August is the peak of summer, hot and rainy.

The day was gloomy, and there was a feeling of a storm coming.

The English teacher is playing a listening session.
Cheng Yin’s heart seems to be hanged on things, and it is rare that she is not hypnotized.

But her desk mate was sleeping well.

As the class draws to its end, Cheng Yin becomes more nervous.

This year, Cheng’s father and mother were transferred to another job and were not at home, so the matter of taking care of Cheng Yin fell on Cheng Sheng, who is a postgraduate student at a local school.
Of course, the pocket money given to Cheng Yin was first given to Cheng Sheng, and then he sent it to Cheng Yin on time.

So now Cheng Sheng holds the economic vitality of Cheng Yin.

Cheng Yin was anxious for an entire class, one moment changing the score on the test paper, and the next moment sighing.

    The English teacher finally couldn’t stand it and shouted with a black face, “Cheng Yin!”

    Cheng Yin subconsciously stood up and looked at the English teacher in fear.

The blackboard reads, “Also unclear is why Microsoft has gone it alone.”
The English teacher asked, “Come answer, why is the predicate verb in this sentence is before the subject?”

    Cheng Yin opened her mouth and looked at the blackboard with a dumbfounded look.

    What the hell is this?

    The English teacher knew she couldn’t answer, and naturally, her bitter words couldn’t be suppressed.

“It’s your senior year and you still don’t know what you should do.
I think you still want to see me next September, don’t you?”

    “No, no, no.” Cheng Yin said, “Teacher, I don’t want to see you.”

    After a short period of silence, the classroom burst into laughter.

Cheng Yin realized that her mouth was slipping and said again, “No, no, teacher, I didn’t mean that.
I like you.”

The English teacher was completely lost.

Cheng Yin, this girl, how to say it, good-looking, well-behaved, and her mouth is very sweet, often saw her smile and praise her, but she does not focus on her studies.

    English teacher sighed, “Sit down.”
  When Cheng Yin sat down, she found that Chen Yan had woken up and was staring at her.

“A person who is only a bit worse than the Study Guides also has questions she doesn’t know?”

Cheng Yin didn’t blush after being scolded by the teacher, but now she blushed at Chen Yan’s deep and muffled voice.

    “I was just thinking about something.
I didn’t hear what the teacher said.”

“Really ……” Chen Yan asked in a low voice, “Thinking about what?”

    Cheng Yin saw Cheng Sheng coming out of Zhang Yuehai’s office through the window.

    Although it was raining outside, she could feel the anger in Cheng Sheng’s body.
It’s over, it’s over.

Cheng Yin’s heartbeat sped up steeply, looking back at Chen Yan’s half-squinted eyes.
Her heartbeat was almost stopped.

How do these two men actually make her heart beat faster?

Seeing Cheng Yin did not speak, but her face was red, Chen Yan’s interest suddenly rose, said: “Tell me, maybe I can help.”

    Cheng Yin felt as if she had met a savior.

    Cheng Sheng is twenty-three years old, Chen Yan is also twenty-three years old.

    Cheng Sheng is an outstanding student, and gentle, while Chen Yan does not look like a good student.

    Since ancient times, good students can’t beat bad students.
She became quiet and lowered her voice and said, “Classmate, since we’re both desk mates, can you cover me?”

Chen Yan tilted his head, and his tone was soft, but his expression was serious.

    “How to cover?”

    The bell rang.

    It’s the last class of the morning.
The students in the class were hungry, and they all ran to the canteen like hungry wolves.

In such a noisy environment, Chen Yan quietly looked at Cheng Yin, said pleasantly: “No fighting, my legs were broken, and only recovered recently.”

“No, not a fight.”
Cheng Yin wrote the second half of that essay during her final exam last semester, and she had long forgotten what she had written.

“When someone is looking for me for trouble later, can you call me away under the pretext? If he does not let me go, can you take me away by force?”

    As soon as the words fell, a crisp voice rang out from the back door of the classroom.

    “Cheng Yin, you come out for a moment.”

    Cheng Yin was flabbergasted, stood up warily and walked outside.

    “It’s over, it’s over.”

    She passed a look to Chen Yan, but Chen Yan sat peacefully, with no intention of acting at all.
Fine, how can she believe that a person who failed the college entrance examination for five years can protect her?

When they reached the door, Cheng Yin smiled sweetly: “Brother, it’s raining outside, you didn’t get wet, right? Don’t catch a cold when you get back.”

    Cheng Sheng pursed his lips, pressed his anger and turned towards the corner of the corridor.

    “You come with me.”

Cheng Yin bowed her head and followed Cheng Sheng to the corner where there was nobody.

“Very good, Cheng Yin, got a three hundred and sixty-six, the number is quite auspicious.”

    Cheng Yin whispered: “It’s three hundred and seventy-six.”

    Cheng Yin’s words completely ignited Cheng Sheng’s anger.
“You’re quite proud of yourself, aren’t you? You are not good at studying, you are not good at art, and you practice fencing for three days and two days for fishing.
You know nothing else but eating, drinking and playing? If you had put some thought into your studies, you wouldn’t have gotten such a low score, even if you used your toes to think!”

