Chen Yan goes to the office to find Zhang Yuehai.

 “Huh? You’re dropping out of school?” Zhang Yuehai said in surprise.
    “I’m returning to the team.” Chen Yan’s voice was calm.
“I’ll leave next month.”
Zhang Yuehai didn’t know whether to say congratulations or not, he tried to keep his face calm and said, “So, it’s good, it’s good, but this withdrawal procedure is troublesome, and this week we are preparing for the exam, so you can come next week to handle it.”
    Chen Yan said yes, turned around and walked out.
The weather in November was getting cold, the sky was overcast, and with it, the mood of the people was not happy.
He went downstairs, and when he passed the playground, he saw a class in physical education class, and one of them looked more familiar.
 Zhao Weilin.
    Chen Yan felt this name had appeared in his ears too many times recently.
    He inadvertently slowed down his pace and looked over there.

They were in physical education class, and the teacher had the boys play three-person basketball in groups.
    The two dozen boys quickly divided into teams, and only Zhao Weilin stood in the same place, not knowing what to do.
    He looked around and saw that there was a team with only two people.
    So he walked over to them.
As he approached, the two boys took one look at him and left with the basketball.
Zhao Weilin paused in place, his hands clasped, his back even more hunched.
See no strangers.
    Chen Yan retracted his gaze and walked out of the school.
    Then, for three days in a row, Cheng Yin received a cake from Zhao Weilin.

It was already placed in the classroom every day when she arrived.
    The cake was small and inconspicuous, and not anyone noticed in the class except for the people around Cheng Yin.
“What a precious boy.” Cheng Yin took the spoon and made an exaggerated expression, “This is too delicious!”
Chen Yan coldly glanced at Cheng Yin.
She was insensible.
“Sweet but not greasy, melt in your mouth, better than the birthday cake he made.” She took another bite.
“And every day it’s not the same.
It’s really a treasure.”
Chen Yan “tsk” sound, Cheng Yin still did not notice.
“Oh my, Zhao Weilin is biased!” Nie Nan slapped the table and got up.
“Why only you got it? I’m going to find him.
I want it too.”
    “You go ah, you go to him to ask ah!” Cheng Yin said arrogantly, “You see if he gives you? Hum, a big man, all day long thinking about eating cake.
Aren’t you disgusting?”
“Cheng Yin, don’t be too crazy I tell you, you just eat it, you eat a month in a row, I see you fat or not?”

“I gain ten jins, so what? I am still not over 100 ah, slim slim slim.”
 Nie Nan still wants to talk to Cheng Yin, but Chen Yan suddenly shouted a deep “Cheng Yin”.
The sound is oddly seeping.
Nie Nan feels inexplicably a bit scared, and turned back.
Cheng Yin immediately gathered her expression, because she felt, the way Chen Yan looked at her, seems to be angry.
    Although she did not know what she had provoked him.
    “What, what’s wrong?”
    Chen Yan looked at her, his gaze as gloomy as the window.
    He looked at her for a long time and even wanted to throw the cake in her hand.
But his mind inexplicably floats back to the scene he saw that day in the field.
Chen Yan took a deep breath and his eyes relaxed.

    “Give me a bite.”
    It scared Cheng Yin to death, heard him say so, immediately relieved, “You want to eat? Just say it! I thought I had provoked you!”
    She smoothly dug a spoonful of cake and handed it to Chen Yan’s mouth.
Chen Yan still looked at her, opened his mouth, and took the spoon.
    The lower jaw, along with the throat knot, moved slightly.
    Cheng Yin suddenly felt uncomfortable all over.
Her heartbeat and blood were all messed up.
She drew out the spoon and turned away and stopped looking at Chen Yan.

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