Phoebe Gosling lay on her bed with a smile widely plastered on her face. Various thoughts flocked through her mind. Somehow, her mind was filled with countless emotions and thoughts that had to do with cheer. Opening her eyes, she quickly scurried on her king sized bed, happily landing on the floor with gathered strength making the wooden floorboard give a loud thud.

She goes to the bathroom, connecting her phone to the beat speaker via Bluetooth, she scrolls though her device looking for a hyper song that went with her mood that morning. When she thought she had had it all, even though it wasn up to a minute, she started searching. Various songs flooded her mind as she quickly typed Bea Millers Sweet Little Unforgettable Thing(SLUT). Smiling to herself, she started brushing her teeth, moving to every beat of the song. The music was exactly three minutes and six seconds. She quietly grumbled to herself but decided not to put on another music. She then played the same song again, this time, putting it on repeat.

After brushing, she quickly pulled off her clothes and hopped into the already hot water filled tub. Soaping herself, she starts to reminisce how the day was going to be. Her boyfriend was going to be back after a full month in Spain. The utmost joy in her heart, she couldn contain. As the thoughts flooded, the music became overshadowed as Phoebe drowns herself in her mind. She starts to think of the day before he left for Spain.


It was three months earlier. For some reason, Bryan did not wake up early to head to work.

”Quite unusual…and weird. ” Phoebe thought. She assumed his day before was quite stressful so he needed to rest but on the other hand, he never missed a day of work. She shrugged it off and decided to serve him breakfast in bed. She washed her face and hands in the sink and dries them. She broke two eggs, whisking them, she adds little spices and pours it into a frying pan. Bryan likes his eggs scrambled and she knows how to make it perfectly for him. She toasts four slices of bread and brews him pure black coffee. Putting the food on a tray, she heads to the room. Dropping the food on the table beside the bed, she taps him. He opens his eyes to seeing a huge smile on Phoebes face. He mirrors the smile, clearing his eyes.

”Hey babe* he greeted

”Hey ” Phoebe responded. Sitting up from the bed, he kisses Phoebe.

”You made breakfast ”

”Yeah, sure. ” She replied smiling. ”And I could not help but realize you are not up for work which is quite unusual and from the looks of it, if you still consider going to work, get ready to be cried on by Mabel. ” She laughed.

”Oh no, I cannot even imagine that happening to me again. Remember when she threatened to fire me on my first day for making it five minutes late? ” Bryan laughed.

” Yeah sure. You do not want that happening again. ” Phoebe laughed.

Don get anyone wrong. Mabel is actually a really nice woman when you get to know her. Shes a pretty blonde, three years older than Bryan, she has a very petite structure and looks younger than her age. She only masquerades her nice attitude with fierceness to ” command respect ” so she says.

” Well, I will be travelling to Spain tomorrow for a business trip. I am representing out organization for a presentation and this is a really huge gig. I would have told you last night but you were already asleep when I got home. ” Bryan said.

” Oh… ” Was all Phoebe could say. She did not know what to feel or how to respond.

” Hope you
e not mad are something? ”

” Pfft. Of course not. Why would I be? ”

Yeah why would she be mad? She is a writer, not a successful or recognized one yet though. Her boyfriend has been the one providing everything. Working as a business analyst, he is successful and money is not a problem. At some point, Phoebe decided to get a job but Bryan disagreed saying he doesn mind her being a stay at home girlfriend. She felt bad because she desperately felt the need to add something to their lives. So obviously, she should not be mad for her boyfriend leaving for a business trip. Besides, he said its a great gig meaning his monthly income will be increased if the trip is a success and the expectations are met. It was a good thing for them.

” Well, thats great. ” Bryan smiled. ” I was permitted to give myself a day off to prepare so I decided tha

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