arghh!!…., what the heck, why does it always hurt after getting up? Ahh! I remember now!

”You bast*rd system of a bitch, what did you think you were doing? You electrocuted my whole body if you don have any good explanation. I swear, the first thing Ill do after getting leveled up is, terminating you! ”

[ ” DING!!

The host has regained consciousness…

answering the query of the host…

The system discovered that the shard was an extremely rare piece of DIMENSIONAL CRYSTAL. These crystals contain massive levels of radiation energy and could have harmed the host. The system used some harsh and aggressive BUT necessary measures to ensure the survival of the host.

The system hopes that the host doesn keep any hatred towards the system as the system only wishes for the hosts wellbeing.

^Mission: Find the source of high C.P levels in the surrounding environment. ^


Rewarding host:

Ding! Congratulations to the host for receiving 23 million C.P. ”]

Seeing the reward value, I was in a trance. My brain stopped as another notification popped up and that too was… well, see for yourself:

[ ”Ding!! , Congratulating host, as by consuming shard energy, the system has leveled up to 150 (MAX) and all system functions are unlocked and are completely leveled up.

Does the host want to gain an understanding of new unlocked functions, YES/NO?

*System is now able to send the data directly to the hosts memory center for gaining any information from the cosmic network. ”]

What kind of heavenly bullshit is that? Am I daydreaming or something? The system caught my thought process and answered…

[ ” Host is not dreaming and is completely healthy ”]

Hmm…, now that I think about it, that shard was giving off a strong and chaotic ambiance…, So that means if Im able to find another of those shards, then what are the possibilities of reaching the OVER-POWERED stage, hell! Im already invincible as the system is all leveled up, everything is unlocked for free!! wuhahahaha… (

As I was fantasizing about the new possibilities, the system answered my dreams, shattering them into pieces.

[ ”System is all leveled up and working at intensified processing speed, which had greatly increased working capacity of the system.

Whereas, the unlocked function which the host doesn need to pay for any unlocking fee but for the host to be able to access those functions, a minimum level is required, which the host lacks at the current time…

It is recommended to use the C.P and other functions for the host upgrading.


Important messages:

1.Because of the maximizing of system-level, the host does not need any of the skill makers anymore, to create/modify skills or abilities, the host just needs a sufficient amount of C.P and the system will work as a skill producer itself.

2. Due to the complete levelling up of the system, the hosts main body is permanently specified as a wolf, the host may change his appearance for a certain period by creating transformation skills.

3. The DIMENSIONAL SHARD found, was one of the two pieces found in the whole dimension. Host is encouraged to try and find the second piece on your endeavors.

The possibility of finding a 2nd part in the entire dimension is… 0.326×10^10^10000000000.

4. The host can now evaluate the time, date, etc info, due to system upgrade. To gain access to the classified information, the host needs to increase his level. ”


What the heck! Was I that lucky? Well, it might be true tho, even I can believe it yet, I was able to make the system level up to MAX! But the bad news is that I have to level myself up to use new unlocked functions.

And as for the good news – the option of skill making without the need of those SKILL MAKERS is heaven sent for me. I will try it soon.

Well, now, that the system is all leveled up, I think maybe I can give complex commands at a single time and also with quick results…., lets try giving one.

” System evaluate and update the date and time with reference to planet earth, clearly specify my location regarding the Alpha Centauri and earth solar system ”

Oh wait, I forgot the key problem, my wolfs body. Its set as the main one, but its a relief that I can do a makeover with transformation skill. Argh! Ill think about that later.

Now as for my level

”Ascertain the maximum level that can be achieved using around a quarter of the total amount of 23 million C.P ”, I told the system in my mind.

[ ”Command received… processed outcomes are:

1.Date -> 2/January/2031

Time ->4:00 A.M

(With reference to earth)

2. Location:

(a). In Alpha Centauri; near the inner edge of Alpha Centauri Bs habitable zone, the rocky planet of 1.8 M (1.8 times the mass of earth), no signs of life detected.

(b). With respect to the sun; at 4.37 light-years (1.34 parsecs) from the Sun solar system {A.N- you can also take it as the distance to earth)

3. 50 levels can be achieved using around 5 million C.P, Maximum level – not set.

* Does the host wish to use 5.6 million C.P for an increase in 50 levels? YES/NO

* Need approval:

Does the host want to gain an understanding of new unlocked functions, YES/NO? ”]

Hmm…, if I recall the date of my death, it was the 29th of December, so….. its been two days since my death. Ahh, Im already feeling lonely, if it was not for the system with me the whole time to talk to, I might have already gone depressed.

After some time of understanding my situation, I proceed to receive every piece of information present in the system database, as I choose option;

”Yes, first relay all the information present in the system database to my mind ”

[ Response received… proceeding…,

transmitting data to host…., 1%, 2%, 3%…] As the system was transferring all the data to my mind, a sharp pain struck me in the head. Feeling the increase in knowledge and flow of information to my mind, several mind maps formed by the systems help, the calculations, and measurements, and a lot of other stuff, seems to have rewired my neural network.

[…30%, 50, 70%, 90%, 99%…100%.


…procedure complete.]

When the system finished, I thought of different options of what to do next. If all the knowledge I received just now is precise and genuine, then I can reach back to earth. But first I need to know if its the same world I once lived in and not an identical one, even though the possibility of it being a different world seems low, there certainly are many uncertainties.

I have to investigate the earth, and for that, maybe a satellite or scouting boat of some sort will work, right? But first I need to collect a lot of resources to make them, while keeping the fact in mind that I still haven made a single screw yet.

Hmm, firstly I have to start by exploring this planet. Now before that, lets increase my level up to 50, even if it feels like a complete rip-off!

”System, increase my level to 50 by expending C.P. ” I ordered the system.

[ ” Command Received…., consuming 5.6 million C.P…., 17.4 million C.P left.

leveling up…

And in just a moment, my body was full of energy.

It was so much… it felt like exploding at first, but then the energy started getting drained. Nay, the right statement would be the energy was being assimilated by each body cell.

All that power was depleting at a fast pace, and my body was feeling like it was growing and getting stronger with each passing second. My posture straightened, legs bulged and strengthened because of the formation of new muscles.

My vision also improved. Im sure that now I can even see a salt particle clearly from a mile away, and at close range, my focus felt so high that I could perceive every single dust particle present in the surrounding air.

Furthermore, I sensed what I had become now. I was exuding a ferocious aura and maybe looked like a comical beast. My height has also increased by a lot. Im much bigger than before, maybe around 10 meters.

[ ” DING!!, leveling up complete…

CONGRATULATIONS!!! ON REACHING LEVEL 50, the host now has full access to:

1. High-end construction nanobots (MAX level)

2. Facilities: – Planetary fort (MAX), Solar-Cosmic panels (MAX), Chip manufacturing factory (MAX), Mining facilities (MAX) -Gold, Iron, Copper, Granite, Silver, Titanium, etc….

Transportation center (MAX), Robot units manufacturing factory (MAX), Satellites manufacturing facility (MAX), Research Laboratory (MAX), Personal workshop (MAX), Material synthesis facility (MAX).

3. H.A.E mode; Humanoid artificial Ego mode, the system will create an ego with the body of a real human being, which can help in handling a multitude of tasks also providing emotional support. ”]

After some deep thinking and planning… ” So, the plan is clear, my first goal will be ->an exploration of the planet Im on, then next -> construction of a satellite or something to know if the earth is still there, and Im not in a different world. Then ->get back to earth, meet Rena….well, I hope she doesn find someone else till then. Itll take me around some months…or years, maybe? Sigh… I need to put my plan in motion quickly ”.



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