Morning. The time Phoebe had come to detest. The start of a new day meaning she had to wake up. She almost wished she was dead but she decided not to think that far just because of some guy. She loved the night. Peaceful, cool night, flowing along with the smooth breeze and songs of the crickets she weirdly liked. She also listens to A**R to make the night even more relaxing. She loved the nights because it was when she had the most enjoyable and longest sleeps. At the current stage of her life, she loved to sleep because it was the closest to not existing. She was in a dark time in her life and the nights darkness didn really drain the energy. There wasn any energy to be drained. She loved the night but here we are. Morning. Yay.

Its been three weeks since the awful event at Bryans. Phoebe manages to get up. She had to prepare for the day. She was going job hunting. She finally had the chance to get a job since she was no longer under Bryan. She felt free. Getting up from the bed and placing her feet on the floor, she smiled a little. The floor didn give a thud and didn feel like the wooden floorboard she was used to instead it was a tiled floor. A tear dripped from her eye and she quickly wiped it. No more thinking of Bryan. She had two things in mind. Get a Job, move on.

She got up from the bed and walked to the bathroom and did the morning norms. After having her bath, she decided to dress professionally because she was going for a job interview. Being the plain Jane that she is, she put on her pair of basic suits.. A shirt, fit skirt, not so tight, not so loose, not so short, not so long and a blazer. Putting on a pair of fat heel shoes, she stood in front of the human sized mirror and admired herself. She had always loved dressing like this. She never over dresses. ”Simplicity wins ” is her motto. Going into the bathroom, she stands in front of the mirror there and applies her lip gloss. She stares at the mirror and smiles. Sydney really likes to go all in. The mirror in the room wasn enough? Phoebe liked the room though. It was spacious, bigger than Bryans.

Walking out of her room, she heads to Sydneys and knocks.

”Come in. ”

Phoebe goes in and stares all round. She just couldn get over how big Sydneys room was. A king sized bed, a 42 ” television, an air conditioner, a standing fan, name any equipment, its in there, even a karaoke machine. Girl sure needs her space and knows how to live the life. ”I live large so my husbands gonna be the one to move in and lets see who the submissive ones gonna be. Hes sure as hell gonna know I don need his ass. ” Sydney always says. Strong and independent much yeah? Shes doing pretty well. As a newscaster, she does get paid well.

”How are you holding up? ”

”Its been three weeks Sydney. What do you think? ”

”Its never to long to grief you know. ”

”No one died Sydney ” Phoebe laughed.

”Sure. Take it easy though. ”

”Yeah I will. Thanks Sydney ”

”Anytime. So.. you ready? ”

”Yeah… A little bit nervous but it happens. ”

”Yeah it does. Not in my case though. ”

”Shut up Sydney ” Phoebe laughed.

”Whatever. Lets go. ”

Unlike Phoebe, Sydney LOVED to go all in she never dressed simple, even to work. She applied lots of makeup you won recognize her whenever you see her without it. She put on a white button up shirt, a really tight short skirt and her blazers. She made sure to unbutton the first four buttons. She and Phoebe were the extreme opposite.

Phoebe had always wanted to be a broadcaster or a the host of a show, basically anything that has to so with TV and media. Phoebe decided to get a job where Sydney works. The network needed new workers for the news and Phoebe decided to seize the opportunity to apply. When they arrived, Sydney took her to where other applicants were. Phoebes nervousness went up. There were a lot of people there and she started to wonder how shell crush the competition.

”Ill be on my way now. You got this Phoebe. ”

”I sure hope I do. The competition isn little and sure as hell isn friendly either. ”

”You shouldve dressed less like you. That way, you
e guaranteed to get the job. ” Sydney laughed.

”Thanks for the words of encouragement Sydney ” Phoebe rolled her eyes.

”Im sorry. ” Sydney held back her laugh but was still grinning. ”Don mind the competition. They
e just people. You know who you are. You
e literally better than me at this and if I can get a job here, you can too. You do you ok? ”

”Thanks Sydney. ” Phoebe smiled and hugged her. ”What can I do without you? ”

”Nothing babe… Nothing. ” Sydney said while tapping her back.

”Must you ruin things? ” Phoebe laughed.

”See you later b. ”

”Bye. ” Phoebe waved as Sydney disappeared out of sight.

It was time for Phoebes interview. As she got to the door, she whispered to herself ”here goes ” and she knocked on the door.

