chapter 40

The 35th Whisper
Chen Yan has been gone for a week, Cheng Yin feels as if it is okay, and there is nothing different in her life.
Every day she study, eats meals, does endless papers, memorizes words, and the teachers are always striving for time, so there is no time to think about the east and west.
And it’s more convenient to have a free seat next to her.
    At the end of January, it snowed for the first time this year.
Third High school is having the evening study, and suddenly the building is noisy.
    It was Nie Nan who was the first to look out the window.
    “It’s snowing!”
The classroom immediately bustled with excitement.
    It hadn’t snowed in this southern city in three years.
The students were so excited that the teacher shouted “quiet” a few times, but to no avail, so the teacher smiled and beckoned everyone downstairs to play in the snow.
    Once there is a leader in this kind of thing, the others can’t stop it.
In a short while, the entire senior class appeared downstairs, everyone chasing and playing in the snow, picking at the pathetic snow on the leaves, and saved little by little into a fist-sized snowball to smash people.
Cheng Yin did not want to move and did not go to touch the snow.
    Dong Zheng suddenly called out to her from behind.
Cheng Yin turned around, and Dong Zheng smashed a snowball in her face.
‘Pop’ impartially smashed Cheng Yin’s face.
    Cheng Yin: “……”
    “Dong Zheng you crazy ah!!!”
She lunged forward to return the favor, not long after Xie Ying and others also followed, and soon turned into a chase war.
    The snow is getting heavier, like goose feathers, making it easier for everyone to have a snowball fight.
    It was only when the bell rang everyone went back to pack their bags and prepare to go home.
    Cheng Yin stood in the corridor outside the classroom to shake the snow off her clothes.
She suddenly felt it would be nice to have Chen Yan around, ah.
If Chen Yan was here, she certainly wouldn’t have been beaten so badly by the snowball today.
    Cheng Yin is holding her school bag and slowly walking out.
    The winter holidays are over in a flash, and there are only three days before New Year’s Eve.
    The time is tight in the senior year, and the winter break is only ten days.
When she got the final result of the end semester, Cheng Yin immediately took a picture of the score and sent it to Chen Yan.
    “Your gold medal is definitely mine.”
She progressed a lot, got to the nineteenth place in the class and entered the top 300.
But other than this time, Cheng Yin rarely sends messages to Chen Yan.
Cheng Yin knows he is very busy, so she rarely dares to contact him for fear of disturbing him.
During the Spring Festival, Cheng Yin’s father only took her to two or three relatives, but also visited the sick Wang Huiyun.
In the blink of an eye, it took several days, and the day of the school began.
    This year, the Spring Festival came, and it was the end of February when school started.
The weeds of the school path are the most luxuriant flowers, and Cheng Yin picked a few of them and put it in her pencil bag when she went to the store to buy snacks.

    The countdown calendar in front of the classroom is getting thinner, like an invisible hand pushing everyone forward.
Even Dong Zheng and the others have opened small classrooms, because they have heard that there are also fractions of marks for specialists.
The boys in the class no longer seize the ten minutes after class to run out and play ball, as the weather gets warmer and the classroom is becoming stuffy.
Later, some people gave up the lunch break at noon and did questions.
Zhao Weilin also often came over to find Cheng Yin, and listen to Xie Ying together with her.
The day of the Centennial Conference, Xie Changxing switched to Chen Yan’s seat.
Originally, Cheng Yin was reluctant, but Xie Changxing said that the front row of the air conditioning blowing against him, which gave him a headache, and Cheng Yin had to agree.
The first and second place in the class sitting next to her was quite stressful.
Especially Xie Changxing has been working very hard lately, and his scores have a tendency to catch up with Xie Ying’s.
Every time there’s only a few points difference between the major and minor exams.
Each time they fight like a tournament, sometimes for a question they can argue for a whole session, Cheng Yin will be in the middle and secretly write their solutions, and sometimes it’s too fast and tell them to say it slower, and the two are pissed off.
    In May, the teacher stopped attending classes and let students study on their own.
Cheng Yin organized all the exercises and test papers she had done this year.
She used fifteen binders, sorted and organized in the drawer.
If it takes to weight, there must be several jins.
Cheng Yin never dreamed that she could do so many papers in a year, probably because of Chen Yan’s phrase “you deserve it”.
She doesn’t know if she was worthy, but these papers are definitely worthy of the gold medal of Chen Yan’s.
    Ten days later, Cheng Yin apprehensively went to the examination room.
    Because of the different distribution of exam rooms, almost all the people in the classroom were people she was not familiar with, and the tension increased layer by layer.
Like every exam, the essay questions were first given on the language paper.
There are several pages of test papers, Cheng Yin brushed up to the last page.
After the long statement of the topic, there is a concise and clear requirement.
Please use “idols” as the theme of the article and reflect your understanding and thoughts according to your identity and circumstances.
Besides Cheng Yin, probably the entire third grade would have cried for joy.
Who would have thought that the last final exam’s question a year ago would get picked up?
    However, Cheng Yin was unexpectedly calm.
    She did it faster than usual, leaving a long time for the essay at the end.
She held the pen and dazed for a while before slowly writing the first line of the title.
— My Idol Chen Yan
    “My idol, Chen Yan, is a fencer.
He won the national championship in the junior division at thirteen, topped the Asian Games at seventeen, and got the World Cup championship at nineteen.
But when he was twenty years old, he failed to reach the quarterfinals of the championship and was dormant for a long time.
When everyone thought he would fall down, he reappeared in the public eye, winning the championship in one fell swoop, and everyone said he was a genius.”
The exam room was so quiet that there was only the sound of the pen tip scratching on the paper, which was the most calming sound ever.
The time for the exam flew by the fastest, as if the teacher had only just handed over the test paper and already reminded the time.
    Cheng Yin looked up at the time above the blackboard.
There are still fifteen minutes.
She had to leave ten minutes to check the paper, and luckily, the essay only had the finishing touches left at the moment.
Zhang Yuehai often says that the ending of the essay should be sensational, but not excessively sensational.
Cheng Yin rushed to fill in the last few lines.
    “A flower, because of the spring breeze and bloom; a leaf, because of the autumn and dyed red.
Flowers and plants will change because of the outside world, but I will always love Chen Yan.
I hope that all the spring flowers he sees are bright and all the autumn leaves are red.
I wish I could follow in his footsteps and see the spring flowers and autumn leaves with him.”
The moment Cheng Yin wrote, she seemed to be relieved of a burden.
It’s not about the exam, but it’s about the words she didn’t write in her love letter.
Finally, there’s a place to put it.
    Ten minutes later, Cheng Yin calmly got up and left the classroom.

