Six days prior to the incident

Saturday at 12pm

Pov James

A beautiful blue sky with sparse clouds drifting lazily in the breeze, the sun beating down relentlessly. The Loud chirping cicadas can be heard from even up high on the bleachers that surround the Trinity High Football field. On the field High School football players are doing intense drills to prepare them for tomorrows home game. The Coach was running the drills seemingly keeping particularly close watch on the Quarterback. He is built like a bear at 6ft 10 and around 260lbs he dwarfed his teammates. ”James, pick up your feet and move son. Ive seen Turtles run faster than you. ” Looking like he is on his last legs James answers ”yes coach ” trying to hide the irritation in his voice .

Of course Im slowing down, I haven had anything to drink in 2 hours dad. Shaking the negative thoughts away. He tried to refocus on the task at hand but was having trouble. James glances over to the bleachers, his mind wandering once again. Maybe walking with Jin here this morning was a bad idea. He has been stuck in the bleachers for the past 4 hours though he seems to have his head stuck in his phone reading his books again. James was exhausted because his father had him get here an hour before anyone else to run drills which of course cut his time at the dojo which frustrated him greatly. James smacks his helmet to focus and starts running the drills again.

Ten agonizing minutes later of hard drills James collapses Seemingly from heat exhaustion. One of the teammates rushes to him and turns and shouts to the Coach ”Coach Tucker James Looks dead tired and very thirsty ”! Grabbing a water bottle He rushed over. ”Clear the way ” he demanded worry strewn across his face. ”I pushed the boy too far. How long since he had a drink… I can remember. ” Thought Coach Tucker. His face shows a mixture of worry and anger. James looks at his father and says in barely a whisper ”sorry dad ”. ”Dammit son just drink, next time tell me if you haven drank anything ” his father sternly replied. A shout from the stands can be heard as Lanky male cursing as he tripped and fell down the stairs almost comically landing on his ass. Everyone turned their head at once towards the bleachers just as he landed. Laughter erupted from everyone including James who started choking on the water he was drinking due to laughter. That one action cut through all the worry and tension like a truck steamrolling into a china shop.

”Jin, are you okay? It seems you might be a bit butt-hurt after that, ” James remarked fighting through his laughter. Jin and James both rise to their feet almost in unison. ”okay thats enough practice for today ”. hollered coach Tucker. He then looked at his son in worry ” are you okay son? ” James turned towards his dad towering over him with a smile on his face ”yes sir. Can I go hang out with Jin today? Weve got some plans to head to Burger king he hasn tried it yet considering he has only been in the states for a couple of months and after that i want to show him the dojo. ” The worry lifted from his fathers face ”sure just be back before the street lights turn on ”. His father replied. Jin finally stands next to James ”your Mr. funny huh Mr. Not so Gentle Giant. but seriously are you okay ”. ”Yes Jin Im fine, I just ran out of gas, lets head to B.K so you can have your first taste of a mid burger.

At B.K they order their food and sit down to eat. Jin kind of picks at his food. He seems almost lost in thought staring at James wolfing down his burger ”Soo… James I know weve talked about this before but pushing yourself so hard for something you hate is just so wrong. ” ”I understand respecting your fathers wishes but this is clearly going too far. The N.F.L is your fathers dream not yours. ” glancing up from his nearly finished burger James sighs. ”I know but hes my dad and has always been there for me. He has supported my passion for martial arts. Drove me to the dojo every day when I was little. He only had one request that I play some ball so it is what it is. I will tell him when I graduate that Im going pro and entering the octagon. He will be disappointed for sure but he will understand eventually… ” remarked James. Looking off to the side in deep thought ”hopefully ” He muttered barely audible.

The conversation died after that final remark. They finished their food in silence. James rose to his feet and threw away his trash then glanced Jins way. I know he means well but man is he weirdly good at killing the vibe sometimes. Walking back to Jin who had just finished up he pics up his gear. ”Are you ready to head to the dojo? Ive got a match today and I could use the support especially after that hard practice. ” Jin looks at him with a smirk ”come on you have 2 blackbelts in two different martial arts who is your equal in this town, for you to need my support for you to win, but of course I would love to see you wipe the floor with your opponent. I will always support you even if you never need it. ” the wry smirk never seemingly leaving his face as he spoke.

Both boys run the five miles to get to the dojo so James isn late for his match arriving in just 22 minutes. James heads to the locker room in the back of the dojo to change into his Gi while Jin sits down by the back wall and waits for his best friends match to start. Jin looks up as he hears the front door open and James opponent enters. A man at least 20 years old who was at least 245lbs and stands at a good 64. He really couldn compare to James in build or stature. The man is more built like Sergei Pavlovich. James finally appearing from the back completely changed into his gi wearing both his black belts. Looking quite imposing. He first bows to his sensei then to his opponent ”my name is James current reigning champ in this city. ” Then proceeds to get into his Southpaw stance. ”my name is Tevon and you won be for long ” Tevon proclaims with a cocky smile showing his teeth

”Match start ” says Jamess sensei who is officiating the match. Like a flash Tevon charges and jumps and attempts a lightning quick jump kick. Even though Tevon is actually moving quite fast James sees it almost like its slow motion in his head. He sidesteps it and grabs Tevons outstretched right leg midair and then performs a crushing elbow strike to his shin. Using said momentum he brings him to the ground and sets up a leg lock on the left leg using his arms to cinch it in. All of Jamess actions happened in less than one second. His opponent taps out a mere 2 seconds in the leg lock.

Jin raises his eyebrows before James and Tevon even get off the ground. ”What did I tell you James you didn need my support ” laughing nervously he had never seen James move that fast he almost missed it James was almost a blur. He had seen many of James fights while he always won with little effort but this time it was different. James stood up and tried to help Tevon stand but Devons right leg was bent oddly as if it actually snapped, his shin was bent inwards. Tevon Started screaming in pain, the adrenaline seeming to suddenly allow the pain to rush forward. Jamess sensei took one look and pulled out his cellphone to call the ambulance and report an injury. ”Im sorry man I didn mean to hit that hard we will get you to the hospital. ” worry covered Jamess face like a mask contorting his facial features. Five minutes pass with James worrying over his opponent waiting for the ambulance to come.

As the sirens faded in the distance James turned towards Jin ”how did I break his shin like it was a toothpick ” ”it wasn even a repeated blow it was just one strike ” Jin looks at his friend. ”maybe he actually had a bad leg? ” Jin reassuringly told James. ”maybe… Jin are u going to be alright walking back to your place alone I need to get home the lights will be coming on shortly. ” ”I just want to put this day behind me. ” sighed James. Jin looked at his friend who looked scared and drained. he never was good at hiding his emotions ”of course man get some sleep trust me tomorrow you will hear he had a medical condition or something and no one will claim its your fault. See you tomorrow at the game with Hypnos and Oppai ” turning to look at his friend ”you know Trish will kick your ass again for calling Momo that and I can help you there man that woman scares me when it comes to Trish defending her. ” Patting his friend on the back he turns and starts to walk home.

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