Kurt was thinking about what modifications he should make to his body. Although Kurt originally wanted to do transformation (into a human), but the concept of modifying his body seemed more appealing to him, so he held up on it.

He was so excited that he thought of every single fantasy movie he watched on earth and memorizing every single useful idea from them in his mind. Eva was still standing beside him, silently. Noticing that Kurt was thinking about something related to his plans, she didn want to disturb him.

By the way, she was still thinking about how Kurt said those embarrassing things to her.


I have noted every amazing idea from the movies I watched on earth, but I think its not practical enough, at least for now. And Its not like I only have one chance, if necessary, I can add more modifications in the future.

Now, as for the first step;

”System, alter basic genetic information, ” I said.

[Command received…., analyzing genetic code…, analysis complete.]

[Genetic data is being transferred to the host for better understanding of genetic information and ease in altering the code…transfer complete]

[Requesting input of new genetic data….]

Interpreting the information, Kurt was in awe. Seeing the vast amount of genetic information, Kurt couldn help but be fascinated by it.

It was like, peering into the vast depths of space, Kurt was able to get massive amounts of information but could not get hold of every single piece of genetic data his cells offered.

So, Ive decided to just alter some major areas and not to touch anything else. I know what sense genetic code holds. Its a crucial component of a living being. The behavior, intelligence level and every little detail about a living beings composition is present in genes. So, its best to keep the genetic change as little as possible.

After grasping the basic understanding of some major areas of what his genes have to offer, he further proceeded.

”First, lets change brain-associated genes;

rewrite the code for neuron cell arrangement in the brain, increase its complexity, and enhance the axon and synapse terminal transmission speed.

Combine the functioning of ELECTRICAL synapses and CHEMICAL synapses and produce a hybrid complex ELECTROCHEMICAL synapse. Allocate complex communicating synapse junctions to Re-optimize the brains processing speed. ”

[Input received…]

[Does the host want to apply the genetic changes now?

*Host May Input All Body Modification Data First and Later Modify the Body in One Go.]

”Okay, thats helpful. I have increased my brain functioning, but I need something more. I need more thinking power, like two brains or something…

Ah! Right… if I use something like the split-brain

{A.N: Split-brain or callosal syndrome is a type of disconnection syndrome when the corpus callosum connecting the two hemispheres of the brain is severed.}

”Alright, create a non-dependent connection between the left and right brain hemispheres and individually give them control of mind and body, respectively. ”

[Input received…]

Hmmm… Now lets go for some blood-related amendments.

”Engineer the blood to clot much faster than natural blood, in case of external injuries. Enhance (RBC blood cells/hemoglobin) blood oxygen absorption capacity/rate, also boost the CO2 sorption function.

Add nanobots for further functioning needs. ”

[Input received]

Now lets increase physical prowess…

”With enhanced oxygen absorption, develop IMPROVED cardiac muscles in place of regular muscles.

Grow energy BLOOD VESSELS in place of arteries and veins.

Increase metabolic rate by 80%.

Add VARIED ENERGY ABSORPTION function to the body. ”

{A.N: VARIED in the sense of many forms of energy, like light, radiation, electricity, heat, etc.}

[Input received…]

Now then, for now, basic enhancements are complete.

As For Some Special Modifications;

”1. Change the body fur color to Azure blue on top and outer sides, with Stone Grey on the bottom and inner-sides.

2. Make the body size around the height of a human, mm….around 180 cm is enough.

3. Amplify the sense of smell intensity, and make it adaptable. Im not a fan of breathing intensified nasty smells.

4. Eyes are to be colored fiery orange.

and….that should be enough for now,

System, begin modification of the body…

[Input received…, Total cost for modifications – 1 million C.P, 16.4 million C.P left…, initiating modification…..]



”Aaaaa!!! …. Aarghhhhh! ”, Kurt screamed (SFX-crack!).

Severe pain stabbed his bones, and one could hear the noise of branches snapping loud and clear.

”CRACK!!…CRACK! ” The atmosphere was filled with screams of agony as Kurts body pulsed with every cracking sound.

It horrified Eva listening to Kurts throaty scream, she was thrown into panic out of nowhere. Recollecting herself, she checked the system to find answers.

Her spirit shivered when she found out what was happening. She wanted to support, but couldn . She was not of any help, as it was the process he had to go through to complete the modification.

But she couldn just look, her body moved forward on its own as she was trying to get him in her hold, but every time she tried to get near him, he would scratch her up. His claws were so sharp they tore her smooth, fragile-looking arm into sliced meat, though it healed quickly.

”No…,s..tay…back!… grrrr! ” Kurt stifled his screams, gritting his teeth.

She immediately withdrew his steps back and sat a few meters far from him, with a sobbing face.

I shouldve asked him to permit me to access the systems shop. I haven even connected myself to him. Its all my fault. What am I doing? Theres no point of me if I can even do anything to help him. Worthless!

Crackling sounds emanated from his drained body, like a burning wooden branch.

He was simmering from inside. His previous cool blue fur was now charred, discolored.

It felt horribly painful, like my skin was being peeled off. I felt scorching blood flowing through my veins. It was absolutely unbearable. I was crying! Tears flowed through my eyes and, in a second, evaporated because of the heat escaping my body. Death felt more appealing than this pain.

Kurts body released steam, burying his whole body in hot vapors.

Eva couldn help but get anxious -Hes going to be alright, itll take just a little more time, right? she thought, even though she knew the ugly answer herself.

After a long hour, the crackling stops, and the amassed steam scatters. Eva hurried over and saw a figure around 2 meters lying on the ground.

She drops towards Kurt and sits beside him, taking him in her arms, hugging him.

Tears fell on the face of the now unconscious Kurt. His eyes were sticky and wet because of the unfathomable amount of tears that had flowed like a broken dam.

It was apparent from his weak breathing that he was weakened. She didn pay much attention to the changes in his body, and kept brushing her hands over the wolfs head, like an owner caressing her dog on her lap.



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