Will Of The Universe





”Mmhm… ”

What is this? Where am I? Theres something…warm….it felt like I was being created, an existence which was just born. Warm surrounded me. I was that warmth, no, it was my body.

Some memories about a boy flowed into me, no it was a wolf, and I-I was an ego created by him. I was being filled with information about a bizarre behavior which was certainly not there in the past but felt like a part of me now.

Im an existence created to assist him.

As I emerged from the light, the warmth enveloping my body disappeared. I opened my eyes, and there stood a beast, a ten-meter enormous wolf. I was amazed. Not only that, but I felt a strange impulse to bow down and show my loyalty to him.

But why was it so? Theres no reason for me to do that.

I never even met him. I know hes that boy whose memories were now part of me.

I just recently came into existence, my body feels easy to control, it was like I knew how to move before I was created.

As I was thinking about it, my senses catch a sound of heavy breathing, and naturally, I focus my attention on him.

I was startled to see him coming closer to me with eyes filled with the desire to assault me. He was panting like crazy.

I was simply stunned. I mean, he was looking so terrifying,

”AMAZING! ” I thought. Those eyes were craving for my body, strangely I felt somewhat happy, but I don know why, I clicked my tongue ”Tch!.. ” while making a grossed out face towards him.

He quickly apologized and averted his gaze from my body while backing off.

”I-Im s-sorry, I-I was just thinking about… something. ” he said, looking down.

Oh boy, thats so cute!! I screamed in my head.

”At your service! ”, As he started talking, I subconsciously kneeled and said some sentences that should be meant for a king.

By looking at wolfs eyes, it seemed that it also surprised him. He was thinking about something, with his sharp gaze on me again! I knew he was still in his fantasies.

It was getting uncomfortable for me to keep kneeling, and I also had no clothes on. So, I waved my hands and tight black clothing covered my body. And as expected, Kurt had sadness written all over his face. It unknowingly delighted me to see his saddened expression.

But for GOD KNOWS WHY?! I clicked my tongue again! With an obvious hint of irritation on my face;

”Tch!… Apologies for showing such rude behavior. I stood up without your command. It was dusty around, so I had to wear some clothes at least. But it seemed like your highness was thinking about something VERY IMPORTANT. So, I didn want to disturb. Is that right, your majesty? ”

I gave a smile…. a fake one.

Ahh! Why am I saying such things? Now hes sure going to resent me., I glanced over at his face. It seemed like he was thinking of something of grave importance. After 10 minutes, he seems to have reached a conclusion;

”Your name will be Eva. I think itll suit you, ” he told me with an earnest expression.

Oh God! He was thinking so sincerely, just to choose a name for me. I need to give a good response. Ill try not to mess it up.

”I thank you, for your benevolence, your majesty ”, I tried showing my enthusiasm but could only produce a faked and forced smile with a hint of disinterest.

I messed up again, and I don even know why Im making a forced smile? Even though I want to smile, honestly.

He also appears to be hatefully looking at me. Of course, hes mad at me, who didn even appreciate him, who tried so hard to find a suitable name for me.

”So, Eva, you are another mode of system, right? ” he asked.

”It is, as you said, your majesty, ” I spoke in a dull tone, even I don know why.

”So, if I have anything to do with the system, Do I need to ask for your assistance every time? ”…. he asked with a fed-up face.

I didn want to say all that, I wanted to cry… Hes asking if he needs to talk to me, a person who is cold, stern, stoic, and harsh towards him. Of course, he will be like that. He shouldn be with me.

”Your majesty need not ask for this servant every time you wish something to do, the system is still linked to your majesty, monarch just needs to think in his mind like before. ”

”As Im only a manifestation of the system with ego, I may have the same emotions as a human, but the fact that Im created might make my existence despicable in your eyes. Ill try to keep away if thats what you want. I will try not to interfere with your work as much as possible. ”

I apologized. I hope he won delete me. My eyes were getting moist, but what he said next startled me.

”wha-what? No… why? ”

”N-no I didn mean that, ” he said, his words held contempt.

”Im sorry, I just, I want you to know that you
e also a human, no more nor less… Im really happy that now I have someone to talk to. You are really important to me now, you see…. ” he said, while I had no way of reacting to that.

Wha…!, He doesn resent me now? How can he say such nice things so smoothly?

I might have blushed right now.

And she certainly had. Her face was flushed red, her character wasn able to hold on to the situation this time, which was now visible on her face more than ever.






After a long moment of embarrassing moment, I looked at her. And when I did, my mind went blank.

She was as red as she could ever be. She was blushing hard!

S-So that means I-I was right, shes tsundere! Oh! Yeah!!

”Wow! System, you got me good this time; well, it was my first time meeting a tsundere, so I couldn really point out that she was a tsundere through and through. Well, everything is great now, hehe…

I started smiling and came closer to her. Seeing me coming closer, her blushing face regained her usual stony expression.

She took a few steps back while giving me a warning through her eyes, to not come any closer, which, of course, was all an act.

Now I know that shes tsundere, so I will not care for her fake warnings.

I came closer to her, her expression again reddened, just a few inches away from her. As I tried getting closer, I realized something, which does not allow me to do the kind of things I wanted to do right now.

And that is- My Body, its A WOLF BODY, God! Damn it! How am I supposed to kiss her? Well, kissing later, what am I even going to do with this colossal size of mine? Also, I don think if I can even hold her… sigh.

”What a waste! Well, lets just move on to the next step of the plan… ”

”Initiate body modification ”




And! this time I will enter the specifications by myself. I don want any adverse outcomes.

”Now then, lets begin body metamorphosis ”



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