Chapter 3: What lesson is this?

Cheng Yin reacted and whispered, “Are you the transfer student?”

Chen Yan gave a “hmm”.

Cheng Yin turned her head in surprise and was about to say something when the class bell suddenly rang.

The class president silenced the class, but most of the students were curious about this new student who suddenly appeared in the classroom.
Especially the girls.
They carefully look back and talk like a bunch of fish in a pond, but they don’t dare to cause large disturbances.

Because everyone can feel that the new student’s features already shed his youthfulness, his body differed from the scrawny high school boys, revealing the muscular arms with the hormones of adult men.

This hormone, Cheng Yin felt deeper than other students.

She sat right next to Chen Yan.
The surrounding air seemed different, inexplicably making her feel a little nervous.
“What’s your name?” Cheng Yin asked.

Chen Yan glanced at her and was about to speak when Zhang Yuehai walked into the classroom with his textbook in his hand.

He closed his mouth and looked at Zhang Yuehai, but felt the girl beside him darting her gaze at him.

Chen Yan turned his head.
Cheng Yin was sitting at the edge of her seat, completely unmoved.

Zhang Yuehai swept the classroom from the podium and fixed his gaze on Chen Yan.
He should have asked him to come up and introduce himself, but as soon as he thought of this man’s record, he backed out immediately.

He is the world champion, but was expelled from the national team.
Although the reason is unknown, the principal vaguely revealed that it is a personal matter, though he was not a good person.

In that case, it is better to keep a low profile.

So Zhang Yuehai simply said at the podium that a new student had come and then told everyone to turn the textbook and start lecturing.

A class passed.
During class, the students who came and went in the classroom could not help but look at the sleeping Chen Yan, but did not dare to speak and disturb him.

When the class just started, they had passed small notes around the class.

I heard that this new student is already twenty-three years old!

Xie Ying turned around a few times and borrowed correction fluid from Cheng Yin to tell her about it.

Coincidentally, the famous nail man in the third grade passed by the window, Xie Ying and Cheng Yin saw him, and both of them could not help but frown.

It seemed this one was also a nail man.
Cheng Yin sighed.

Sigh, such a handsome person.
How is it that his brain is so bad?

The class monitor Xie Changxing came over and stood next to Chen Yan, hesitated for a moment, and poked him in the arm.

“Student, teacher Zhang asked you to go to the logistics office to collect your school uniform during the recess.”

Chen Yan raised his head, his eyes sleepy, and nodded his head, and Xie Changxing immediately ran away.

Most of the students in this class are not yet adults and always carry an inexplicable timidity when facing a boy who is obviously a few years older.
Chen Yan kneaded his sore neck and caught Cheng Yin’s quickly retracted gaze from him.

Dodging like a thief.

Chen Yan smiled and said, “Classmate, lend me a pen.”

Cheng Yin said nothing, took out the pink water-based pen from the pen case, and put it on Chen Yan’s desk.

Chen Yan casually took out a new book, opened the first page, and wrote his name.
— Chen Yan.

Cheng Yin glanced at it, of course.

She looked up in surprise and said, “I know a person with the same name as you!”

Chen Yan propped his head on one hand and slightly lowered his face, causing Cheng Yin to see that his eyes were lazily upturned at this angle.

“Such a coincidence?”

The unintentional laziness in his eyes resembled the male protagonist on TV, who discovers a conversation routine.

Cheng Yin’s heart is very uncomfortable.

He said nothing when she asked him his name, and now he’s making it seem like she’s deliberately making conversation.
So Cheng Yin immediately beat it: “Oh, but he’s a world champion, not like you ……”

A laughing sound rang out next to her.

“How is he different from me?”

Cheng Yin held back a sentence for a long time: “Nothing.
If one year does not work, then there is another year.
You can learn from your brother by the same name.
He does not give up.”

Chen Yan leaned back, kicked his feet, and the stool retreated a bit.
The space under the table was only enough to accommodate a pair of his legs.

He looked at the back of Cheng Yin’s head, her fine soft hair combed into a simple ponytail, with a strawberry pin on it.
Thinking about that test paper yesterday, Chen Yan wondered where this girl got the strength to say such things.

He raised his eyebrows and asked, “How are you studying?”

Cheng Yin said in a warm voice: “Not bad, not bad.”

Chen Yan snorted lightly and was heard by Cheng Yin.

“What?” Cheng Yin said discontentedly, “Do I have a lousy student’s face?”

Chen Yan looked at her sideways and said carelessly, “I thought most pretty girls were bad at studying.”

A small ball of anger in her heart was extinguished, and she was very pleased with the underlying meaning of the statement.
“I’m actually doing just fine, a bit worse than the Study Guides.”

It was only about 300 points worse.

At night.

The doorbell at home rang, Chen Yan got up from the bed, looked at the monitor, and opened the door.

Ji Huaijin carried a pack of beer and leaned against the door, and smiled.

“I came to show concern for you.
How is high school life?”

Chen Yan ignored him and turned around to go back.

Ji Huaijin changed his shoes and followed him in.

Chen Yan sat on the sofa, resting his legs on the coffee table, and next to his feet were the takeout boxes that had not been cleaned up.

Ji Huaijin was also lazy to clean up, and swept the takeout box to the side, and then set up the beer he brought, handing a bottle to Chen Yan.

Chen Yan took it, holding the beer bottle in one hand and playing his phone with the other.

Ji Huaijin asked: “Let’s talk about it, after five years back in high school, how does it feel? Do you feel the girls are exceptionally cute?”
Chen Yan took a sip of beer and spilled out a sneer: “Every one of them gathered around after class and chattered.
The smell of spicy food is all over the classroom.
Do you want to try?”

Ji Huaijin thought and laughed with joy.

Chen Yan ignored him, put down the beer bottle and got up to go to the kitchen to get ice cubes.

Ji Huaijin saw a test paper on the coffee table and reached out to get it.

“Yo, senior year is different.
It’s only the first day of school and you’re doing test papers.”

He didn’t look carefully at the name on the side and was about to turn the page when Chen Yan in the kitchen suddenly said, “Put it down.”
Ji Huaijin looked up, “What?”

In the blink of an eye, Chen Yan had returned to Ji Huaijin and snatched away the test paper.

“Don’t move my stuff.”

Ji Huaijin froze, reacted and was overjoyed: “Chen Yan don’t think I didn’t know that you actually scored eighty-two in language, is Chinese still your native language? When you were in high school, you were number one in your grade! I still can’t forget the fear of being dominated by your total score, I didn’t expect you to forget it quickly, if our former teacher knew that you failed the language exam now, I wonder if he would be so angry that he would drink two bottles of white spirit?”

Chen Yan ignored him, put the test papers on the cabinet, saw the score and recalled Cheng Yin said ‘not bad,’ and did not know who gave her the courage.

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