Conversation with the Guild Master


I taste the skewered meat and finish it quickly, I then express my gratitude with an upright 90-degree bow.


“I will never forget this debt of gratitude! I will continue to patronize this restaurant in the future! I promise!”


This is not an exaggeration, but I am confident that I will never forget the meat and the auntie who truly had nine lives, even 50 years later.


Auntie laughed and said, “That’s such an exaggeration!” She laughed, but a few of the senior hunters, who looked like they were having breakfast…or rather drinking, said, “The meat is the only thing that’s good here!” “Don’t let the lady devour you!” They were all laughing at us, so it didn’t seem to be a strange morning.


Mei-chan seemed to have explained the situation to Potta-kun, and Potta-kun was laughing, which was a relief.


Oh, that’s right.


I didn’t come here to eat meat.


I had forgotten that I was invited by the guild master, not by the ogre Guild Master.


I asked Mei-chan what I should do.


“I don’t know, he just asked me to go get Loki-kun!”


Such unreliable words came back to me, so anyway, I approached the lady sitting at the reception desk…well, she was not exactly an older lady, estimated to be around 40 years old.


“Excuse me, my name is Loki, and I was informed by Mei-chan that I have been summoned by the guild master here.
How should I proceed?”


“You are the one who rescued Zink and the other three, aren’t you? You are still very young, but you speak very politely… I will go tell the Guild Master that Loki is here, so please wait here for a moment.”


With that, the older sister runs up the stairs.


(Let’s just sit and wait…) 


I sat down with Mei-chan at the table where Potta-kun had been sitting and asked her why I was called.


And how it went…


“Zink explained the situation last night! He mentioned you defeating a goblin with a sword, and he was so excited as he explained, so I think that’s probably the reason… right?”


Potta-kun nodded, so I guess that’s what he meant then.


But hey…


I’ve only been in this world for a few days, and all I can say is, “I don’t know”.


Well, I guess whatever happens, I just have to face it.


This is the first time I’m dealing with the big guy in this world.


I’m not even a registered hunter, so why should I? It would be bad for my future if I am noticed in a strange way.


For now, let’s keep our spirits up, so we don’t make a mess of things.


A little while later, I am approached by the older lady from earlier, who leads me to a room at the back of the second floor.


“Master, may we come in?”


“Yes, of course.”


The room I was taken to was not luxurious, but rather a space where I sought only comfort in my work.


The desks of the clerks behind the counter on the first floor.


It looks similar to the desks of the office workers behind the counter on the first floor, only with three times the number of drawers.


One thick book is visible, but no bookshelf is in sight, and a large number of thin wooden boards are stacked on the desks on both sides.


There is also ink and…what looks like a quill pen, so I guess that, like the request board, these boards are a substitute for paper.

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