The 32nd Whisper

On the day the results of the city’s exams came out, the temperature dropped again.

Some people in the school wore down jackets, so the group of people gathered in front of the desk seemed packed.

The results are very important to everyone.
They did not wait for the report card to be announced and asked the teachers.
Once they knew the results came out, it was even more crowded.

Cheng Yin could not squeeze in, tiptoeing around the perimeter for a long time without catching a corner of the report card.

Fortunately, Nie Nan is strong, and killed a bloody road in the crowd of onlookers.

“I see it, I see it!” Nie Nan ran back to the classroom, and couldn’t wait to say, “Oh my God, I actually failed chemistry.
I’m finished! My parents won’t buy me a new phone.”
Cheng Yin hurriedly asked, “What about me? What about me? Did I pass?”

Nie Nan’s face fell, and he said strangely, “Well, you not only passed, but you also got 200 points in the science exam, a full two hundred and three.”

“Really?” Cheng Yin was so happy that she covered her mouth.
“What about the language and mathematics?”

“I don’t remember.” Nie Nan picked his head, “You seem to be in the middle, behind Wang Zhaozhao, over thirty something.”

“How about the grade ranking?”

“I didn’t pay attention to it! You go see for yourself!”

Nie Nan is still immersed in the sadness of his chemistry failure.
After a while, he remembered another thing.
He stole a glance at Xie Ying, wanting to say something but not knowing where to start.

Soon Zhang Yuehai came in.
He made two dozen copies of the report card, distributed to each group to pass down.
Each table can take one.

The first thing Cheng Yin did when she got her report card was to find her name.

Science 203, math 109, language 102, English 115, total score of 529.

Cheng Yin almost cry out.

In her lifetime, she actually passed all subjects, and three digits in language, mathematics and foreign language!

Although the class ranking is like the last time, her grade ranking has improved in more than a few places.
The goal of eating cake every day at the university is one step closer.

Cheng Yin was happy for a while before she noticed that something was wrong with the report card.

She looked at the top.
The first place is still Chen Yan.

This she was not surprised, but the second place was actually not Xie Ying.

She looked down again.
Xie Ying was actually in sixth place, grade seventy in the grade.

This is not scientific, huh?

The content of this exam is still the same as the previous review, Xie Ying could take the first place in the past, there is no reason the review exam is not good ah.

Cheng Yin inspected her scores again.

All subjects were scored, so it’s not like a subject was missing an exam.
“What’s wrong with you?” Cheng Yin asked Xie Ying, “Is there a problem with the paper reading?”

“No.” Xie Ying’s voice was calm, “It’s normal.”

“What’s normal about it?” Cheng Yin saw Xie Ying was not anxious, but she was anxious, “Even if you close your eyes, you shouldn’t get this score!”

Xie Ying put the collected homework in order and said breezily, “I mean, victory and defeat is a common thing in the military.
Exams, it is normal to have ups and downs.”

Cheng Yin:????

“Have you ever fallen?”

Xie Ying shrugged her shoulders carelessly and looked out the window.
“I’m going to turn in my homework.”

After Xie Ying left, people in the class also discussed her test results this time.
They all said that Xie Ying’s failure this time is too unbelievable.
She was not sick and didn’t have a problem.
How could she be like this?

But she herself did not react.
Everyone’s enthusiasm for gossip naturally did not last long and soon dispersed.

In the afternoon, basically no one talked about it anymore.

But at the end of the first period, a woman appeared in front of the classroom and called Xie Ying away.

Everyone said that it was Xie Ying’s mother, and she looked very upset, so the discussion started up again.

Cheng Yin was a little worried, but she didn’t dare to leave because class was about to start.

As soon as the bell rang, she ran to the office.
Right around the corner, she saw Zhang Yuehai and Xie Ruxu talking excitedly in the corridor, while Xie Ying stood to the side with her head hanging.

Cheng Yin took a few steps forward and suddenly heard her name.

“I saw Cheng Yin, that girl in the second year of high school.
At first glance, she is not a person who studies well, dresses up all day long, where is the appearance of a student!”

Xie Ruxu said emotionally, her ear pendants wiggled one after another.

“And if I remember correctly, she often gets the bottom of the class, right? Teacher Zhang, I don’t blame you, I also understand that you want the students in your class to be good, but you let Xie Ying to be her desk mate.
Isn’t that a joke?”

“Mom! Cheng Yin she ……”
“You shut up!” Xie Ruxu sternly stopped Xie Ying’s explanation.
“I’ll talk to you later!”

Xie Ruxu said again towards Zhang Yuehai, “Teacher Zhang, I think ……”

Zhang Yuehai quickly interrupted her: “It’s a misunderstanding, don’t you know? Last semester, the class changed seats.
Cheng Yin and Xie Ying are no longer at the same table.”

Hearing these words, Xie Ruxu’s face flashed with embarrassment and ease.

But Zhang Yuehai hadn’t finished his sentence.
“They are currently sitting on the front and back tables.”

Xie Ruxu’s eyebrows rose again, “That’s not okay, front and back tables also affect Xie Ying’s.
Xie Ying is going to be admitted to the best university in China, so she should sit with those who study well.”
Speaking of which, she thought of something.
Her face grew heavier with anger, pointing at Xie Ying.
“Today I asked your grandparents about you.
I heard that you now go to Cheng Yin on weekends and give her tutorials? I see you are still quite free.
Why don’t you go to open a tutorial class?”

Xie Ying’s eyes were wrapped in tears, her chin was shaking, and she didn’t say a word.

