Will Of The Universe


I woke up with a headache again. But the inner pain was being soothed by something soft, warm, and delicate from outside.

My head feels comfortable. I can feel my head on something soft and fluffy with a sweet scent in the air.

I sniffed. And with every breath, the scent gets sweeter and fruitier.

”Sniff-sniff…. ”

I sniffed again, tilted my head sideways, and tried opening my eyes to look from where that scent was coming.

Exhausted, I could only open my left eye, my vision still blurry. The same dark, starry-night sky comes into view.

It seems Im still on that planet, so it wasn a dream. What was I doing, ugh…?

Recalling, I was working on my body and lost consciousness due to pain. Pain? What was that? The part I experienced was on a whole another level. It was death itself…

Well, now my body seems small, as I described during the modification input. And it also seems strong, with a hard build.

Sadly, it seems the pain has given me quite a bit of trauma. Believe me, thiss gonna haunt me for a very long time. I shudder just thinking of the pain I felt that time.

I was thinking when I realized something was brushing my head. It was soft and light as a feather, and somewhat warm, too.

I opened my right eye, head tilted, I saw a beautiful lady with her hands on my head, with closed eyes, seems she was sleeping. I opened my eyes wide in the hope that she was Rena, as I remembered that incident, but calmed down seeing the lady was mature and had more height. She couldn be Rena.

Her golden eyes and cute face made me recognize her. Eva, the sole person who was with me on this unknown planet. I checked the system and inquired about what happened, and the report about all of what has happened was sent to me. Looking back at myself, suffering there, felt weird somehow, as I also noticed how troubled Eva was. I was moved that she was worried about me and had the same kind heart as Rena. If there is a way, I would really like to marry them both.

Thinking that I had the time and didn want to wake her up, I checked on the system and asked for the price of human transformation. The answer came instantly [400000 C.P].

It was a good enough price and I don have to worry about the pain like last time because it is TRANSFORMATION. After all, no one will like a painful transformation every time you want to transform, right? Haha. Since there were no side effects, I clicked [PROCEED]

[Beginning transformation, default human body selected.]

[Host will be transformed into his old human body in 10,9,8,7,6…,3.., 1]

A refreshing energy surged through me. I felt like I was being molded into a different, yet familiar form.

In a few seconds, the light faded, and I could feel my limbs again. I touched my face. Its a human face! And on top of that, its my old body, which means I still have my face.

But because of exhaustion, I still wasn in a fit state to move around, so I started planning about how to surprise the lady on whom my head was lying on…

After 5 minutes, I could move again. As I carefully stood up from her soft lap on which my head was resting, sadly, my movements woke her up. Seeing me, she was startled at first, but quickly connected the threads and discerned that I had attained human transformation.

Well, there goes my plan to make a surprising appearance.

She was just about to stand up with clear happiness on her face, but suddenly the expression becomes grim, as she stutters;

”Im.., Im sorry! I was not of any help to you when you were in pain. I would have told you to numb your pain receptors, but I-I was trying to… ”, I held her hand and pulled her towards me, while she was still spouting nonsense.

The sudden pull made her lose balance, but I caught her in my arms and hugged her tightly.

”Thank you, thank you for being there for me. If you weren here with me, I don know what would have become of me, ”,

If Eva was not here, then I surely would have lost my reasoning and would have gone insane back when I was going through that horrible pain. If suffering alone is like death, then being alone is a curse in itself.

Because being connected to others socially is believed to be a fundamental human need, crucial to both ones well-being and survival.

Bah! Look Whos Talking, a pathetic introvert ”

Eva was red with the sudden hug from Kurt. He was squeezing her frail body in his chest, her body in intimate contact with his. Thinking about it, she reddened even more. Kurt kept one hand behind her and moved another hand to her chin, slowly lifting it.

Her expression was flushed red. It seemed that my modifications were also somewhat present in my human form. With my heightened smelling senses, I realized the fruity scent was coming from her.

As I held her, it became even more enticing. It was like smelling sweet berries.

Kurt was getting affected by her scent. It seemed his wolfs instincts still existed in his human form. Kurt felt himself getting pulled closer to her face. After carefully admiring her beautiful face, Kurt went to her neck, and sniffed her. A shiver ran down Evas spine. Her thought process was also wasted;

What-what is he doing, do-do I smell? sniff….

I-I want him to stop, but why won my body act?

Kurt breathed and kept sniffing her, then finally, with a good deal of effort, Eva tried pushing him away, as she pushed her hands on his chest. But as she was about to leave Kurts range, he leaned on her, both of them falling on the ground.

Eva was surprised and opened her mouth to speak, but when she was about to let out her voice, Kurts lips landed on hers and taking the chance of the still opened mouth of hers, his tongue invaded deep. His lips, smoothly, locked onto her mouth, sucking on her bubblegum lips.

Kurts taste buds told him it was sweet, and to enjoy it till nothing is left, and he did. Eva was again in a panic, but this time she had no time to think about it as the suction force on her lips sent pleasure waves down her belly.

She quivered and squeezed her hands. Kurt drained every ounce of energy in her body through her lips.

Eva had no strength left in her body. As her hands fell, Kurt also stopped kissing. He looked down at her, panting and breathing heavily, the body still trembling, her eyes looking at him half-closed. After some seconds, she spoke;

”M-my lo-lord, wha.. (panting) ha… ha… what did you do? ”

”No-Nothing, I felt like you should get a reward for helping me, as a thanks for caring about me ”, I know, it doesn make much sense. But I don know how to summarize the reason I did that.

I had no idea what to say. Tell her that I liked her? Na man too soon….or maybe too late? Man! I need a guidebook for this stuff.

But he could say anything further, Eva spoke;

”Th-then, can-can my lord continue to give me the reward? ”, with a seductive smile on her face.

Before I could reckon what she just said, my thought process was interrupted by a sudden pull.

My face stopped above hers, as she slowly kissed my lower lip. Tilting her face, she went to my upper lip. Those nimble movements made my brain heat up.

”Mmm….fuc-mhmm ”, It surprised me, seeing her demonstrating such a mastery of kissing skills, but my amazement rose even further when I felt her tongue in my mouth.

When did she slip inside?, But as fast as she had entered, she left, teasing and licking my lips. Making me greedier than I was before. She was playing with me.

Believe me, youll be begging me for the same thing inside you, I sent straight to her mind, not interrupting the kiss, as I went on offense.



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