As soon as Trish walked through the door. Screams, battle shouts, spells, explosions assaulted her ears.


Soon after she stepped out the door an arrow whistled by her head. To slam into the door she just closed.

Turning her head she sees. A figure wrapped in torn clothes in the holes of the clothes you could see bones and rotten flesh sloughing off.

A Zombie are you serious a **in zombie. Grinning ear to ear. Just like almost everyone in modern day she kind of always hoped for a zombie apocalypse.

Trish mentaly opens her spell menu which shw obtained whenever she got access to her magic. she could see blinking at the corner of her vision and just before she selects chaos bolt.

The zombie throws its hands up in surrender. ”Oh shit Im sorry I thought you were a monster. ” The zombie was shaking in what was clearly fear.

Trishs jaw practically hit the floor. ”Wait, you
e not one? Have u seen yourself in a mirror you look like a **ing zombie. ”

”I know it happened after I selected undead archer as a class, please believe me. I had to run out of my classroom. My classmates attacked me when the portal opened and zombies started swarming in. They thought I was one of them. Even though I told them I was Cedric they didn listen. ”

Closing her mouth and nodding in understanding. She looked at him a little closer and he didn appear as dead as she thought. His flesh did seem fresh even with the clearly visible wounds.

Considering I tried to kill him on sight I feel like his class is going to be a curse for him. Seems Not all classes are created equal and have hidden disadvantages and some not so hidden.

”Chaos bolt ” a warbling multi colored baseball sized mass flew as fast as a major league baseball pitch towards Cedric. The ball slammed into a zombie behind him which was about to munch on him.

A scream left His mouth as he crouched as fast as he could just milliseconds after the magic already passed him. The zombie that was struck with the magic head was blasted off.

Lightning courses through its body as it was being shocked for a second before dropping right on Cedric.

”I figured it was better to just kill it without wasting time telling you, you were about to be eaten, sorry about that didn mean to scare ya. ” She said apologetically.

Cedric slowly raised his head up and pushed the zombie off him. ”I ah don know how to feel about that. ” Cedric, slightly distrustful, met her gaze.

”Why are you in the halls? Its extremely dangerous here. There is a portal at the end of the hall it seems ”

”A few of us seemed to be in the halls at the time and well ” glancing around to the puddles of blood all over the place and a small pile of zombie corpses mixed with a few other human corpses.

In the corner of her eye there was a blinking tiny red exclamation mark. Now that she finally focused on it. A menu popped up. Would you like to identify Cedric? A sultry feminine voice said in her head. This is new but no i don have the time.

Last time I try to sound sexy for you brat the voice in her head switched to a bitchy tone. ”What the ** was that ” Trish seethed

”Im sorry i didn mean to offend ” fear consumed his voice. ”Not you, nevermind. ” Coming back down to reality realizing she wasted too much time.

”I need to head upstairs to get to my friends class. You
e welcome to join but I have to get going now. Im in a hurry. ”

Turning around, not even giving the corpses a glance, she starts running to the stars to get to Momos class.

Hearing shuffling behind her she glanced back, to see Cedric was trying to keep up with her. Whipping her head back around she starts to climb the stairs as fast as she can but just as she is about to clear the final step.

In Front of her she saw a portal. More goblins were coming in and going dragging student corpses into the portal. With the portal blocking her way. She had no other choice.

Raising her hand she mentally selects chaos bolt in the spell menu, and before she fires it a blue pop says. If you inspect them, Ill unlock the Multi-fire function.

Growling in annoyance fine inspect as soon as she thought those words she felt a chill down her spine as if someone was watching her.


Name: Dave

Race: Goblinoid

Lvl: 2

Class: N/A

Rank G

Title: Fierce Fucker, Worlds ugliest, Rapist


Rank G


stab 8 times in quick succession.

Stam cost 10

(Speed is based off of Agi, when used for sordid activities cost 80 stam)

Weapons: Crude stone dagger

Armor: Torn Loincloth

Health: 5

Mana: 1

Stam: 10-150* (10 in combat) (150 in the bed)

Str: 3

Agi: 6

Int: 2

Wis: 1

Cha: -9999999999999999999999999999999999999

Multi-fire unlocked after unlocking it Information flooded her brain letting her know the in depth details of what it does. Its rate of fire, damage reduction, mana cost is all based off of her int.