Xie Ruxu turned her head and continued to talk to Zhang Yuehai: “Teacher Zhang, you also heard it, Xie Ying, she is the first in all the exams, why this time she regressed so much, the reason is very obvious, right? I’ll be honest with you, I’m usually busy, I don’t have time to take care of my children, it’s her grandparents who are taking care of her.
Last weekend I came home and found that Xie Ying came back at 1:00 in the middle of the night, and she was playing with Cheng Yin.
Do you think, if she is not leading her astray, what is it?”

“No!” Xie Ying suddenly shouted.
“No? You said to me yourself that you went to play with your classmates.
If not Cheng Yin, then who is it?”

“I ……” Xie Ying’s tears came out of her eyes, turned around and ran away.

Xie Ruxu did not intend to chase after her, and continued to talk to Zhang Yuehai: “Teacher Zhang, this is what I mean anyway, Xie Ying’s seat must be changed, with Xie Changxing or the other students, I also hope you understand me as the head of the family, you do not want to see such a good seedling being brought down, right?”

Cheng Yin’s seat had been empty for a class.

Chen Yan had planned to leave, but vaguely felt that something was wrong, so he asked the people around him if they knew where Cheng Yin had gone.

Everyone said they didn’t know.
Chen Yan called her, but she didn’t answer.

This might be really bad.

Chen Yan subconsciously went to the library.

Cheng Yin was really there.

The golden sunset sprinkled on her body, which should be a very beautiful picture, but Chen Yan saw sadness from her back.

Chen Yan walked up to her, and she was really crying.

Cheng Yin sat on the ground, and when she saw Chen Yan coming, she immediately stood up to leave.

But she was not faster than Chen Yan.

He directly reached out and pulled Cheng Yin’s wrist.
Cheng Yin struggled, but instead of breaking free, she was pulled in the front of him.

Cheng Yin’s empty hand covered her eyes and buried her head, not wanting Chen Yan to see her crying.

“What are you covering up?” Chen Yan pulled her into his arms and lifted her chin with his other hand.
“What’s wrong?”

Cheng Yin still covered her eyes tightly.

But the tears still couldn’t stop flowing, slipping through the gap between her palm and cheek.

Chen Yan reached out, his thumb slowly wiping away the tears on her face.

“Tell me, why are you crying?”

Cheng Yin did not speak, kept sobbing.

Chen Yan asked again, “Who bullied you?”
Cheng Yin still said nothing.

“If you say nothing ……” Chen Yan paused, “I’ll ……”

Cheng Yin waited for a long time, did not hear his next words.

She dropped her hand and opened her eyes to look at Chen Yan.

“What will you do? If you don’t finish, I can’t stand it.”

Although it was out of context, but Chen Yan was amused.

He turned around and walked out a few steps, saw Cheng Yin did not follow, and said while turning back: “You’re still not following?”

Cheng Yin wiped her tears while following him.

“Where are you going?”
Chen Yan: “I’m going to ask who made you cry.
Clean him up.”

Cheng Yin stopped in her tracks for a moment.

Chen Yan turned around and said, “How about I go find Dong Zheng first? Is that him?”

Cheng Yin froze, not knowing what to say.

“Zhao Weilin?”

Seeing that Cheng Yin still said nothing, Chen Yan pulled his leg and left.

Cheng Yin was anxious that he would really hit someone and hastily pulled on his sleeve.

“Don’t be impulsive! Student medical insurance is very cheap!”

Chen Yan lazily stopped.
“Now you can say who is bullying you?”
Cheng Yin wiped her eyes and choked up, “No one bullied me.”

Two minutes, Cheng Yin said the things with sobs.

After listening, Chen Yan sighed helplessly.

“I know I’m bad, but she can’t talk about me like that.
Xie Ying and I have been good friends since our first year of high school.”

Chen Yan said nothing, once again reached out and wiped away the tears on her face.

The action is very soft, as if in wiping a rare treasure.

Cheng Yin squeezed his hand and said, “You say something.”

“What can I say?” Chen Yan said, “I just want to hit someone.”
Cheng Yin is speechless.
“Can you not be so violent? You are Chen Yan.
How can you be so rough?”

After saying that, she froze and added: “I mean …… you, you ……”

Chen Yan hooked up the corners of his lips and smiled.
“You finish, ah, what about me?”

“I mean you, you are Chen Yan.
If you’re fighting, you’re not afraid that people will poison you by putting chocolate in your rice?”

Chen Yan: “……”

He suddenly pinched Cheng Yin’s face.
“I am so protective of you, but you think of me as a dog every day?”
Cheng Yin broke away and sat down on the steps at the side.

“Ugh, I’m the one who sucks, I know.”

“You know nonsense.” Chen Yan sat next to her and said, “You’re good, at least, you’re my ……”

Cheng Yin turned sideways and looked at him expectantly.

“You’re the best girl I’ve ever seen.”

Cheng Yin could not believe it.

Chen Yan, who had seen a lot of the world, actually said she was the best girl.


“Then ……” Cheng Yin covered the small half of her face, her eyes wandering, “You know I have someone I like, right?”

Chen Yan looked at her with a smirk, but Cheng Yin didn’t even look at Chen Yan.

“That dream man of yours?”

Cheng Yin closed her eyes and nodded.

“Do you think …… you think …… I’m worthy of him?”

Just these two seconds, Cheng Yin did not dare to open her eyes to look at Chen Yan.

But she felt that these two seconds were as long as two centuries.

Until she heard his clear answer.

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