Sounds of Cicadas can be heard outside the Scorching Trigonometry classroom. In the classroom the eight rows of seniors were working on their worksheets. Except for one who had finished 20 minutes ago and was taking a nap. A loud staticky feminine voice suddenly started announcing to everyone. ”Congratulations Your universe has been selected for the unification of worlds. The students started to rise suddenly from their seats. ”what the ** ” bellowed a male student in the front. ”I just heard a voice say something about unification. Did you guys? Stuttered a blonde girl in the back. Then nearly everyone was all talking at once making everything else unintelligible. After a few seconds the voice starts again ”It seems everyone is too weak to survive the process. At this time you will be given a chance to survive. ” The voice suddenly stopped ”Quiet everyone this is probably some prank by someone ”cautioned Mrs. Vhans who was clearly disturbed. ” The voice started speaking again. You will be given three minutes to choose a class or one will be chosen at random for you ”

One of the students looked in deep contemplation. Wait, this reminds me of something I read before muttered an exchange student from South Korea. His face contorted first into fear then excitement ”Whatever you do, pick a class! ” he yelled. As if summoned by his words in front of everyone, thousands of cards hovered in front of everyone. A timer in the upper right corner of their vision started the countdown from three minutes. A Search bar is right below the rotating cards that are moving slowly in a big arc wrapping around each individual person. The Class now in an uproar, some praying, others kneeling down covering their heads, and others quickly looking through their options.

As time passes a few more start looking through them while the exchange student searches up one he is sure would be strong. Finally a blonde haired boy named James chose a job he was the first. Daggers appeared in his hands and suddenly his clothes seemed to morph into light and reconfigured into a green leather tunic with a hood and brown leather pants and black combat boots. Seeing this many other students decided to start choosing in a panic.

Two and half minutes have passed now almost the whole class now with equipment and a class. The exchange student looks around the classroom and notices Trish in the back still sleeping. He rushes to her and tries to wake her up by shaking her and yelling ”Trish Wake up hurry wake up you need to choose hurry ”. With less than 15 seconds left. she opens her eyes ”what Jin? Is class over? ” Looking at Jin she notices two things. Jin is wearing a black cloak and is holding a scythe and there are cards in front of her eyes. They have all different kinds of pictures with warriors, mages, priests, thieves and many more ” wait what the hell ” the cards suddenly disappear from her vision.

A notification from a staticky voice sounds in her ear ”you have failed to select a class in the given time so one will be chosen at random for you ” said an annoyed feminine robotic voice. ”error error corrupted code detected. Attempting to correct…. Failed ” said the annoyed voice Trishs clothes suddenly changed to a Black Robe with swirling light red nebula patterns that continue to shift as if by magic. A video game like Hud appears before her eyes with a Blue window that says status has been updated. As she was reading a sultry voice started speaking in her head ”Because of high intellect stat unlocked all non religious based basic magics linked to your class. ” ”Error no class detected ” ”Magic unlocked Minor Noctis, Chaos Arrow, Temere Res, Minor Ventus, Minor Frigus, Minor Scintillam… ” . Before she can even truly process what just happened.

A sudden loud ripping sound could be heard by everyone in the room. Just in front of the whiteboard beside the teachers desk. A swirling portal seemed to have opened. A small child-like green hand reaches out and grabs the teacher and pulls her in. Directly after a sound of something metallic can be heard hitting the floor. Stunned, all the kids staring at the portal seeing nothing but a dark purple swirling mass. All that could be heard was the screaming coming from the portal for a couple of seconds then sudden silence, then what looks to be a goblin jumps out of the portal followed by a few dozen more. Screams Erupt all around the classroom as the goblin starts slicing up a few of the closest male students, Dripping with blood three of the goblins start gorging themselves on flesh of the students that were just killed. The rest of the goblins started to Quickly cut down the frightened male students and the females were dragged into the portal. In 5 short seconds the first 2 rows of students are either dead or in the case of the females dragged through the portal.

A few goblins started to Rush the closest girl to them, a redhead named Lea who had a short sword next to her on the floor where she dropped it when the teacher was taken. Three goblins rush towards her. One climbs on top of the desk in front of her and jumps with Daggers pointed directly at her head. Suddenly a baseball sized Multicolored warbling Ball slams into the goblins chest it is then flung back into the portal at great speed and force. As if waking from a dream, Lea reaches quickly for her sword that she dropped. She looks up, the goblins are trying a pincer attack, one on the left and the other on her right. She kicks her desk into the one on the right which the goblin jumps to the side to avoid. Less than a second after she kicks the desk she then stabs at the goblin that was rushing to her on her left. Her sword pierces the goblins head right through its wide open mouth. The daggers it was holding sank into her hip about a ½ inch deep and she felt a sudden wetness. Pain rushes through her body she screams in pain and stumbles back and Slams into the desk behind her then crumbles to the floor .

