Chapter 38

The 33rd Whisper

When Cheng Yin returned to the classroom, many people gathered around Xie Ying’s table to comfort her.

“It’s okay, it’s just one bad test.
Maybe you’re not in good condition.
Next time, you’ll definitely do well again.”

“Yes, even the teacher said you just slip up.
Don’t worry about it.”

“Maybe the questions are too easy this time, and you are thinking too deep.
Just relax next time.”

“Yeah, yeah, don’t be too upset, the teacher didn’t mention you, we all know your level, you see Xie Changxing also failed this time ah, it means that this kind of simple topic is not suitable for you top students, the college entrance examination must be difficult.”

Xie Ying, lying on the table, did not speak, but her shoulders keep shaking.
When everyone saw it was not working, they gradually dispersed.

Nie Nan turned around and winked at Cheng Yin, signaling her to comfort Xie Ying.

Cheng Yin reached out and tried to poke Xie Ying’s back, as usual.

When the fingertips touched Xie Ying’s clothes, Cheng Yin retracted her hand.


She also lies down.

It didn’t take long for class to start, and Zhang Yuehai walked in with his textbook in his hand.

He took the teaching stick, looked at Xie Ying first, and then his eyes flicked in Xie Changxing’s and their circle.

“That …… Zhang …… Wang Zhaozhao ah, you and Xie Ying change seats.”
When Cheng Yin heard the words, her face went pale.

She gritted her back teeth, trying to maintain a calm face.

Wang Zhaozhao is sitting behind Xie Changxing, and her desk mate is the biology representative in the class.

Wang Zhaozhao froze for a moment, but she also knows the situation and knew that the change of seat was probably related to the test results, so she casually cleaned up a little and got up.

But before she could go, Xie Ying suddenly raised her head and said, “I’m not changing.”

The classroom was silent for a moment.

Zhang Yuehai is also slightly down, staring at Xie Ying for a long time, but Xie Ying does not show the slightest fear.

“Nie Nan, you help her move her things.”
Nie Nan also feel difficult, slowly reach out, and sure enough, Xie Ying blocked it with a wave of her arm.

Nie Nan immediately withdrew his hand and looked at Zhang Yuehai with an innocent face.

Zhang Yuehai has guided Xie Ying for over two years, and has said nothing serious to her, and has never made things difficult for students on such trivial matters as seating.

But now he was in a difficult position.

“Don’t delay the class, hurry and change.
We’ll mark the test papers.”

“I’m not changing.” Xie Ying sat upright and held her chin high.
“I’ll sit in front of Cheng Yin.
No one can change my seat.”

The situation is deadlocked like this.
Zhang Yuehai has nothing to say.
“Suit yourselves.
Each one of you is really hard-winged.
Everyone bring out the test papers, and we’ll start by grading the poetry appreciation.”

The matter of changing seats passed in such a vague manner.

Originally, Zhang Yuehai was pestered by Xie Ying’s mother, but Xie Ying insisted not to change, and he did not want to force others.

After all, Cheng Yin’s academic performance has improved too much recently.
As for Xie Ying’s sudden regression, he has been a teacher for so many years; he knows what the reason is.

Cheng Yin, because of Xie Ying’s words, has been secretly raging deep inside.

She took advantage of the fact that Zhang Yuehai was facing the blackboard and poked Xie Ying’s back quietly.

Xie Ying stiffly turned around.
“What is it?”
Cheng Yin pulled out a packet of things, handed over and whispered, “Do you want to eat beef jerky, ah?”

Xie Ying froze for a moment and grabbed it quickly.

After a while, Zhang Yuehai was lecturing at the podium, and Cheng Yin saw Xie Ying in front of her, burying her head and quietly chewing beef jerky.

On Friday night, there was no evening study, so they went home after class.

When Cheng Yin walked to the stairway, Xie Ying caught up with her.

“Cheng Yin!”

“What’s wrong?”

“I’m going to accompany my grandfather to visit his dentist tomorrow morning.”