All of which is automatically calculated for her; currently she can cast a single target offensive magic 20x per second each one draining 1.5x more mana than normal and does 1/5 the damage.

Only a second has passed since she used inspect on the goblin. Her face seemed to darken and contort, her eyes narrowed to slits at what she read. ”Vile disgusting creature. ” Spittle flying after her shout. Rage and disgust overtaking her mind raising her hand activates multi-fire and chaos bolt.

Golf Ball sized orbs of the colorful magic shot out at a rapid rate not caring for accuracy she just shot where Dave was for a full 5 seconds. Which ended up covering the entire hallway with her magic, all of them exploding with different random effects, some creating flames, ice, lighting, and even acid.

Ding you have obtained 500 exp from killing 20 goblins barely even registering what the voice said. She ran to the next Classroom just past all the dead Goblins to room 626.

Flinging the door open she sees what can only be described as a monster soup covering the floor. Bits of Monsters were floating in blood that was at least 3 feet deep. Which now with the door open is flowing towards it draining quickly.

Another multi-colored portal in the same spot that it was in her classroom. Momo where are you was the only thing she could think of as her heart ached as if was stabbed by a hot knife.

Falling to her knees into the blood. Overtaken by the pain she blinked away a few tears. She barely even noticed the soft shuffling behind her.

”A-a-are y-y-you okay-y ” a worried Cedric said as he put his hand on her shoulder trying to comfort her. It might have worked if he wasn shaking like a leaf.

Catching her breath she gently moves his hand from her shoulder and with great struggle stands up. ”Yes i was just overcome with a pain in my heart for some reason ”

”She is probably in there im going in. ” Turning towards him. She sees an almost funny sight. A Zombie coward trying to act brave when he can even keep his body from shaking.

”Im Heading inside the portal, I don know how to explain it but I can feel her on the other side. You don have to come but im going ”

Before Cedric could even respond. A rather large Green hand comes through the 4ft tall portal, and grabs the top of the portal and starts stretching it till it reaches 8ft tall, and a Green 8ft Creatures Head just started poking out of the Portal.

With her back turned she didn see any of this happening, but Cedric did as he was a solid 6ft 1 he was quite a bit taller than her. With shaking hands he grabbed his bow and knocked an arrow. Her eyes widening at what to her was him pulling out his bow and knocking an arrow to shoot her.

”B-B-ehind you ” He stammered. Shaking his head to clear it. ”Get down! He roared, finally it seemed like the shakes stopped. Ducking as fast as she could, his arrow flying true just above where her head was. The arrow is looking to hit its target.

The creature quick as a wip grabbed the arrow between its pointer finger and thumb right before it pierced into its green head.

Snapping the arrow in twine between its two fingers.

The creature finally made it the rest of the way out of the portal, its head almost scraping the ceiling. Turning its head to look at the two at the doorway and proceeding to roar so loud it shatters the glass windows in the classroom. Finally turned around Trish inspects the creature.

Partially failed to inspect the target as it is much stronger than you. Informed the feminine voice in her head.

Name: Bvahagg

Race: Lesser Troll

Lvl: 1?

Class: Wild Monk

Rank: F

Title: Smash?, Combo Novice, Wild magic Infused


Rank G


Combo artistry

Wild magic resistance

HP regeneration (??hp ps)

??re ??????ability


Imitation Wild Jab: ??? ???? ??

Imitation wild Haymaker: ??? ???? ??

Chi Armor: ??? ???? ??

Weapons: N/A

Armor: nude

Health: 1.2?


Stam: 3??

Str: 2?

Agi: 1?

Int: ?

Wis: ?

Cha: 0

Only taking a Half a second to memorize the whole stat sheet. She had to come up with a plan of action quickly as the monster was not waiting around for her and had already Started to sprint towards them.

okay this shouldn be so hard to figure out some of the missing information. First off based off of the fact that in games trolls are usually weak to fire. It probably says fire vulnerability, and since the amount of question marks equal the amount of letter missing.