The pain causes her to drop her sword again only to be pulled by 4 more goblins That had rushed to her in the confusion and started to pull her quickly towards the portal. ” No let go of me. Don touch me. No stop. Somebody please help me ” she screams with tears streaming down her face. She tries to grab onto the desks near her attempting to slow them down. A cold black aura envelops the middle one that was holding her left foot before another multicolored ball slams into it. An arrow pierces the goblin holding her right foot. The goblin that got hit by the 2 different magics started to shed its flesh leaving nothing but bone with a faint green light in its eye sockets. Lea Finally manages to grab a desk by its leg and pulls it to her as she is being dragged. She swings it with all her strength at the two goblins that are left. The sudden hit made them fly directly into the portal only a few feet away.

Lea hurried to her feet and rushes to her sword and grabbing it, she looks up to see Trish with her hand outstretched with a small multicolored ball forming in front of her hand, and Jin with a dark cold aura surrounding his hand and his eyes glowing a ghostly green. Trish Shouts the words ”Chaos Arrow ” the ball then shoots forward and flies right above Leas head missing her by mere inches the ball slams into the goblin that had that jumped from the desk to Leia right, The multi colored ball had hit the goblin right between the eyes. Sending the goblin flying, While mid air fire completely envelops the head of the goblins head, melting it down to ash.

”Everyone hurry to the back of the room ” bellowed Trish. As if waking from a daze, the dozen or so remaining students in rows five, six, and seven rush to the back; most of them hid behind Jin, Trish, and Lea. The last one to run to them was the schools star linebacker James who towers over them at six foot ten. He is currently covered head to toe in a gold and purple Gi that looks to be made of steel, though he had no weapons in his hands. His hands were covered by metallic wraps that made it look like his hands were huge clubs and he was currently strangling a goblin in each hand.

”What is going on you seem to know something Jin. These are goblins aren they? ” he says, throwing their corpses behind him. The corpses slam into the wall at the front of the classroom 30ft away cracking the brick wall. As if a prelude when the bodies hit the floor outside the classroom more screams, explosions, gunshots, and yelling could be heard. ”Yes those do seem to be goblins, but this is clearly not the time to talk about this. While I don know exactly whats going on, I have read about something like this happening in a web novel back home. By the sound of it there seems to be more than one portal that opened in the school. Right now we need to focus on what is in front of us. ” Jin said almost out of breath.

He then looks at Lea who is currently bleeding from her wounds. ”Did anyone pick a healing class? anyone? ” Jin Urgently Inquired Scanning the people who are hiding behind them. A blonde girl walks forward wearing a Green Robe with leaf patterns covering it. ”I have a healing spell, it looks like I only have enough mana to use it once. ” says the girl frantically. She hastily casts ”Druidic Grace ” the spell conjures green vines and they wrap around Lea binding the wound while the vines glow a soft grassy green. The spell finishes and the vines disappear without a trace and only small green scars are left on Lea skin.

After he makes sure she is fully healed, Jin turns around and scans the area, stopping at a point above the portal where green glowing numbers can be seen. ”Have you guys noticed that there is a number above the portal? The number has been dropping every time a goblin has died. ” said Jin pointedly . ”Yes I have, I think it might close if we defeat all the goblins that come out of it or we may have to go in if they don come out. ” Trish pensively responded. ”I think we should go in to get our classmates, some of them might still be alive. ” Jin remarked with some apprehension. The four are staring at the portal trying to make a decision but reluctant to actually make the first step.

A few moments pass with all the sounds happening outside getting louder and finally Trish looks at the door looking very worried. ” Momo is in Coach Hales English class. I need to get to her and make sure she is safe. Can you guys handle it here? ” Questioned Trish worry strewn across her face looking at the three restlessly. James looks at Trish and proclaims ” Do what you want Im going to the portal over there and see if I can rescue some of our classmates hopefully them and Mrs. Vhans are still alive. ” Jin askes Trish. ”will you be okay alone? You sure you don need our help? ” You guys go ahead save our classmates I will be fine and i will join you all when I have Momo safe and back at my side. ” The group disbanding James, Jin, Lea, and the druid all head towards the portal while the rest of their classmates they saved barricade themselves behind desks doing their best to get as far as possible from the portal as they can. Trish walks towards the door leads to the hall and with one quick look behind her she sees the group of her friends disappear into the portal she then opens the door and heads into the Blood soaked halls.

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