Cheng Yin didn’t understand what she meant by saying this suddenly.

“So I can’t come to your house tomorrow morning.
I’ll come to you in the afternoon.”

Cheng Yin originally wanted to ask her whether she feared her mother’s opinion, but she was touched in her heart beyond other feelings, so she answered in one breath.

“Okay, I’ll wait for you tomorrow.”

Once Cheng Yin got home, she dragged her nanny to the supermarket for two hours and bought a bunch of snacks and fruits, much more than what she had prepared in previous times.

However, the following afternoon, Xie Ying didn’t show up.

Cheng Yin was worried and nervous that Xie Ying’s mother would really not allow them to interact with each other in the future, so she did not dare to call Xie Ying, afraid to hear what she did not want to hear.
Looking at the cut apples all yellowed, Cheng Yin ate two pieces by herself, then lay on the bed to look at her phone.

She flipped through the WeChat list.
The conversation with Xie Ying was in the morning.
Xie Ying said she would arrive at 2pm, but it’s now 2:30.

Cheng Yin opened her keyboard several times to send messages, but she held back.

Cheng Yin scrolled down and saw the dialog box with Chen Yan.

She would like to talk to him for a while, but what reason to start a conversation?

How about asking him a question?

Forget it.
What if he really pressed her to do the test paper later?

What about sending an emoticon?
Cheng Yin pressed the emoticon button and a row of emoticons popped up below.

She is very good at collecting emojis.

But there were just too many, and she couldn’t find what to send.

She quickly swiped the list of emojis, and suddenly, the phone jammed for a moment.

She pressed the screen hard, then the phone resumed.
But an emoji had already spiked out with lightning speed.

Cheng Yin’s mind went blank for a moment.

That emoji, which she usually used when she asked Cheng Sheng for money –

Brother is sugar brother is medicine brother is my down jacket.jpg

And even the image is a flirty red-faced panda head!
She pressed withdraw quickly, but unfortunately it was too late.

Chen Yan sent a “?”

Cheng Yin: “……”

The atmosphere was silent for two seconds.
Cheng Yin did not know if it was too late to say that her number had been stolen.

But before she could think of an explanation, Chen Yan sent another message.

“What are you doing?”

Cheng Yin didn’t know if he was just asking her what she was doing or if he was referring specifically to that emoji.

But she voluntarily assumed it was the former.
“I’m resting.”

“Do you want to play a game?”


Two minutes later, Cheng Yin and Chen Yan formed a team and prepared to jump.

The two had their voices on, but Chen Yan didn’t mention about the emoji just now.

Great, forget about it.

Cheng Yin breathed a sigh of relief and finally opened the conversation.

“Hey, where are we going?”

Chen Yan did not speak.
Cheng Yin asked again, “Where are we going?”

Chen Yan laughed lightly.
“Hey? Just now, you called brother this brother that, and now you say, hey?”

Ah ah ah ah ah!

He indeed did not get past this thing!

Cheng Yin fell on the bed and flopped.

What to do ah!!!

The other side is still talking: “Where are you? How come you’re not making any noise? Didn’t you just call brother smoothly? Brother’s sugar, brother’s medicine, brother’s your down jacket.”

Cheng Yin sat up like a carp, with a red face, “I, I, I ……”
“Then call me brother again and I won’t bother with you.”

Cheng Yin closed her eyes, pinched her voice and shouted: “Brother brother brother brother brother brother ……”

“All right.” Chen Yan interrupted her, “Don’t scream, the old hen next door thinks you want to lay eggs together with it.”

Cheng Yin: “……”

Stinky man!

For the next few minutes, Cheng Yin did not say another word.
No matter how Chen Yan commanded at that end, she did as she was told, but just did not speak.

Suddenly, the door to the room was pushed open, and Xie Ying walked in with a big grin.
“Ah Yin, you ……”

When the words half way, she heard a familiar male voice, “Who are you talking to?”

Cheng Yin was startled, and immediately said, “my friends came, not playing anymore,” and then quickly turned off the phone.