After the first trial examination, everyone seems to have figured out the difficulty of this year’s exam.
  The afternoon after the exam, Cheng Yin walked out of the exam room and saw her father and Cheng Sheng waiting for her at the door.
Everything has been settled, Cheng Yin thought.
Even if she did not get into Jinzhou University, she will not return that gold medal to Chen Yan.
    As soon as she walked out of the school, her mother’s phone call came.
    The next step was aunts and uncles.
    The relatives at home are calling Cheng Yin one by one as if they are lined up.
    In the evening, Class 5 immediately organized a break-up dinner.
    The teachers were there and drank with the students.
Her father instructed Cheng Yin not to drink before she left home.
She did as she was told and only drank a few glasses of juice.
  By ten o’clock at night, everyone had to transfer to KTV.
    Cheng Yin and several classmates stood together at the roadside, waiting for a cab.
The evening breeze of the summer night was stuffy, pedestrians were in a hurry, only they, a group of people who had just finished their college entrance exams, were relaxed, like walking in the park.
    Cheng Yin casually glanced twice and found Xie Changxing and Xie Ying standing in the corner talking.
    Although she can’t hear the specific content, but Cheng Yin can guess.
It was always said that Xie Changxing liked Cheng Yin, and he would go to her when he had nothing to do but ‘like’ this kind of thing.
It should be very obvious, but Cheng Yin could not feel it.
It wasn’t until Xie Changxing became her new desk mate she realized that, ah, intoxication was not the answer.
    Xie Changxing and Xie Ying talked for a while until several cabs stopped one after another.
    The two got into separate cars, and Xie Ying and Cheng Yin sat together.
    “How was it?” Cheng Yin asked.
    Xie Ying played dumb and said, “How about what?”
“Tsk.” Cheng Yin looked away, “Forget it if you won’t say.”
When they arrived at the KTV, Xie Changxing was the first to pick up a glass of wine.
Everyone is excited, a group of people quickly become enthusiastic again.
 Cheng Yin sat in the corner singing, occasionally glancing at her phone.
    Why hasn’t Chen Yan called her yet ……
    Is it because the training is not over yet?
    Just thinking, the phone on the table rang.
Cheng Yin was anxious and ran out of the room with the phone.
    Cheng Yin nodded: “Yes.”
Chen Yan didn’t ask too much and said, “Why didn’t you call me after the exam?”
    Cheng Yin said sullenly, “I thought you would call me.”
 “I called.”
“Too busy, can’t get in.”
    Cheng Yin leaned against the wall and laughed, and Chen Yan asked again, “How did you do on the exam?”