    When Cheng Sheng said this, he did not expect that there would be several students passing by, and they were all overheard.

They looked back at Cheng Yin for a while.

    Although Cheng Yin is not good at studying, but with her looks she is quite famous in the Third High.

    When people stared at her, her eyes immediately turned red.

Cheng Sheng does not want to scold his sister in front of others.
It was purely an accident.

But Cheng Yin cannot appreciate his brother, only feel aggrieved.
 “Yes, yes, yes, I am not as smart as you and not as capable as you, so I can’t do anything right!” Cheng Yin cried and said, “I just can’t understand what the teacher is saying! I can’t memorize the vocabulary, and I can’t figure out the formulas! Who told Mom and Dad to give you their IQ alone?”

Cheng Sheng was thinking of letting it go, but when he heard Cheng Yin talk back, his anger was resumed.

“Do you never look for reasons from yourself? How come I have such a sister as you? No one would believe that we are biological!”

“I look for it! I’m stupid, I’m stupid, I’m not worthy of being your sister, okay?”

    Cheng Sheng was furious and laughed.
“You can be the sister of whoever you like!”

    At that moment, Chen Yan came out of the classroom.
 Cheng Yin heard footsteps and thought another classmate was coming over.
Once she saw it was Chen Yan, she immediately walked towards him.


Chen Yan’s footsteps stopped.


Cheng Yin wiped a tear, hiding behind Chen Yan, and looked at Cheng Sheng.

    “Even if you want to beat me to death today, step over my brother’s corpse first!”

    Cheng Sheng: “?”

    Chen Yan: “Huh?”
Cheng Sheng suddenly became quiet.

    The moment he saw Chen Yan, he touched his face and wondered if Cheng Yin had found her actual brother.

What’s even more irritating is that Cheng Yin pulled Chen Yan’s sleeve and said blankly, “This is the person who wants to get me in trouble, brother.”

Chen Yan laughed and made a gesture to shield Cheng Yin behind him, saying without hurry, “Brother, my family’s girl is still young.
Don’t bother with her.”

    Cheng Sheng: “……”

Your family’s girl?
Your family?
 Cheng Sheng only treats Chen Yan as a high school student, not bothering to pay attention to him.

Turning his head and walking away, Cheng Sheng saw that the rain was getting heavier and turned around to throw the umbrella in his hand to Cheng Yin.

    “Cheng Yin, you take care of yourself.”

Cheng Sheng’s figure disappeared in the building’s corner before Chen Yan asked, “That is the person who wants to find you trouble?”

    Cheng Yin nodded: “Mm.”
Chen Yan looked at the umbrella in her hand and already understood that this little girl was using him as a shield.

“Little girl, you’re lying to me?”

He sounded flirtatious, and the end of his voice fell gently, making Cheng Yin both weak and blushing.

Her eyes darted around and intentionally pulled away from the topic.

    “You said today that your legs were broken.
What happened?”

    Chen Yan looked at the rainy sky outside the corridor and said carelessly, “Car accident.”

The little girl had just cried, and her voice still carried a sobbing accent, light and soft.

    “So tragic? So have you recovered now?”

Chen Yan wanted to stop here, but when he looked down and saw her looking at his legs, sad as the Bodhisattva.
He played along and said, “I tried hard to recover.
The doctor said it was a miracle.”

Cheng Yin can not even remember what she wrote a week ago.
How can she remember last semester’s test papers, “Does it affect your normal life?”

Chen Yan leaned against the wall, hiding in the shadows.
Cheng Yin simply could not see his wicked smile.

“Not affected, I can run and jump, maybe I can also go to an Olympic.”

    The next second, Cheng Yin looked up at him with disgust.
“Wake up! You should pass the university entrance exam first.”

    Chen Yan: “……”

    Cheng Yin felt as if she had inadvertently poked someone’s sore spot and killed the conversation, so she turned the topic away stiffly.

    “Aren’t you going to the cafeteria to eat yet?”

    Chen Yan lazily looked downstairs.
It was raining, everyone was holding an umbrella, and it looked more crowded.

“No, I’m going home to eat.”

Cheng Yin almost asked if he was still coming in the afternoon.
However, she felt that if she asked this, Chen Yan would feel as if she was looking forward to his arrival in class.

Xie Ying was already waiting impatiently, standing at the door of the classroom and looking at her.

    So Cheng Yin just shoved the umbrella to Chen Yan.

    “Then be careful on your way home.”

Chen Yan didn’t have a chance to give the umbrella back to her, and saw the little girl running in a dash.

    Chen Yan went downstairs and looked up.
The rain was really heavy.

He opened the umbrella and walked out of the school at a brisk pace.

Chen Yan parked his car in an empty lot outside the school when he came in the morning.
This area is not yet developed, and many people park their cars here temporarily.

    This “many people”, also includes Cheng Sheng.

Cheng Sheng just drove out and stopped at the traffic light when he saw a familiar person, holding a familiar umbrella, walking slowly past his car.

    Cheng Sheng: “……”

It’s over, it’s going to rain, my sister is about to get married.

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