chapter 41

The 36th Whisper
Didn’t see him for half a year, he didn’t seem to change at all; he didn’t even get tanned.
There’s just a brief shadow of stubble on his chin.
    It was exactly the same as she remembered.
    “Why did you come looking for me without telling me in advance?” Chen Yan saw her frozen, went up and unscrewed the lid of the jasmine green tea and handed it to her.
“What if you got lost on the way?”
    Cheng Yin slowly came back to her senses, holding the bottle and taking a small sip.
    “Who said I was here to find you?”
    “Really?” Chen Yan raised his chin towards her, showing her to follow him out.
“Then who are you looking for?”
Cheng Yin followed behind Chen Yan, and said with a straight face, “I’m here for shopping!”
As soon as the words fell, the door of the convenience store opened automatically, and as far as the eye could see, there was nothing but a deserted road, with few cars, and occasionally one or two birds fluttering twice to bring up a dust.
    Chen Yan looked back, eyes full of smiles, asked: “Shopping?”
On the way, Cheng Yin learned that Chen Yan had just come out of the training center.
After three months of closed training, he had three days off, and there would be a match right after.
    So now Chen Yan decided to take Cheng Yin to have dinner, and then send her back to school.
He no longer asked Cheng Yin why she came here, Cheng Yin considered herself to be passed through.
“So where are you going to compete?” Cheng Yin asked, “Is it right here?”
    “Going out of town.” Chen Yan slowed down, waiting for Cheng Yin to follow.
“I want to go back to the dormitory first to take a shower.
You wait for me here or go over with me?”
“I ……” Cheng Yin wanted to follow, but was too embarrassed to say it, “Do you have the heart to leave me in this place?”
Chen Yan looked at her with a smirk.
“Can’t help it, didn’t you here to shop? Take a walk more.”
    Cheng Yin: “……”
    What a way to lift a stone and smash your own feet.
    She had an idea, looked at the sports bag in Chen Yan’s hand, pounced on it and said, “You are very tired, right? Let me help you carry the bag!”
    She took hold of the bag’s handle and shook it twice, signaling Chen Yan to let go.
  But when Chen Yan really let go, she almost smash her own feet again.
    She suspected that Chen Yan had packed twenty jins of bones in the bag, otherwise how could it be so heavy?
But Chen Yan’s be like “you will not help me carry the bag?”
    Cheng Yin gritted her teeth.
A big man can bend and stretch, not to mention yielding to a dog.
    She carried the bag, which was almost as heavy as her suitcase, and followed Chen Yan all the way to the elevator of the dormitory building.
“Hoo ……” Cheng Yin put the bag on the ground, took a long breath, “I was exhausted.
You usually have nothing to do.
What is the use of carrying so many things, ah?”

“Nothing much, it’s ……” he slowly turned back and smiled narrowly, “Teach you, so you don’t have a hard mouth.”
Cheng Yin laughed dryly twice: “What are you saying? I can not understand.”
The elevator suddenly sounded, the door opened and came in a man dressed in black.
“Hey, Chen Yan, you’re still there, huh?” The man in black clothes called Ren Zeyu, who is Chen Yan’s senior brother, “Dinner together tonight?”
    After saying that, he glanced at Cheng Yin on the side again.
In this training center dormitory building, everyone is an acquaintance, so the moment a stranger appears, it is obvious.
    He asked Chen Yan, “Your girlfriend?”
Hearing these three words, Cheng Yin’s antenna was tingling.
She glanced at Chen Yan’s gaze that seemed abnormal, so she immediately waved her hand and said, “No, no, I’m not.”
    Ren Zeyu smiled and apologized to Cheng Yin: “Sorry for the misunderstanding.”
Cheng Yin shook her head with a dry smile, thinking that it was actually nothing for you to misunderstand.
    Ren Zeyu said again to Chen Yan: “Last time I heard people say you have a girlfriend, I thought it was her.”
    Cheng Yin’s face changed, the smile froze on her face, looking up at Chen Yan.
    When the elevator arrived and the door opened, Chen Yan took his bag and walked out, saying, “The one last time was not my girlfriend.”
    Cheng Yin followed him out.
    The corridor of the dormitory was quiet.
Chen Yan walked to a room, took out the key, and opened the door.
This dormitory is not big, only a bed and a set of tables and chairs, and a closet on the side.
  Chen Yan turned on the light, put the bag on the floor, pointed to the table and chairs and said, “You sit for a while, I’m going to take a shower.”
Cheng Yin nodded, watching Chen Yan take out clothes before going into the bathroom.
Cheng Yin nervously asked, “That …… you really have a girlfriend?”
“I already said no.” Chen Yan frowned unhappily, “Last time it was my coach’s daughter who came to pick him up, I went out and said a few words, they didn’t really see and thought she was coming for me.”
Although Cheng Yin did not know why he said in such detail, but she was relieved.
“You go take a shower now.”
    Chen Yan took the clothes into the bathroom, not long after the sound of water rang out inside.
    Cheng Yin sat still and was too embarrassed to look around.
Her eyes could only glance at the table.
Actually, the table was empty.
There were only some chargers and a lamp on it.
    And under the lamp lay a pink envelope.
    Cheng Yin’s heartbeat suddenly sped up.
He brought this letter, and he also opened it.