    “Not bad.”
    “What school are you going to apply for?”
    “The scores are not out yet, I don’t know.”
    Cheng Yin asked in a low voice, “That letter, have you read it?”
    “I just finished training, I haven’t read it yet.”
    “Oh ……”
   “When are the results coming out?”
    “Next month.”
    Chen Yan’s end was silent for a while and said, “I have to start closed training for three months next week, and I have to hand over my cell phone.”
    For a long time, Cheng Yin only made an “Oh” sound.
    How come she just got out of the gate and Chen Yan was going to close the gate again?
    After three months, she should report to the university.
    “What’s wrong?”
“Send me a message when you’ve been accepted.
I’ll be able to see it.”
“Got it.”
    Cheng Yin heard someone on the other end of the phone call Chen Yan, and she hurriedly hung up the phone.
    The end of June was the day when the results of the college entrance exam were released.
    The whole family was in front of the computer refreshing the web page repeatedly, and when the number popped up, Cheng Yin’s mom and dad were even more excited than she was.
583, 25 points higher than the threshold.
Cheng Yin’s heart was really relieved at that moment.
She has already memorized the previous year’s score line at Jinzhou University.
If there is no problem, her score can apply to a less popular major in this university.
Cheng Sheng appeared calm, but in his heart, he quickly added up Cheng Yin’s scores to verify the total score.
The calculated score and the displayed score are the same.
Cheng Sheng finally smiled, he patted the back of Cheng Yin’s head and said, “It’s real, now there’s no doubt.”
Cheng Yin, unusually not annoyed, smiling at him.
    “Although I can’t get into the top class, but I can’t lose the face of our top class family yet, not to mention that the family also produced a doctor.”
    “Then which school do you plan to study?” Cheng Sheng said, “I think Foreign Language University is good, it’s nearby, and the score is also suitable.”
    Cheng Yin said without thinking, “I want to study at Jinzhou University!”
Not only Cheng Sheng but also her mother and father looked at her in surprise.
    “Why? Jinzhou is far away!”
 Cheng Yin justifiably said, “Isn’t my brother also going to Jinzhou to study for his doctorate? I’ll be able to take care of him, too.”
    “Tell me honestly if you have an ulterior motive?” Cheng Sheng asked, “Didn’t you say last year that you wanted to go to a place far away from me?”
    Cheng Yin said seriously, “At that time, I was young and did not know what to do, but now my score can go to Jinzhou University.
Of course, I want to go with you.”
    “All right.” Cheng Sheng stroked her head.
“It looks like you’re going to annoy me for a few more years.”
    So, the others did not object.
Cheng Yin’s mom and dad were not the ones who would force her, and since she liked Jinzhou, they let her go there.

    Cheng Yin finally enrolled in the journalism program at Jinzhou University.
What is worth celebrating is that Xie Ying also went to study at Jinzhou, and in the same school as Cheng Sheng.
“Then it will be convenient for us to meet in the future!”
    In the ice cream store, Cheng Yin shouted happily, “And we’re not far away! I’ve seen it.
The subway is five or six stops away!”
    Xie Ying smiled and said, “Ugh, it looks like you’ll be bugging me for a few more years.”
    At that moment, Zhao Weilin came back with ice cream.
“I’m not far from you guys.
I’m in the next city, and I’ll be there in half an hour by high-speed train.”
This year, Zhao Weilin finally passed the undergraduate program as he had hoped.
Although it was not an excellent school, but he could finally get rid of the title of “nail-man” and enrolled in the food science program.
The four people who are tired of being together every day for the past six months, three of them are studying in neighbouring places, and only Xie Changxing has gone to the far, far north.
    At the beginning of September, it was Cheng Yin’s reporting day.
Before that, she went to the hairdresser to get a curly hair perm and stepped on the height meter, and found that she had grown two centimeters taller.
    Finally broke the 16.5 mark!
    Cheng Sheng was called to school by her boss in August to enter the laboratory, and Cheng Yin’s mother and father wanted to take time off to send her to Jinzhou, but Cheng Yin gave a strict refusal.
    She went to the airport alone, dragging her suitcase, and got on the plane.
After arriving in Jinzhou, it was Cheng Sheng who picked her up and dropped her off at school.
Cheng Sheng has never been an attentive person, accompanied her through the admissions process and left.
The other three girls in the dorm got along very well.
They met less than two days ago and went to a dinner together.
Soon it was military training, which lasted for half a month, and Cheng Yin was almost tanned off a layer of skin.
    The day seems to be particularly full, but Cheng Yin’s heart is always empty.
    How come Chen Yan is still not coming out from the training, ah?
In the end, did he read that letter?
When the military training was over, Cheng Yin finally couldn’t resist taking the subway to the training center.
She searched from the map, and didn’t know if it was right.
 The door was closed tightly, and no one was there.
Security uncle sitting in the air-conditioned room to take a nap.
Logically, if it is really closed training for three months, today they should be out ah.
Cheng Yin is full of disappointment, and the weather is hot, holding an umbrella and turned into the nearby convenience store.
Then she went into the convenience store and blew the air conditioner for a while.
Then she went to pick a drink.
    Perhaps this place is too remote.
There is not much in the convenience store.
The cashier is sitting playing with the phone.
 Cheng Yin took a bottle of iced jasmine green tea and walked to the counter to check out.
    She took out five dollars in cash and handed it to the cashier.
But the cashier refused and said, “A handsome man just paid for you.”
    Cheng Yin: “Huh?”
    The cashier looked at Cheng Yin’s dumbfounded look and let out a giggle.
“He said you are beautiful today.
Buy you a drink.”
    Then he pointed behind Cheng Yin.
“The handsome man is waiting for you there.”
    Cheng Yin turned around and saw Chen Yan carrying a sports bag and looking at her with a smile.

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