What is the meaning of this? 


Can I beat this Demon Lord without skills? No, no, if that’s the case, why don’t they just let the people of this world take care of it instead of going to the trouble of transferring someone from another world? I don’t understand? Is there a Demon Lord that can’t be defeated even with a Hero skill? Is that Demon Lord Loki? 


Oh, I see, was that the reason why? Dropping me off in the forest, without giving me anything, may have been a difficulty test.
Well, thinking about it, if I can’t survive even something as simple as that, I won’t be able to defeat a Demon Lord.


Was that really the reason! That would make sense! Then the reason I came to this world is…


“Where is that all black Demon Lord?”


“”Right in front of us.””


“Hey! Don’t point fingers at me! No, that’s not it, I mean the real Demon Lord Loki, the one you know!”


“The Hero has already defeated him.” Zink


“…What?” Loki (Yuto)


So, I was not the Hero after all! What are you going to do about my wasted enthusiasm… it’s turned into air…!


“Haven’t you ever heard of the story of the Demon Lord’s defeat?” Mei


“Where in the world is Loki from? Even in a small town like Bezart, there are at least five theatrical groups and bards that would play it in their visit…” Zink


“I don’t know anything about that…” Loki (Yuto)


“It’s the story of Hero Takuya defeating the Demon Lord, you know! And it’s like you’re doing an impersonation of Demon Lord Loki! Well, the Demon Lord was quite famous after all!” Mei


“I haven’t seen them recently, but there were a few people in all black in the town of Bezart before.” Zink

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