“I’m playing a game with my friend.” Cheng Yin stood up and moved a few steps to the same place.

“Oh.” Xie Ying carelessly walked to the desk and put down her school bag.

Cheng Yin only now remembered the main thing.

“Why are you …… coming now? Is your mother ……”
Xie Ying talking while taking out the exercise book in the school bag: “I was halfway through and found that I forgot my cell phone, then I went home and didn’t find it, and almost turned the house upside down and found it in the toilet ……”

The hand holding the book suddenly paused.
She looked up.
“What did you say about my mother?”

Cheng Yin knew that she momentarily said the thoughts in her heart, but to explain seems to have been too late.

“I …… thought your mother wouldn’t let you come to me.”

“Teacher Zhang told you that?”

Cheng Yin shook her head: “Sorry, ah, I did not mean to eavesdrop on you guys.
I accidentally heard.”

Xie Ying was silent for a long time, and her eyes were red again.
“I’m sorry.
She knows nothing.
She’s always so conceited.”

“No, no!” Cheng Yin waved her hands continuously.
“I didn’t take it to heart.”

Xie Ying rubbed her eyes, sat down and took a few deep breaths.
“Forget it.
I don’t want to mention her.
Let’s study.”

Cheng Yin sat next to her, silently read the book for a while, couldn’t help but say, “So, you did poorly on the test this time.
What did your mother do?”

“What?” Xie Ying asked, “What kind of behavior?”

“It’s ……” Cheng Yin bit down on her pencil and said carefully, “Did she stay with you?”

Xie Ying’s tears, which she had originally held back, sprang back to her eyes suddenly.
She desperately tried to create an illusion, just hoping that her mother, who only knows how to make money, would look at her a few more times.

As a result, all she got was an unwarranted accusation against her friend, and the person went away on a business trip in a hurry that night.

In the end, Cheng Yin discovered this little thought of her, but her mother didn’t even find a hint.

This afternoon, Xie Ying and Cheng Yin did not do their homework.
The two lay in bed and talked all afternoon.
“I’m dying of sadness.
I always thought she was really too busy, but other people’s moms and dads are also busy, so why doesn’t she have time for me?” Xie Ying wiped her eyes, her voice was hoarse, “then I heard her talking to her friends on the phone, it turns out it was because I was too well behaved that she didn’t care about me.”

Cheng Yin nodded at the side, handing her food from time to time.

“My grandparents always say that my mother loves me.
There is no parent who does not love their children.
She is too busy to come back to see me, so that I should understand her more.
I think that is nonsense, not love is not love, where there are so many reasons, people’s mothers and fathers are so busy but know how to make a phone call every day, I do not believe that she does not even have time to make a phone call.”

Xie Ying wiped her tears and sobbed a few times, “I’ll tell you a secret.”
Cheng Yin put her ear over.

“I have figured it out.
I will also ignore her.
Once I go to university, I’ll work for myself to earn money.
I won’t spend a penny of her money in the future.
See how she still uses the excuse of making money to support me?”

Cheng Yin nodded in understanding, and did not know what the meaning of Xie Ying doing so in the end.

But no matter what, Xie Ying defied her mother’s orders and still wanted to be friends with her, which was enough to move her so much that she was in a mess.

Her best friend was Xie Ying, and if Xie Ying really broke up with her because of her mother’s words, she couldn’t imagine what kind of self-loathing she would be in.
“Then I’ll tell you a secret, too.” Cheng Yin grabbed the quilt, covered half of her face, and blinked at Xie Ying.

Xie Ying had enough of crying and started eating snacks.

“Hmm, say.”

“I, I …… I like Chen Yan.”

She looked at Xie Ying nervously.

Xie Ying expressionlessly “Oh”, suddenly realized that Cheng Yin seems to look at her.

So she immediately made a look of surprise.

“Wow! Oh my god! You actually like Chen Yan! So surprised! I couldn’t have imagined! You’re hiding it too well!”
Xie Ying feels as if her brain is missing a muscle.

