There are always that kind of people in every exam.
They are always the first one that comes to the examination room.
Compasses, rulers, mechanical pens and other things placed on the table.
Never go to the toilet during the exam and have diarrhea.

    But the test results are not good.

    Cheng Yin is this kind of person.

The exam is at nine o’clock.
There is still morning reading class at 7:30, but the teacher does not attend classes, so let the students review themselves.

The classroom is quiet, others are scrambling to catch up on the gaps, Cheng Yin repeatedly confirms her exam equipment is complete.
After confirming the equipment, she worried about how her desk mate still did not come.

This is eight o’clock.
Is he not coming?

    Cheng Yin warily waited until 8:30, and Chen Yan finally walked in slowly from the back door of the classroom.

    Cheng Yin breathed a long sigh of relief.

The first thing he did was to borrow a pen from Cheng Yin for the exam.

    Cheng Yin is more relieved.

Look, this kind of person who doesn’t even bring a pen must be at the bottom of the class.
Cheng Yin took out all the best pens in her pencil case and gave them to Chen Yan.


After that, she felt something was wrong.
If Chen Yan boosted, she would be at the bottom of the list.

    So Cheng Yin frowned again and chanted: “You better not fighting.”

    Chen Yan: “……”

After that, Cheng Yin felt a little bad about her conscience.

He didn’t pass the college entrance exam for five years, but she still hopes that he will be the last one, although that is his true level.
But Cheng Yin still feels that she is evil.
 In order to redeem her image, Cheng Yin poured some consolation for Chen Yan.

    “By the way, do you know Chen Yan?” Cheng Yin asked.
“I’m not talking about you.
I’m talking about a fencer with the same name as you.”

    Chen Yan propped up his head and looked at Cheng Yin.

    “I don’t know.”

    Cheng Yin said, “He won the national championship when he was thirteen.”

    Chen Yan lifted his eyelids.
“So powerful?”

Cheng Yin added: “At seventeen, he was the Asian champion.”

    Chen Yan: “Wow!”

    Cheng Yin: “Two years later he got the world championship!”
 Chen Yan: “Awesome!”

Cheng Yin: “Yeah, you also think he’s awesome, right? Look, you guys have the same name, but your circumstances in life are very different, but you need to believe that you must have some special connection in the underworld, maybe you’re just like him, just that your talent is not in your studies.”

    Chen Yan turned his pen and asked, “How do you know that his talent is not in learning?”

Cheng Yin opened her eyes wide and said, “I’m just saying, if he’s even good at studying, then how can you live under the same name as him?”

Chen Ren touched his chin, wanted to say that he could live, but before he could open his mouth, Cheng Yin poured down a big bowl of consolation again.

“So even if you’re at the bottom of this exam, you should not be discouraged.
Maybe you’re talented in other places?”
When Chen Yan was speechless, Xie Ying could not listen to it anymore and turned to Cheng Yin and said, “I beg you to worry about yourself, even if his grades are bad, he have been taking the test for five years, and he should know how to learn the conic curve five times, so how can they be at the bottom of the test.”

    Chen Yan: “……”

No, sisters, I am the worst number one, should take the test or not?

If I was not at the bottom of the class, what if the little girl cried herself to death?

Bottom of the class, listen.
Is Bully Xie said human words? You try to teach the pig conic sections five times, and if it learns well, I will be called Xie Yan.
Third High exams seating arranged according to the ranking, Chen Yan score was blank, and was placed in a classroom of the laboratory building.

Chen Yan does not know where that classroom is, but he knows that following Cheng Yin is right.
Sure enough, after tailing Cheng Yin into an exam room, he found his exam number in the most corner.

He looked up at Cheng Yin.
Not bad, in the front row.

    Not long after, other candidates also came one after another.

The difference between this kind of exam room and the exam room in the first two classes is that the candidates who came are like visiting the market, grouped in threes and fives, hooked up with each other, laughing and joking, unrestrained.

Chen Yan was sleeping in his seat as soon as he sat down, and was woken up by a burst of laughter from the boys.

    He looked up, and his eyes met Cheng Yin in the front row.

Several boys surrounded her, and the tallest one had his hands in front of her and was talking to her.
Cheng Yin had her head down and did not respond, but her face was red.
The boy smiled crookedly, and his head was topped with a hat.

The invigilator came in, and several boys around Cheng Yin have scattered, but that boy with hat sat behind Cheng Yin.

The teacher at the top of the podium expressionlessly organizes the test papers, and the students under the podium are constantly making slight movements, some cheating, and some playing with their cell phones.

    The boy with hat sat like a grandfather, staring at the back of Cheng Yin’s head.

    Chen Yan changed his posture and leaned against the wall, staring at the boy.

    From his angle, he could see the boy smiled evilly, then stretched his leg and kicked Cheng Yin’s stool.

Cheng Yin turned back to glare at him, and he spread his hands.

