I look up to see Mei-chan standing there, pointing her finger at me.


“Hey, Mei-chan, it’s been a while since we last met.”


“Hey! What Inn did you stay at last night? All the people at the inn said that they did not accommodate any black-haired person, so I went looking for you!”


“Hahaha, after we separated, I realized that I was penniless… so I ended up sleeping in a tree.”


“What? Why didn’t you say something like that beforehand! I would have let you stay at my place!”


“No, no, I’m sorry about that, but I was thinking I had money until we broke up… and well, that’s the result…”


“I’m amazed at you, Loki-kun! Anyway, come to the Hunter Guild! The Guild Master wants to see you!”




Wait a minute.
The Guild Master? 


That sounds like the head of the guild, doesn’t it? 


I haven’t done anything yet.  I just slept in a tree! Why the call?


No way… I have not even started to do anything?  You want me to stop slacking off and get to work? 


“I’m sorry, Branch Manager.
I’ll be right there.”


“I think you are missing the point! I’m sure Zink and Potta are looking all over for you too… but whatever! Let’s just go!”


Mei-chan, walking ahead of me, is as energetic as ever this morning…


I’m too hungry to keep up with her.


What should I do? 


Asking a 10-year-old girl for money is a bit much for a 32-year-old.


I think I’d rather die, but in fact, I feel like I’m about to die.


While I was thinking about that, before I knew it, I arrived at the place I was planning to go.


In front of me was a two-story wooden structure.


It’s about five times bigger than the surrounding buildings, so as someone who associates to a great company = a lot of money, I feel like I can expect a good salary no matter what.


Being a hunter, I’m sure it’s a full pay by commission.


Once inside through the large swinging door that looks like something out of a Texas Gunman movie, there are three counters in front of me.


On the right side was the famous request board.


Two large dark brown boards were propped up against the wall, and a good number of small almost skin-colored wooden boards were hooked to them.


Some of them have two or three small wooden boards connected to them.


First, each one of them must be a [request].


I am surprised that they are not paper.


And to the left…to the far left…is a dining area spreading a good smell and several round tables and benches.


Coming here and making me further fainting in agony…hmm? 


Potta-kun is here.


He’s holding a meat skewer in his hand! 


…I could never identify Mei-chan from far away.


But somehow I can tell Potta-kun! 


So please forgive me for that! 


“Please, Potta-kun! I’m begging you for the rest of my life, please give me a piece of that meat! Later! I’ll pay you back later, I promise!”


Without hearing any reply, I pick one up with my fingers and throw it into my mouth.


And when I bite into it, the juices overflow… I can’t stop my tears! 


Potta-kun looked up at me, stunned, as I suddenly began to sob, but now that I think about it, he can’t understand a word I’m saying.


I’m sorry, I’m just a thief who snatched the food.


When I asked Mei-chan to translate for me, a woman called out to me from behind.


“What’s the matter with you, you started crying over a piece of meat…was it that good?”


I turned around and saw that she was wearing a small apron, so she seemed to be a lady from the dining room.


“I apologize for the fuss, it’s been 5, or maybe 6 days since I last had a proper meal… it was so bad that I felt like I was going to die and the taste of food after so long was so good.”


“Six days…you are so young, what are your parents doing! I presume that it would be rude to ask about your situation.
Alright, wait for a bit!”


With that, Auntie dashes back to the kitchen and returns with two skewers of meat.


“Here! Eat this for now! You don’t have any money, do you? Just buy more when you can afford it.”


Ughhhh…I’m sobbing again.


What the heck… this world is full of good people…


“I understand…thank you so much… ish sho good… thank you for the food…”


This day, for me, was the most delicious day. 


I tasted the most delicious meat I’ve ever tasted in my 32 years of life.

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