At any rate, [Taijutsu], which I am already starting to learn, is gaining experience, but it only gained 4% of skill experience.


I was using a wooden stick as a weed repellent, I wasn’t fighting with it, my main method of attack is strangling, kicking, or attacking with a flathead screwdriver.


Although I do not know how the flathead screwdriver is treated, I can say that my fighting style has been almost exclusively Taijutsu.


Despite this, it is only 4%.


In contrast, a monster with skill gives 20% just to defeat one of them.


If I have the ability to consistently defeat monsters, I can judge that actively targeting and defeating monsters with skills is a shortcut to strength.


If I want to be strong, I should defeat monsters instead of doing dojo swordsmanship… It’s a dangerous world, but it is an easy world to understand.


In addition, there are also


[Stick Art] 20%.


Flathead screwdriver falls under stick fighting? Or the goblin who was holding a wooden stick that I encountered had the skill? 


[Shield Technique] 2%.


I can only think that it went up because I used a duralumin case as a shield.


[Provocation] 4%.


I think I acquired this when I saw the mole and told it to shoot me, but… I can’t be sure.


[Trap detection] 1%.


Is this from the mole? Or when checking the Mole’s Nest? 


[Abandonment] 4%.


It seems like I was fighting with everything I had… but? I have no idea.


[Fishing] 2%.


I understand why it goes up, but I’m surprised that it goes up without using a fishing line.


[Swimming] 1%


I swam in great condition.
I understand.


[Collecting] 8%


I can understand this well.
Thanks to the fruits.


[heart of steel] 3%.


I think it’s because I was beaten and also hit by stones.


[Farsightedness] 6%.


I climbed a tree, but I think it’s too high compared to the others.


[Exploration] 1%


Because I was searching for trees and rivers all the time? 


[Loud voice] 1%.


Was it when I was completely naked on the rocks and yelling, or was it when I was shouting like a matador?


[Jumping] 2%.


I was jumping up and down because I wanted to climb a tree.


[Presence detection] 23%.


Strangely high.
Possibly possessed by the mole.


[Stealthy steps] 2%.


Unaware of it, since it was probably done unconsciously.


[Memorization] 2%.


Is it when I am trying to understand the terrain? Or is it when I am trying to memorize skills and considerations? 


Well… there is a slight increase in various other skills such as [Earth Resistance], [Physical Attack Resistance], [Arithmetic], and other skills that I don’t understand.


If I take actions related to a skill, my skill experience will increase little by little.


Perhaps, depending on the skill, not actions, but thoughts are also effective.


If it is an active skill, the skill can be used, and if it is a passive skill, it improves the basic ability.


And then there is the (+1) factor next to the ability value.


Currently, the (+1) is attached to Intelligence and Agility, but this is a rough guess.


The skills that are there now are [Fire Magic] Lv1 and [Rush] Lv1.


Rush had the word speed in the skill details, and it makes sense that fire magic would be tied to intelligence.


In other words, acquiring any skill would add a positive correction to the corresponding ability value.


There is such a wide variety of skills.


I don’t know how many skills are acquired by the people living in this world, but the degree of acquisition of skills, in addition to the level, and the tendency to acquire skills, are the characteristics of each person.


I think there are people who acquire mainly close combat skills and martial arts skills and specialize in that path, and there are also people who acquire a wide and shallow range of skills in many fields and enjoy their daily lives with utmost flexibility.


I see.


That’s nice.


That’s very much my kind of thing.


The games I used to be addicted to have a high degree of freedom and a variety of play styles, and everyone enjoyed playing in their own way.


Some were fishing all the time, some were dancing and picking up female characters in the plaza, some were going to see the scenery of low-level hunting grounds with other people they knew, and some were exploring remote areas in the field that they would never normally go to.


Of course, there were also many people like me who pursued efficiency to the end of the line in pursuit of strength.


Information and time are especially important to become stronger, and those who can fulfill both become stronger and gain more.


There are so many things to remember, so many things to collect.


I made a desperate effort to gather information, cut down on sleep, and even dropped out of college to make ends meet…


It was hard, sleepy, and painful.


But I was drunk with myself as I gradually became stronger and stronger, and the result was six years of lost time and the glory of being ranked No.
1 on all the servers.


And the title of “Cripple,” which was given to me by players on a message board.


If I had not been forced to leave my parents’ house, I am confident that I would still be playing.


It was a meaningless medal that I could not boast about at all, and it was a huge disadvantage in my life.


Still…I don’t regret it.


That time, that was the best time of my life.




If I see something like this for real.


I get excited remembering that time.


I’ll want to make them all complete.


Oh, no, no, no.


If I think like that, I’ll have to sacrifice everything again.


I’m an adult now.


I should have been rehabilitated by society.


I have to be careful about what I do.


Still…I feel like I’m going to have a good dream today…

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