”Who is this person? ”

”How tf does this person know I go to the diner? That diner. ”

”What do they want from me? ”

”This person could be dangerous. Should I just do what they say? ”

These thoughts clouded Phoebes mind all through the night. The anxiety kept building up by the hour. She couldn sleep. She was very much afraid. She didn realize how much time had passed until the sun started to peek behind the clouds about to give its blinding glare to the world. She then brought herself back to realization and got up from the bed. She soaked herself into the cold water in the tub and the thoughts came rushing back. Phoebe was scared.

e sure you don want to come with me? Alans gonna be there. ” Sydney asked after Phoebe didn agree to go with her. Phoebe decided to stay just for safety. She didn know who that person was and how dangerous they could be.

”Sure. I mean, you don expect me to just show up there everyday. Besides, he wouldn be expecting me. Its not like he asked me out on a date or something. He should keep in mind that I can be there everyday. ” Phoebe said.

”Ok babe. If you say so. See you later. ”

”Bye. ”

As Sydney drove off to work, Phoebe sat down on the couch, leaned backwards and sighed. She didn know what to do. Another boring day at home, alone. Almost immediately, she started to regret not following Sydney. This person is probably just some sad lonely pervert looking for who to frustrate. Why am I afraid? She hissed and stood up from the couch to go prepare breakfast.

After preparing the pancakes, she added a lot of syrup on it. Shes a sweet tooth who just can get enough of sweet things. Setting the plates on the table, she sat down. She had already calmed down about the whole creep issue and she barely even had it in mind. About to turn on the tv, she got a text. From an unknown number. The unknown number.

”I see you decided to obey. Such a good girl. You sure know whats good for you. ”

Standing up from the chair in fright, she runs to the windows and look around. She saw no one. She quickly locked the whole windows and pulled down the curtains. She ran to al the doors and locked them. She started panting. About to sit down again, another text came in.

”Oh don be scared dear. That wasn necessary you know. Just don do what provokes me and you
e safe. ”

”Who the ** are you? ” Phoebe texted back

”Your worst nightmare. ”

”You don even know me. ” Phoebe texted again.

”Don be too sure…. ” Phoebe scoffed and as she was about to drop her phone, she got another message.

”…. Phoebe. ”


Sydney walked down the stairs of her work building. It was time for her lunch break. Greeting everyone she met on her way with a little bit of cheer mixed with the aura of fatigue, she walked to her car to drop her briefcase. She headed for the diner. Famished as hell, she ordered her usual; a slice of cake with several shots of espresso.

”Hey. ”

Turning back, she sees Alan and smiles.

”Oh hey Alan. How are you doing? ”

”Im good… You? ”

”Im great. You sure come around here a lot. Not to pry but don you have a job or something? ”

”Oh yeah I do. ” Alan smiled.

”So why are you always here? Won your boss fire you or something? Or wait… Are you a private eye or a spy? Whats your deal Alan? ” Sydney asked while walking to a seat, Alan following her behind.

”Im neither of those things Sydney. Bedsides, Im my own boss. ”

”Oh. Dude runs his own company. How nice. Whats your job exactly? ” They both sit down.

”Come on Sydney. Enough of the questions. This isn an interrogation and I didn come here to talk about myself although, I do make an interesting topic. ” Alan laughs.

”Sorry. I just seem to want to know lots about people who are or want to be close to Phoebe and I. ” Sydney sighed.

”I understand. You
e just doing whats best for the both of you. Speaking of Phoebe, shes not here. Why is that? ”

”No idea. She just told me she didn feel like coming over. Where you expecting her? ”

”Well, I just asked after her. Of course I was. ”

”Oh… well, she doesn actually have a reason to be here everyday so don expect to meet her frequently. Shed be here regularly after getting the job though. ”

”She still haven heard from them? ”

”Nope. ”

”Hmmm… Hope she gets the job though. ”

”Give it a rest dude. You barely know each other and you already want to get in her pants. ” Sydney teased.

”You want me to get in yours rather? ” Alan smirked.

”Shut the ** up Alan. Phoebe was right about you. You sure brag a lot. ” Sydney laughed.

”Nope. I only say the truth about me. ” he smiled.

”Nah… You
e not an interesting topic. ” Sydney said in reference to what Alan had said earlier.

Alan laughed. ”You and Phoebe do talk about me a lot. You like boring topics? ”

”Fuck you. ” Sydney laughed.

After discussing about different things, mostly about Phoebe, Sydneys lunch break was over. She felt a little hyper now that she had refilled herself. Standing up and giving each other goodbyes, they both go their separate ways but not before Alan told Sydney to greet Phoebe on his behalf.


”Whats the matter maam? ” The detective asks. After that scary incident; the creep knowing everything she did, every step she made, her name, she quickly called the cops to report the issue. There was no way she was going to handle it alone. She didn want things to go farther from where they were because she knew they would only get worse.

”Ive been receiving these weird texts from an unknown number. At first, I thought it was just a harmless prank but today, just a few minutes ago, they started talking about everything I was doing. They knew my every move. ” Phoebe said with a trembling voice.

”Calm down maam. ” The detective replied. ”Can I see the texts? ”

Sure they
e right h… ” Phoebe stopped mid sentence after noticing the messages weren there any longer.

”Any problem? ”

”I can find the messages any more. ” Phoebe was shocked. ” I swear they were just here. ”

”Did you delete the messages by any chance? ” The detective asked.

”No I didn . I left them so Id show it to the cops. ”

”Seriously? Does this look like a joke to you? There are probably other important cases out there to solve and you decide to pull this shit. ”

”I swear, they were just… Why would I decide to joke with something as serious as this? ”

”Maybe because you
e bored as hell I mean, look at you, living alone in this big house. You were bored and you just decided to have a little bit of fun. ”

”What the **? ” Phoebe cried. ”This is a serious issue. I think Im in danger. Im being watched.

”You think? ” The detective scoffed. ”Wrong alarm guys. ” He shouted to the other cops who came along. Before leaving, he glared at Phoebe and shook his head. Phoebe felt like her insides were being squashed and her heart almost exploded in her insides. She was scared as hell. Seeing her genuine reaction, the detectives assistant walked over to her.

”Don worry Phoebe. Even if Detective Adams doesn look into this case, I will. Trust me, I go around doing a little digging of my own and most times, I get the culprit. I believe you Phoebe. Don be scared. I got you. Im Dex by the way ” He tapped her shoulder and nodded his head. Taking her phone from her, he inserts his number in it.

”Call me or send a text message any time you here from the creep again. ”

Phoebe nodded her head and gave a weak smile. After they left, Phoebe walked in and sighed. She felt a bit of relief after what Dex told her. She knew she had protection even if it was not from the whole police team, it was better than having no protection at all.

About the messages, Phoebe started to question her sanity. They were right there. She showed Sydney so what happened to them? Was everything that happened just an imagination or was she in an endless stream of a crazy dream? What exactly was wrong with her? She was loosing her mind. That was the conclusion she made. It was better than being stalked by a potentially dangerous person. Being crazy and messed up in the head could be treated. She gave a sigh of relief. Resting on the couch, her phone buzzed. Looking at it, her eyes widened.

”You shouldn have snitched bitch. Now someones gonna pay. ”


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