That means its logical to assume its likely across the board, so its level is between 11-19. Then its hp regen is between 10-99, the missing parts on the skills are likely the requirements to use the skill probably similar to what the goblin had. HP best case scenario is its missing a K and not a M. Based on the goblin Im going with K as for the rest of the stats seems pretty obvious.

Before it could even make it a meter, She managed to work all of this out, not even one second had passed. Pulling up her spell list to ready a spell. Shit im at a disadvantage i can use Chaos bolt incase it electrifies the water. Since its weak to fire Then maybe minor Ignis should do

The creature now has moved a few meters closer now only 8 meters away. She selected auto fire ”Minor frigus ” Aiming at the ground where it was moving. Aiming at the ground by its feat The air around its frat suddenly dropped below -100°C. The blood underneath the creatures feet froze solid, capturing his feet in a 1ft thick frozen blood.

”Back up into the hallway in a hurry this probably will not hold long at all she yells at cedric. ” Still having her spell active she backed up into the hallway never breaking eye contact.

Cedric started shuffling back to the stairs in a hurry trying to get some cover. Seeing this Trish ended her spell and started running toward cedric.

Turning back around she recast it, freezing the rest of the blood hoping to gain some kind of advantage.

A guttural sound for the likes this world had never heard before. The base in this trolls roar vibrated, the walls cracking appearing on them and the very bones of Trish and Cedric rattled. They felt nothing but true dread.

All the calm and collected attitude she had shown this far broke as if it was nothing but a flimsy Iphone dropped from 3 meters. Her face contorted into dread. Unwilling tears flowed from both of their eyes, teeth chattering so hard it threatened to break them.

The roar ended as quickly as it started. Directly after the Troll burst through the doorway and promptly slipped on the icy blood covering the floor slamming into the wall.

Seeing this jolted trish back into her normal state of mind and hurriedly cast ”minor ignis ” with auto cast on. A glowing red arcane symbol appeared in front of her hands then expanded outwards in a constant rotation Shooting out Golf Ball sized fireballs each one careening towards the troll and causing explosions on impact.

The troll still trying to stand up was having its flesh melt away to show bones which were quickly blackening. Finally getting a foothold it barely managed to stand up and rush towards Trish who was in front of the stairwell in a mad dash to make the fire stop.

Finally reaching them it raised its fist and sent a jab so fast that it had a heat cone around fist. Seeing the fist come for her she tried to move out of the way but was just a little too slow to react. The punch nearly caved in her stomach lifting off her feet only to be haymakered in the ribs sending her flying into the wall behind her. Falling down to the ground about 9ft at the bottom of the stars.

Cedric who was right next to her barely registered what happened because it was so fast. The spell that was setting the troll ablaze finally died out the magic symbol shattering at the end.

Cedric finally managed to knock an arrow, and shot it point black into the trolls face. This time with all the damage to the trolls arms and body he was not able to stop it.

The arrow shot directly into the trolls left eye. Causing the troll to stumble backwards Crying out in pain.

He tried to knock another arrow in the time the troll was staggered but before he could another jab this time aimed at him sent him flying into the wall with a sickening crunch sounding on impact on both the fist and wall.

Trish managed to raise her hand and reactivated her spell, After about 3 seconds the troll was nothing but ash . The first spell activation killed the troll, but Trish wasn conscious anymore to be notified so she could stop her spell.

A few minutes later she opened her eyes to see Cedrics undead face staring at her lifeless, as he landed on top of her. His ghoulish face was propped up by her heaving chest as she was struggling to breath over his weight.

Just in front of her she saw the spell Shattering. Gently pushing cedric off her. She still couldn seem to fill her lungs with air. Pushing herself off the ground with great effort finally managing to stand.

Looking down at Cedric regret choking her up. Im sorry but I need to keep going. Spotting his bow and quiver next to his body. She thought about it only for a second then picked them up and started walking to the classroom with the portal.

Now standing in front of it she tried to take a deep breath. Instead it was just a shallow ragged one. Finally taking that final step she walked right into the multi-colored swirling hole in spacetime.

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