UNKNOWN NUMBER: You may think youve found shelter and happiness. Trust me, you haven and you won .

Phoebe got up from bed and stretched her body. She hadn really slept. She just felt uncomfortable and turned and turned around the bed. She felt like someone was watching her, keeping tabs on her because just when she thought she was actually finding happiness, she got that message. That couldn be a coincidence or a random prank


”Woah, what the **? Who wrote this? ” Sydney asked looking at the phone.

”No idea. Look, its an unknown number. Do you think someones watching my every move? ”

”Don be so paranoid. Its probably nothing. ” Sydney said to calm her down.

”Think about it. I finally decided to get a job, met a pretty interesting guy even though our conversation wasn long, it was funny though and I finally felt this little spark of light in my heart and then boom! This message comes in. It can be a coincidence. ”

”True. You think its Alan? I mean, he did know you went job hunting. ”

”Nah cmon. Why would he want to do that? We barely even know each other. ”

”Maybe. Thats what you think. Hes probably an ex or someone you offended one way or the other in the past but you just can remember. ”

”Trust me. If I knew Alan in the past, theres no way Id forget him. ” Phoebe blushed.

”Someones in love. ” Sydney teased.

”Shut up. ”

”Ok so Alans out of the picture. You think its Bryan? ”

”Really? It can be him. ”

”I mean, it could be him. Look at it. He didn want you getting a job when you were with him and he probably saw you with Alan thinking youve already moved on and he got jealous. ”

”He broke up with me Sydney. First thing he did after seeing me after three whole months. He doesn love me. Why would he be jealous? ”

”Who knows? Maybe hes just a possessive asshole who still wants you under his control. ”

”Hes not the one Sydney. Bryans not that petty. ”

”So after what he did, you still think highly of him? ”

”I mean, that doesn seem like something hed do. ”

”Breaking up with you unexpectedly after a trip didn seem like something hed do either but here we are. ”

”Whatever Sydney. Im going to bed. Goodnight. ”

”Goodnight Pheebs. ” Sydney smiled. Phoebe returned it.


Phoebe kept on thinking about the conversation she had with Sydney the night before. It couldn be Bryan. What could be possibly want from her? After what he did, its clear that he doesn need her. Shes of no significance in his life. She decided to shrug off all the negative thoughts. Getting up from bed, she had just one thing in mind.

Would I get the job?

The anxiety in her was beyond imagination. She really needed this job. She feared that if she didn get it, shed go back to her depressed state. After doing the normal morning routine, she decided to go out to clear her head. She didn want to stay at home alone after Sydney goes to work so she decided to follow Sydney to work.

After they arrived, they both came down from the car.

”You gonna follow me inside the building or…? ”

”Nah. Im just gonna hang around. See where the wind takes me. ”

”Sure. Or you
e expecting to see Alan in that diner again. ” Sydney smirked.

”Maybe. ” Phoebe blushed.

”Just be careful Phoebe. ” Sydney put her hand on her shoulder and smiled.

”Sure. ” Phoebe returned the smile and they both gave each other a hug.

After Sydney left, Phoebe looked around and sighed. She started to head to the diner. She really liked their coffee and muffin so even if she didn see Alan, shed savour the taste of the muffin and coffee.

After getting a cup of coffee and the diners signature chocolate chip muffin, she sat at a table by the corner to munch on it. She didn even know why she wanted to see Alan. She didn like like him but something about him just gave her a burning sensation and desire to see him. He made her happy. She slowly ate the muffin and sipped her coffee just to delay. When she had already accepted that he wasn coming, she decided to eat like a normal person.

Why did I even expect him to show up? Its not like we planned to meet or something. Im such an idiot

Immediately she took her first big bite, she heard a voice. His voice.

”Woah, take it easy with the muffin. It did nothing wrong to you. ”

Her face turned red and she widened her eyes. She turned back and looked at him wide eyed with her mouth full of muffin.

”Oh come on, don be embarrassed. You don need to impress me. You ruined that chance when we first met. ” He smirked.

Phoebe managed to swallow the muffin and took a sip of her coffee.

”There he goes again, rating himself. ” She rolled her eyes.

”May I have a seat? ” He asked

”If I say no? ”

”Id sit anyways. ”

”Sure. ” She rolled her eyes and he took a sit.

There was a few minutes of awkward silence. Alan just stared at Phoebe while she ate and she knew he was staring but decided to avoid eye contact.

He decided to break the silence.

”I think you
e stalking me. ”

”Seriously? You met me here. ”

”Yeah I know but why come here? You probably gathered details on me to know that I come here every morning. ”

”He comes here every morning? Great. I guess Ill start following Sydney to work everyday. God I really hope I get this job. ” Phoebe thought.

”Don be an idiot. I got bored at home I decided to follow my friend to work which is just around the corner. ”

”The same place you went to apply for a job? ”


”Yeah. ”

”You haven gotten the job? ”

”Nope. Haven heard from them. ” Her face went dull.

”Don worry. Youll get it. ”

”Because of how I look yeah? ” She chuckled and said in reference to what he said the first time they met.

”Because by just chatting with you, Ive already observed how smart and talented you are. ”

Phoebes face turned red again. This was the first serious conversation they had and he actually complimented her, this time, not being a joke.

”Thanks. ” She blushed.

”Are you blushing? Your cheeks are red. You still wanna deny you don have the hots for me? ” He smirked.

e just like my friend, Sydney. You both are good at ruining moments. ” She rolled her eyes and smiled.

”Yeah… Sure.. ” He smiled.

”To be honest, I was hoping Id see you here. ” Phoebe confessed.

”Hmm really? Why? ”

”I.. I don know. I just enjoy talking with you. ”

”I enjoy talking with you too. ” He smiled at her and her cheeks turned red again.

They talked and talked for hours until Sydney sent her a text message that she was through with work.

”Done with work. Hungry af. Heading to the diner. ”

It didn take up to three minutes before Sydney walked in. She ordered four shots of espresso and a slice of cake. Phoebe waved at her and she walked over to her table.

”Sydney, Alan. Alan, Sydney. ” Phoebe introduced the both of them.

”Oh, this the the hottie you always goof about yeah? Hi, nice to meet you. ” Sydney smiled at Alan and stretched her hand for a handshake.

”Really huh? Nice to meet you too. ” Alan smirked and shook Sydney.

”I swear Sydney, I hate you, I hate your unborn children and their children. ” Phoebe rolled her eyes but smiled.

The three of them chatted for a while until it was time for them to go home. Before they left, Phoebe and Alan exchanged numbers. By the time they got home, the both of them were exhausted so they just chatted up a little before going to their rooms. It didn take long before night fell and after cleaning herself up, Phoebe got a text from Alan.

”I really enjoy my time with you. Hope you
e well. Say hi to Sydney for me 🙂 ”

She smiled and replied. ”You
e an interesting person. Yeah Ill say hi for you. Goodnight. ”

Before she dropped her phone, she got another message from the unknown number.

”You better not go to that diner tomorrow. ”

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