Cheng Yin is extremely sure that he opened it.
    The pink wax glue at the seal was cut open.
    She secretly took it out and pulled out the letter inside to look.
    That’s right, it’s a love letter she wrote.
    Chen Yan had really read it.
    Cheng Yin suddenly felt that it was really meaningless to pretend for so long today.
He knew everything, and she still insisted that she was here to “shop”, so it’s no fun.
    In the half hour that Chen Yan took a shower, Cheng Yin’s psychological journey went through a great difficulty, a great opening and closing.
    Anyway, Chen Yan is very clear about her mind, then she is not pretentious.
If you like people, you have to look like you like them, and if Chen Yan accepts her confession, he will naturally respond.
If he is still reluctant, then consider that he politely refused it.
The moment Chen Yan came out of the shower, Cheng Yin suddenly smiled and said, “You’re out!”
    Chen Yan obviously does not know what is Cheng Yin playing, and he leaned against the wall with an electric shaver and looked at her.
He lifted his chin and his razor slowly wandered around the edge of his jaw, several times about to touch his Adam apples, but then quietly avoided it.
    Cheng Yin felt that Chen Yan had decided to seduce her after reading that letter.
    “What do you want to eat later?”
    Cheng Yin narrowed her eyes and smiled: “Anything is fine, listen to you.”
    The razor in Chen Yan’s hand shook, almost hurting his flesh.
    He looked at Cheng Yin up and down, and only after a long time did he slowly say, “Then let’s go eat steak.”
Chen Yan took Cheng Yin to the mall near her school to eat.
Since today is Friday, there are queues at many stores, and there are more than a dozen tables in front of Chen Yan when he gets the number, so they have to wait half an hour.
“Stroll for a while?” Chen Yan asked.
    Cheng Yin nodded, her legs already stepping towards the milk tea store.
    “I want a cup of red bean milk tea.” She turned her head to Chen Yan.
“What about you?”
Chen Yan did not look at the menu screen overhead, seems to be not interested, so the shopkeeper promptly said, “Today, the second cup is half price oh.”
    Hearing the words “second cup half price”, Cheng Yin’s eyes lit up!
She can have her second cup half price too!

“What flavor do you want?”
    Cheng Yin asked.
    Chen Yan casually glanced at the menu and said, “Pudding.”
Cheng Yin immediately turned her head and said excitedly, “Two cups, two cups! One cup of red beans and one cup of pudding.”
    The shopkeeper quickly made the milk tea, Cheng Yin and Chen Yan each took a cup.
    Cheng Yin inserted the straw and took a sip, looked back at Chen Yan, “Why don’t you drink, ah?”
    Chen Ren slowly inserted the straw and looked at Cheng Yin.
“Is it good?”
    “Yes.” Cheng Yin thought of something and asked carefully, “I want to try yours.”
    Chen Yan directly handed the milk tea to her mouth.
    Cheng Yin lowered her head and took the straw.
    Although the taste was similar, she felt it was just sweeter than her cup.
At this angle, Chen Yan could see her long eyelashes fluttering slightly, and the tip of her nose was seeping with two drops of sweat.
    Cheng Yin licked the corner of her lips, her voice getting smaller.
“Do you want to try this?”
    Chen Yan shook the milk tea in his hand and shook his head.
    “Oh ……”
Cheng Yin felt her heart had cooled halfway, hanging her head and walking forward.
    Chen Yan took two steps to catch up with her.
“I can’t eat anything outside lately.”
    So that’s how it is.
    Cheng Yin understood that they usually could not eat outside food before the competition.
  Not that he was unwilling to share a cup of milk tea with her.
    Cheng Yin suddenly thought of something and jerked to a halt, asking in surprise, “So you still brought me out to eat?”
    Chen Yan reached out to wipe away the milk tea stains from the corner of her mouth.
    When his fingertips touched her skin, Cheng Yin felt itchy and a little shy, so she couldn’t help but incline her head.
    This tilt brought Chen Yan’s finger to her lips.
    The warm and delicate lips are like feathers scraping across the fingertips, crispy and itchy, straight to the heart.
“I’m watching you eat.
Don’t blame me for not growing taller.”
“I am almost nineteen years old.
I will not grow anymore!”
 In the half hour of waiting, Cheng Yin and Chen Yan walked around.
She said a lot of things, the big and small things in the past six months to Chen Yan.

When they arrived at the restaurant, Cheng Yin was too embarrassed to order much, so she just ordered a steak, borscht soup and an after-dinner ice cream.
    When the steak came up, Cheng Yin’s borscht soup was not finished yet.
    Chen Yan brought the steak in front of her to himself, picked up a knife and fork, and cut the beef.
    “Aren’t you not allowed to eat it?”
    Cheng Yin asked.
“Stupid.” Chen Yan slowly and methodically cut the beef into small pieces and piled them aside.
“I’m cutting it for you.”
 Cheng Yin put down the soup spoon, cupped her chin and looked at Chen Yan’s hand.
    Well-boned, slender and white, his whole body seems to be very good-looking.
    These hands, which were holding a heavy sword to reign in the arena, were actually cutting beef for her.
Cheng Yin felt like she had been treated by her boyfriend!
    “Chen Yan, that letter I gave you.
Did you read it?”
Speaking of this-
Chen Yan raised his eyes and met Cheng Yin eyes to eyes.
    “I originally thought that you sent me a love letter.”
    Cheng Yin opened her mouth and said, “That- “
    “As a result, you actually wrote a letter to scold me.”
He recalled how he felt when he opened that letter and literally cried and laughed.
 I’ve heard that dogs can’t eat chocolate.
 Can’t eat onions either, it seems.
 The bones they like are nutritious, though.
 You’re welcome to come and play at my house.
 You will have an endless supply of bones to eat.
    Cheng Yin: “……”
    Suddenly, she was not even in the mood to eat beef.
Can’t Chen Yan see it is a hidden poem?
T/N = the original poem it’s like this:
我(wo) 听说狗不能吃巧克力,
好(hao) 像也不能吃洋葱。
喜(xi) 欢的骨头倒是营养丰富。
欢(huan) 迎你来我家玩,
你(ni) 会有吃不完的的骨头
我好喜欢你 (wo hao xi huan ni)= I like you so much

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