”Come in ” a deep voice ordered from inside. She stepped in.

”Good morning. ” She greeted the stern looking man sitting down. He wasn even looking at her. Made her get scared the more.

”Have a seat. ”

”Thanks. ” Phoebe sat.

”Whats your name? ”

”Phoebe Gosling ”

”For which post have you applied for? ”

”I have applied for the post of weatherperson ”

”What is your educational qualification? ”

”I have taken my Masters in Mass communication from Georgia State University. ”

”Do you have any idea to operate computer ”

”Yes, I have taken diploma in computer. Here is the certificate. ”

”Have you any other extra qualification? ”

”I know proper Newscasting and hosting.

”Ok. ”

”Thats all? ”

”Yes thats all. Well give you a callback if we find you most suitable for the job.

”Thank you, Sir. ”

”You are welcome. ”

Phoebe sighed in relief as soon as she stepped out of the office. She just wanted everything to be done with, just wanted to get it over with. She decided to wait for Sydney but when Sydney delayed and she realized Sydney wouldn be done anytime soon, she decided to go grab a coffee at the shop close by.

”Good afternoon miss. What can I get you? ”

”Hello uhmm, Id like a cup of coffee, creamed with sugar and a muffin. ”

”Ok… Name? ”

”Phoebe. ”

”Ok Phoebe. Ill call you when its ready. ” The server smiled.

”Ok thanks. ” Phoebe returned the smile and went to get a seat. She sat down scrolling through her phone when the server called her up.

. ”Ok Phoebe your orders up ”

”Thanks. ” She paid the server and as she turned to go out, she unexpectedly hit someone with a talker frame and her coffee spilled on them.

”Oh my God! Im so sorry. ” She ran to get some paper towels and started to soak it on the jacket the person was wearing. She then looked up and saw that the person she hut was a very handsome guy. Her cheeks turned red as soon as she realized how close they were and that she was actually rubbing her hands all over him. She took a step back.

”You should really watch where you
e going. ” He smirked.

”Im really sorry. ” She repeated and continued cleaning him up.

”Is it just me or you
e still cleaning me up because you wanna feel my body? ” He smirked again.

Phoebes cheeks turned red again. ”What the…? Im just trying to clean up my mess. God, you just got burned by this hot coffee and this is what comes out if your mouth? ” Phoebe sighed.

He laughed. ”Never mind. ” He took the towel from Phoebe and started cleaning himself up. ”Besides, Ive felt far worse pain than hot liquid. ” He smiled

”Tough guy huh? ” Phoebe smiled.

”Yeah something like that. ” Still smiling, he stretched out his hand. ”Im Alan. ”

”Phoebe. ” She shaked him.

”Just left work? ” He asked when he realized she was dressed formally.

”Something like that. ” They both laughed. ”Well, I just applied for a job. ”

”Oh thats nice. You
e gonna get the job. ”

”Really? You think so? ”

”Yeah I mean, look at you. ”

”Seriously? You men love to judge by looks huh? No wonder many of you date the wrong girls ” Phoebe smiled.

”Well, I don think Id be dating the wrong girl if its you. ”

”Nah thats never gonna happen. ”

”Don be too sure. ” He smirked.

”Yeah whatever. Im gonna be on my way now. Sorry about the spill. ”

”Nah, no worries. Wait a little let me get you another coffee. ”

”Thanks but its not necessary. ”

”Yeah but you came here because you needed it and it wouldn have poured if you hadn gotten distracted by my hot body. Can blame you though, I mean, who won get distracted by this? ” He said, pointing himself up to down.

e so full of yourself ” Phoebe smiled.

Alan got her another coffee after much persuasion and Phoebe thanked him and left the shop. On the way home, Phoebe told Sydney about everything from the Job interview to her encounter with Alan.

”You didn take his number? ” Sydney asked.

”Nope. Why? ”

”Oh my God Pheebs. You disappoint me most times ”

”Shut up and drive Sydney. ” Phoebe laughed.

Night reached and Phoebe became calm. It was finally here. The peaceful night. After Phoebe had taken her night shower, she put her PJs on and went to bed. Putting on her headphones, she put her A**R playlist and layed comfortably on the bed.


Phoebe received a message. Opening her eyes, she stared at her phone screen and saw a text message. From an unknown number. Weird. She opened it.

UNKNOWN NUMBER: You may think youve found shelter and happiness. Trust me, you haven and you won .

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