Cheng Yin turned back.
The boy kicked again.

This goes several times, and Chen Yan is tired of seeing.
Just in time, Ji Huaijin’s Weixin came in.

    “I heard you had your monthly exam today?”

Chen Yan did not reply.

    Ji Huaijin tirelessly expressed his mockery.

    “How do you feel about the exam? You must come back and tell us how high school life is now.
Is it the same as ours?”

    After Ji Huaijin sent this message, he didn’t expect Chen Yan to reply to him.

He had intentionally made a joke of it.

However, when Chen Yan saw this message, he laughed a little and absently picked up his phone and took a picture of the boy happily kicking Cheng Yin’s stool and sent it to Ji Huaijin.

“Look, this is how high school students flirt nowadays.
The routine is not a bit improved.”

    The video was sent successfully.
Chen Yan turned the pen twice, looked up.
The boy played with Cheng Yin’s ponytail.

Cheng Yin was so angry that she stomped his feet, but the boy laughed.

    The pen suddenly fell, and Chen Yan did not pick it up, but got up and walked towards the boy.

The boy is teasing Cheng Yin at this moment, but suddenly a shadow covered behind him.

Then he was pressed on the back of the head.

    “ADHD, right? Try to move your hands and feet again?”

    “Who the hell are you?”

The boy jumped up and swung a fist at Chen Yan, but was dodged.
 “Dong Zheng, what are you doing?” The invigilator teacher suddenly slammed the desk.
“Do you know that this is the examination?”

This boy called Dong Zheng, has been a regular visitor to the political education department, fighting and truancy all kinds of things, and he was difficult to control.
The teachers had a headache when they mentioned him and were basically in a state of abandonment.
The invigilators see him teasing female students, but do not want to discipline him.
But this time someone else’s stand out, the teacher naturally can no longer turn a blind eye.

    The invigilator waved his hand.
“All of you go back to your seats! I issued the test paper! Dong Zheng! I’m talking about you! If you harass your classmates again, you will go to the political education department to write a review!”

Cheng Yin didn’t dare to say anything just now, but someone backed her up and she had the strength.
Her mouth pouted, and she held her tears, looking at the invigilator like she was sobbing.
Dong Zheng froze.
How can she cry like that? He was so shocked that he didn’t even bother with Chen Yan’s matter.

Fortunately, Chen Yan has not yet gone away.
He turned around and pressed Cheng Yin back to her seat.

    “Take the exam properly.”
 Don’t act.

His palm was warm, with some rough calluses on his palm, touching Cheng Yin’s delicate cheeks, feels tingly and itchy.

    Cheng Yin changed her face in seconds, lowered her head, and gently touched her cheek.

    “Oh, got it.”

After the math test in the afternoon, there was still a study session before school was over.

As soon as Xie Ying returned to the classroom, she flipped out of her textbook and turned back to Cheng Yin and said, “I told you this cubic geometry is the actual problem, see, I found it, it’s the example problem in the book.”


Cheng Yin took the textbook and read it, “It’s really the actual problem.
How come I don’t remember it at all?”
Xie Ying was speechless and asked Chen Yan again, “Did you figure it out?”

    Cheng Yin looked at Chen Yan nervously.

    Chen Yan looked at Cheng Yin and said frankly: “No.”

The moment the words fell, not to mention Xie Ying, even Cheng Yin looked at Chen Yan with a look of “after five times learning the pig should understand.

    Chen Yan: “……”

The classroom was in turmoil, everyone’s books were in their lockers, and now they were moving them to their desks.

    Suddenly, the back door of the classroom was kicked open, the movement was so loud that the entire classroom was quiet for a few seconds, and everyone looked at the back door.
Dong Zheng, with two or three of his minions, stood at the door with arrogance.

    Some people around whispered.

    “Why is Dong Zheng here? He looks so scary.”

    “Who pissed him off? Our class and their class have always been in harmony.”

    “Is he looking for trouble? Who is he looking for?”

“It looks like something bad is coming.
Someone in our class is going to get hurt.”

Cheng Yin knew exactly what was going on.
Dong Zheng was furious and brought people over, definitely because Chen Yan had pressed the back of his head into the examination room in the morning.

    As expected, Dong Zheng pointed at Chen Yan and said coldly, “You! Don’t leave after school.”

Listen, how familiar are the introductory words?
The classroom was extremely quiet, except for Xie Ying.
Almost everyone looked back at Chen Yan.

Chen Yan and Dong Zheng gaze on each other.
Everyone can see the sword is drawn, the knife and sword’s shadow, and they seem to have golden drums in their ears, and gunfire seems to flash in front of their eyes.

    Just when everyone was waiting to see how Chen Yan would respond, they saw him change his hand to support his head, and his eyelids lifted gently.

—Then, he gave a big snort.

    The class could no longer be described as quiet at this point.

