit her nose. The scent that she dreaded to perceive. The scent that reminded her of Bryan. Sighing and entering the car, she sits on the seat and realized how long she hadn drived. She starts the car and head to the park.

After reaching the park, she decides to scan and locate Dexs car before coming down. After sighting his car, she gets down and walks towards it. Knocking on the door, Dex looks at her and opens it. He smiles when she entered and she returned it.

Phoebe got a better observation of the park and realized it was actually very close to where Sydney works, the diner also.

”What are we doing here? ” Phoebe asked.

”I tracked the number and I finally managed to pinpoint a location. A little bit far away from here but I also got the live location feed and it shows they
e around this park. ”

Phoebes heart raised. The stalker was there. Somewhere in their midst, probably checking if shes in the diner. She sighed.

”How are we going to know who the stalker is? ”

”Just look around. If you see anyone acting shady, just call the number and hang up. Anyone who raises a phone to their ear and takes it back down, thats the stalker. ”

”Ok. ” Phoebe raised her phone to call the number. Immediately she called the number, Dex noticed a guy in a hoodie picking up his phone.

”Hang up Phoebe. ” He said, his eyes still fixed on the person. As soon as Phoebe hung up, he put his phone down.

”Got him. ” Dex said and picked up his gun. Coming down the car, Phoebe followed. ”Sure you wanna follow? ” He asked.

”Damn right I am. Wanna see who this asshole is. ”

Ass soon as they got to him, Dex yelled. ”NYPD, put your hands in the air. Anything you say can and would be used against you in the court of law. ”

The guy turned and saw Dex was talking to him. He decided to run for it. Running past cars and tackling people along the way, he didn make it far when Dex caught up with him. Jumping from behind him, the guy fell. He hit Dex on his nose with his elbow and Dex got off him. He stood up and kept running then stopped when he saw Phoebe in front of him.

”Phoebe.. ” he managed to say until Dex walked up from behind and handcuffed him. Removing the hood from his head, Phoebe gasps.

”You… ”

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