Cheng Yin pulled up the quilt to cover her entire head and rolled around for a while before revealing her reddened face again.

“Don’t you say anything!”

“I promise.”

Xie Ying got into the blanket, got together with Cheng Yin and asked in a whisper, “Does he know you like him?”

“He knows, but he doesn’t know that I also know.”


“Oops, it’s like this ……”

Cheng Yin spent another two minutes messing around to make things clear, and it was hard for Xie Ying to understand.
“That’s not good.
Make it clear to him! If you don’t make it clear in advance, what if he applies for a university far away? Wouldn’t you have to have a long-distance relationship then? Do you want to have a long-distance relationship?”

“I don’t want to.”

“Then hurry and say it clearly!”

“Okay, okay.”

On Monday morning, Cheng Yin sat next to Chen Yan and was bumped by Xie Ying’s shoulder eighteen hundred times.

“Cough! Cough! Cough!”

Xie Ying made a series of suggestive sounds, and Cheng Yin held her face red, shaking her head over and over.
“What’s wrong with you?” Chen Yan looked up at Xie Ying, “The medical office on the right outside.”

Xie Ying glared at Cheng Yin and stopped paying attention to her.

Cheng Yin felt that Xie Ying was really standing and talk, only know the theory on paper, do not know how difficult it is to practice.

If the phrase “I like you” was so easy to say, why in the world would there be so many romance novels with a thousand twists and turns?

Chen Yan turned back and rubbed Cheng Yin’s head.

“And you, your face so red, do you have a fever?”

Cheng Yin shook off her head.
“You’re so annoying! Don’t touch me!”

Chen Yan lazily retracted his hand, “Two days ago you are still calling brother sugar brother medicine, brother is your ……”
“Don’t you say it again!” Cheng Yin stepped on his foot hard, “Say it again and I’ll ……”

“Cheng Yin, what are you doing?” Didn’t know when Zhang Yuehai came in from the back door, just in time to see Cheng Yin stepping on Chen Yan, “You don’t bully your classmates just because you’re young.”

Cheng Yin can not say: “I, I ……”

“You what you?” Chen Yan said, “Hear that, do not think you are young you can do whatever you want, step on your down jacket in the winter, does not freeze you to death?”

Zhang Yuehai did not know what these two were talking about, took a box of chalk in the back row and went to the front to write.

Seeing Cheng Yin’s nose smoldering with anger, Chen Yan laughed more and more wantonly.

Zhang Yuehai went to a meeting after this lesson.
It’s the regular teachers’ meeting and the students are on self-study.
At first, the classroom was quiet.
Ten minutes later, someone began to chat, followed by others followed suit, and the class immediately became chaotic.

Nie Nan took advantage of the chaos and wanted to go out and play basketball, but after asking around, the boys didn’t want to read, but they weren’t so bold as to go to the playground and play basketball.

So Nie Nan aimed at Chen Yan.

“Brother Yan, go play basketball for a while?”

Chen Yan stretched his back, thinking that there was nothing to do here, so he agreed.

He and Nie Nan had just stood up when they saw a man standing at the door.

Zhao Weilin looked for Cheng Yin.
Cheng Yin stood up and ran past Chen Yan.

“What is it?”

Zhao Weilin handed a book to Cheng Yin.

“The one I borrowed from you last time.
I’m returning it to you.”

Chen Yan glanced at it as he passed by Zhao Weilin.

The City Under Siege

Cheng Yin was still reading this kind of book with her brain.

“Hey, you finished reading it so quickly?”

“Mm-hmm, I usually have to go to make-up classes.
I read it all on the way to school.”
Chen Yan walked two steps, suddenly stopped and looked back at the book.

“Zhao Weilin, do you want to play basketball?”


Zhao Weilin seemed to have heard something out of the blue.
“Calling me?”

“Let’s go.” Nie Nan also said, “The three of us are perfect.”

Zhao Weiling said nothing for a while.

No boy had ever found him to play basketball together.

“Okay ……”

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