And Xie Ying, “snapped,” the language book out and opened it, and read the text aloud: “The old man chatted with the young maniac, the Left was Qihuang, and the right was Qingcang…”

Chen Yan and Xie Ying’s dual contempt skills completely angered Dong Zheng.
He rushed inside, but was held by his minions and dragged outside.
“The Administrative Officer’s is here! Run!”

They had just smoked cigarettes, and if the head of the Administration and Education Department smelled them, they would definitely be lectured again all afternoon.

“Shit!” Dong Zheng turned around and gave Chen Yan a middle finger.
“You wait for me!”

Dong Zheng had just left.
The head of the Administration and Education Department slipped to the door of the fifth class with his hand in the air.

    He stood by the window and swept a glance, and saw that the students were reading their books in a disciplined manner, and only then was he satisfied to go on his rounds to the next class.

    When people left, Cheng Yin covered her face with a book and asked Chen Yan, “What should we do?”

    “What to do?”

“Can you leave after school?”

Cheng Yin was dumbfounded, she grabbed Chen Yan’s sleeve, sighed deeply and said, “Don’t fight with them, a few of them are bullying at school, fighting and causing trouble all day long, the teachers can’t control them, the students are afraid of them.”

    Chen Yan lazily stood up and gently knocked Cheng Yin’s head.

    “When have you ever seen me stay until the end of the school day?”

    After saying that, he really turned around and walked towards the back door.

Walking against the light, relaxed and at ease, as if strolling through the market.

He really did not put this group of high school students in his eyes and simply did not bother.
From freshman year to senior year, Cheng Yin has heard a lot of Dong Zheng’s things, she is really afraid of how they treat Chen Yan, after all, Chen Yan is weak, unlike Dong Zheng they have a group of lackeys, and she heard that they also have contacts with the community, last year, a senior boy forced to drop out of school.

    Cheng Yin felt she had dragged Chen Yan into this, and now she was thinking hard about how to help Chen Yan.

It’s definitely impossible to tell the teacher, 99% of boys encounter this kind of thing they wouldn’t want the teacher to know.

    The police are even more unlikely.

After thinking about it, Cheng Yin decided to use a soft approach to negotiate with Dong Zheng.

Cheng Yin told Xie Ying her idea and received a blank look from the other side.
  “Don’t you see that Chen Yan already run away? As long as Chen Yan runs fast enough, he will never be beaten.”

    Cheng Yin said, “Then even if Chen Yan is a dog, he can’t run like that every day.”

    “How can’t? Look at Xiao Huang, who chases the principal’s car every day, but he’s fine.”

    “How is it okay? Xiao Huang has lost weight, don’t you notice?”

“Chen Yan is so tall and will not lose weight.
You just let him run.”


This last debate part about “dogs” was interrupted by Nie Nan, Xie Ying’s desk mate.

    Nie Nan felt that if he continued to listen, he would think that Chen Yan was a dog.
Xie Ying felt that Cheng Yin was completely unreasonable, and did not know why she was trying to be strong when she was a little girl.

“If you really think you can stop a fight, go ahead, but don’t regret it when you get caught up in Dong Zheng.
You know he likes you, and he’s a terrible student.”

    Cheng Yin is usually annoyed when people say that Dong Zheng likes her, although this is something that everyone in the third grade knows, but she just feels ashamed.

    “Why are you pulling this out? My desk mate is going to be beaten up in order to help me.
Can’t I go help?”

“If you think you have the strength, then go ahead.
You really think you can protect Chen Yan?”

Cheng Yin was angry, put on her backpack, and left.
Dong Zheng’s ninth class is upstairs, and Cheng Yin arrived at the door of their classroom with the sound of the bell.

This is the first time Cheng Yin actively appears in the ninth class.
Most of the people in the class know Cheng Yin.
Many people prick their heads to see the commotion.
There are people whistling.

    “Brother Zheng, your Cheng Yin is looking for you.”

    Cheng Yin silently rolled his eyes.

Dong Zheng came out soon, still wearing his hat, leaning against the door frame, looking at Cheng Yin in a dangling manner.

    “What do you want from me?”

    Many people in Class 9 were watching, and Cheng Yin felt uncomfortable, so she walked towards the corner of the corridor.
Dong Zheng naturally also followed behind.

When they reached the stairwell, there was basically no one there and Cheng Yin said, “Are you looking for trouble with Chen Yan because of the incident on today’s exam?”

    Dong Zheng held his chin up, not answering her question, “What, you came to plead for mercy?”

    “I’m not here to plead for mercy.” Cheng Yin saw him getting closer and closer to herself and subconsciously took a step back.
“I came to reason with you.”

    “Oh, I’m not a reasonable person.”

    “Then what do you have to do to let Chen Yan go?”

    “You care so much about him? What’s your relationship?”

    “He’s my classmate, shouldn’t I?”

    “Is that so?” Dong Zheng glanced up and down at Cheng Yin.
“Then if you become my girlfriend, I’ll promise you.”

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