Language Understanding


After the battle with the three goblins is over.


For the time being, I lead the boy and girl to the riverside with gestures so that they can calm down.


The boy with the knife keeps looking back and gazing regretfully at the dead goblins…


Was he really upset that I made the last attack? 


Well, I helped him, and I got punched in the gut by the goblin, you know.


Well, there was no reason for him to complain.


When we arrive at the riverside, I sit down in an open place with a clear view, and the three of them, seeing me, follow suit and sit down on a suitable stone.


The three people in front of me are bowing their heads repeatedly and speaking words of thanks.




“縺サ縺薙→縺ュj縺縺→縺? Sí.”


“諤悶°縺 “縺”






Earlier, I thought the knife boy is talking too fast in his haste… but as expected, I already know what’s going on.


I guess I simply don’t understand the language…


I gently put my palm out in front of the three and gesture to have them stop talking for a bit.


For now, I’m a little hesitant about having my vision blocked, but I’m sure they won’t attack me in this situation, so I look down and activate the status screen.


I look at the skills section–


Ah, there it is, a skill that, I think, will be useable.


[Language Understanding] 


Normally, if you’re transferring, [Language Understanding] should be a standard skill, as well as the clothing you wear, right? 


It’s a part of the transfer set, right? 


So, why don’t I even get the bare minimum of understanding the language of the world I’ve transferred to? 


–Of course, I will make sure that the status screen is clear enough for you to see and understand.


–I’ll ensure that the status screen is clear enough for you to see and understand.


–The status screen…


You only made the status screen understandable to me! 


You screwed it up, you stupid Acorn Head! 


Ah, I shouldn’t.
I should stop.


Getting irritated in front of children won’t get anything done.


Don’t panic, me.


I kept my skill points from level 3 onward for emergencies like this.


Three points at level 3, four points at level 4, and five points at level 5.


And since I just reached level 6, I’ve added another 6 points, so I’ve saved a total of 18 points.


And [Language Understanding] is–


Geez, this one also has a skill level of 10…


I have a bad feeling about this, but let’s check first before raising it.


Closing the status screen once, I address the boy and girl.


“Nod if you understand my words.”


Then the boy and girl with the knife nod, and the boy with the big basket on his back makes a doubtful face.


I see… I see…


Then, let’s turn up one [Language Understanding] for now.


I start the status screen again.


While staring at [Language Understanding], I mutter in my head that I want to transfer “2” skill points.


[I got [Language Understanding] Lv1.]


And immediately, I look at the detailed explanation after acquiring the skill.


[[Language Understanding] Lv1: If it is a language handled by humans, I can converse with the level of comprehension of a five-year-old child without knowledge of the language.]


I can’t read and write…? 


And a 5-year-old? What am I, a kindergartener now?


This is really the minimum level of conversation! 


Even if I could go to town, I don’t think I would be able to gather proper information with this.


I want the language skills of a 15-year-old, or at least a 13-year-old, as appropriate for my age! 


The chances of getting [Language Understanding] from the monsters are almost zero, anyway.


After all, there is a skill called “Bestial Language Understanding” under “Language Understanding”.


Then I think it’s worth raising it! Level 2! 


If you want to raise your skill to level 2, [4] skill points will be automatically consumed.


[[Language Understanding] Lv2 is acquired.]


[[Language Understanding] Lv2 able to converse in any language handled by humans with the comprehension level of an 8-year-old child without knowledge Lv2.
writing is not possible Consumed Magic 0]]


“Shoppaaaaa!!! The range of increase is 3 years old!”


I yell out, “Da, it’s okay!” I hear a voice say.


The little girl must be worried about me…


Sorry, sorry… I guess Uncle was having a bit of an emotional outburst at the cruelty of this world and Acorn Head.


“It’s okay, just wait a little longer.”


I call out to him, but I’m still a little worried.


The equivalent of an 8-year-old is hard, but not being able to write is harder than anything else…


Two skill points at level 1, four at level 2…


So, I could go up to level 3 with 12 points left….


I’ll just have to go for it.


([Language Understanding] Level 3!)


I got [[Language Understanding] Lv3].


[[Language Understanding] Lv3: If it is a language handled by humans, I can converse with the level of understanding of an 11-year-old without any knowledge.]


If it’s already at the upper elementary school level, good enough for now! 


Now there are no more restrictions on reading and writing.


However, I didn’t expect this… I’m already running out of points just as I need them! 


From level 3, the required points will suddenly increase significantly, consuming 12 points.


It gives me a headache to think about level 4 and beyond.


But I should be able to go about my daily life with no problems.


I close the system screen and look at the boy and girl again.

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