used for work, I bought a reasonably priced overseas product.


I have spare batteries in my bag, and it could be effective as a blinding light against goblins…


If my target is humanoid, even if it is during the daytime, aiming it in their face will cause them trouble.


First, I will try to test out how they react, and it will be good if they cover their face when it hits.


That is the normal reaction, after all, especially if it’s a being that is not familiar with such a device.


After all, no matter how used I am to it, if someone suddenly points it at my face, I will have this reaction without fail!


Once I block their sight, it will stop them from moving, and then with a full swing of the flathead screwdriver…


With this, even against a goblin, I should have a good chance of winning unscathed, alone.


It’s possible.


Depending on how I do it, I can do more.






Yuto, who is under a strange tension and delusion, is unaware that he has stepped through the abode of a certain demon.


Perhaps it is because he has been thinking too deeply as he simulates a battle.


It might also be because he has been distracted by fatigue from the previous battle, and hunger, that he is only trying to distract himself.


However…the enemy does not take such circumstances of Yuto into consideration.


Because the enemy has no naivety at all.


So, when he realized that…


Yuto, who was smiling inside, was hit by a big impact from behind and was blown away.


“Iggya! …My back hurts! What! What happened?


Confused, he reflexively rubbed his back, but there was no sign of blood.


However, the pain has not subsided at all.


What is happening? 


He looks back.


There is a brown mole-like creature staring at Yuto.


Well, he actually doesn’t know whether it is really a mole or not.


Yuto has never seen a real mole before.


However, he assumes it is a kind of creature similar to a mole because of its face sticking out from the ground and its claw-like hand sticking out to the ground, which is a little bigger than its body size.


“Damn…you’re the culprit!”

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