When I defeated Hooly Mole, I knew immediately from the announcement in my field of vision that I could learn [Presence Detection] and [Earth Magic].


But the skill experience I gained was only for me.


I confirmed that when we came out of the forest.


The [Presence Detection] skill was still at 3% on top of being level 1.


I knew that the [Rush] skill increased by 10% for each Horned Rabbit I killed after I reached level 1.


It would be hard to imagine that the skill acquisition experience would be different for each skill from level 1, even though both are 20% per kill until the skill was acquired.


So, that’s how it works.


(Haaah… and I was even longing for a bit of party play and companionship.) 


Last Attack experience.


In other words, in a world where only the last person defeating or stopping a monster can gain skill experience, the benefits of forming a party would be drastically reduced.


Of course, it is effective in the sense that everyone can defeat enemies that cannot be defeated by one person, and the level experience is somewhat increased, although I don’t know the detailed distribution.


This is true even in the case of monsters, which I have not meddled with at all.


In other words, the people I am working with, and the target range, are probably determined in some way.


If I want skill experience, I should do it solo, where everything is a last attack hit.


I can’t just go out with a party and say, “Just give me the last attack,” and be shameless about it.


If someone like that appeared, I would smack him on the head and say, “Are you kidding me?”.


I ended up calling myself [Loki].
That’s what I will name myself from now on.


I put myself in the shoes of that character, who aimed for strength until I reached the top.


I just thought I’d have those good times again.


Then I’ll try to make it on my own, without the desire for any companionship…


I don’t want to die without being able to defend myself.


“Hey! Zink, Potta, and Mei! What are you guys doing up so late?


Suddenly, I heard a loud, angry voice and looked up to see a gatekeeper guarding the town surrounded by a fence. 


An uncle with a spear was shouting with a grim look on his face.


(Oh no, Zink-kun and the others are probably in trouble…)


I thought, but I am not a resident of the area, so there was nothing I could do.


Zink-kun, Mei-chan, and Potta-kun heard the shouts and started to run…what? Potta-kun! What? That’s incredible! 


You have such hidden power? 


You’re not an artist, are you? As we approached the entrance to the town, Mei-chan broke down in tears, hugging Gatekeeper-san, as if the tension had somehow been released.


Potta-kun sat down as if he had lost his nerve, and only Zink-kun explained the situation with a look of relief on his face.


As one would expect from a 12-year-old, Zink-kun is surprisingly competent.


Then Gatekeeper-san turns to me and bows lightly.


“You saved the three of them and brought them all the way to the town.
Thank you so much.
I appreciate it.”


“No, no, I just happened to be there, and I was also lost and in trouble, they helped me out as well.”


“Don’t be so modest.
I heard that a goblin with a sword appeared.”


“Yes, that’s true.
The sword that Zink-kun is holding right now is from that one.”


Saying so, Zink-kun shows Gatekeeper-san the sword, and Gatekeeper-san looks at it and groans.


“No rust…hardly any blade damage.
It’s still in the newer category… then it’s likely that it was recently dropped…”


Gatekeeper-san ponders something, but then, perhaps sensing our situation, he hurriedly speaks.


“Oh, I’m sorry, you all must be tired! Just go inside the town for now!”


“Um~ I’m a drifter, I mean, I don’t have anything that can be used as identification, is that okay?”


“Of course, you saved their lives! But I’d like to report to the mayor about the goblins as well as the situation if you don’t mind.
I haven’t seen a goblin with a sword in about five years.”


“Yes, of course.”

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