chapter 33

The 29th Whisper

As soon as Cheng Yin arrived at the KTV, she couldn’t wait to cut the cake.

There are eight people.
One for each person, accompanied by coke and music, and these high school students are having a great time.

Qin Xuanyang and Wang Zhaozhao are pestering Zhao Weilin to add his WeChat, eager to go to his home tomorrow to learn how to make cakes.
Xie Changxing and Xie Ying were ordering songs, and Nie Nan was hogging the microphone, lost in his own singing, leaving Cheng Yin and Zhang Sikai chatting on the side.

“I haven’t seen you in class lately? Are you taking make-up classes?”

Cheng Yin shook her head and said, “No, but I have to study every day, so I don’t have time to go.”
“Right.” Zhang Sikai is also senior this year, but he is a sports student, so his lessons are relatively much easier, “If you do not take physical education, then it is still more important to study.”

“But ……” he added, “You really don’t want to be a sports student?”

Although he means well, but the meaning of the words is also very obvious.

He and Cheng Yin have known each other for so long, he knows that Cheng Yin’s academic performance is not good, and the university entrance examination is tough.
When she came to the club, her parents also clearly said they wanted her to enter the university in this way.

“I’m not sure I can make it in sports either.” Cheng Yin’s perception of herself is quite clear, “I’m too late to take the test for the national second-class athletes, and I’m not qualified for university sports students.”
“So, how are your grades now? Have they improved?”

“Just …… okay, try harder, maybe I’ll get in.”

Cheng Yin said reluctantly, Zhang Sikai is not very good at chatting, so he said with a snort: “It’s okay, you’re already very good.
It’s good for people to live a happy life, right?”

Cheng Yin opened a bottle of cola, gulped down.

“Ugh, you don’t understand …… I just, just don’t want to be a vase.”
Zhang Sikai asked, “Who said you were a vase?”

“Someone just said that, anyway.”

Zhang Sikai fell into deep thought.

In his field, few people bear the title of ‘vase’.
After all, once the hood is on, no one can see the one’s face, even the camera can only capture their eyes, they can only rely on their strength.

“Don’t take it to heart.
The limelight always catches good-looking people.
Some people just don’t want to admit your other strength.
I think you’re not a vase, you speak English well, everyone in the club likes you, that means you’re good.”
This totally unconvincing paragraph did not enlighten Cheng Yin, she sighed and tried to divert the topic to say something else, but Zhang Sikai thought she could not figure it out, so he advised again: “You are still young, when you grow up, others will see your brilliance.
Chen Yan was like this when he was a teenager.
Everyone only cared about his face, ignoring his strength.
Look now, who dares to say he’s a vase?”

Cheng Yin blinked, “Chen Yan?”

Aside from the bearded man in the club, Zhang Sikai is the second person in the club who loves Chen Yan, and he often has endless things to say when Chen Yan is mentioned, but this was the first time he has ever said, “Chen Yan has just come to prominence when many people are concerned about his looks, and as long as he loses a game, everyone says he is just a flower vase.
But look how he is now! How impressive is it!”

Although Cheng Yin was not interested in Chen Yan, but Zhang Sikai said he was good-looking, then she still had a little interest.

“Is he good-looking?”

Zhang Sikai looked at Cheng Yin as if she were an alien: “Don’t tell me you don’t know what he looks like?”
Cheng Yin immediately shook her head.
“Of course I know it! How could I not know? I mean …… is …… it is just average, not very good looking.”

“Not good-looking?!” Zhang Sikai simply want to jump up, “I have never seen such a good-looking fencer, okay! I’m not talking about the fencer.
I think he is much more handsome than many male celebrities! What kind of taste do you have?”

“Isn’t it too exaggerated?”

Cheng Yin quietly reached out for her cell phone, intending to Baidu it, but the signal in the KTV is not good, can not connect to the Internet.

But she saw two missed calls, both from Chen Yan.

Holding the phone for a moment, Cheng Yin decided not to call him back.
There is not even a birthday present.
Why should care about him?

Once she looked up, Zhang Sikai was still being excited.

“No, no, I must show you Chen Yan’s photos.” He opened the photo album, and a row full of all kinds of Chen Yan’s competition photos, but he looked carefully.
There really are a few showing his face.

And the shot was blurry and distorted, which if given to Cheng Yin to see, she would definitely not be convinced.

So Zhang Sikai went online to find a few front photos of Chen Yan.

“I’m telling you, you just haven’t seen the real Chen Yan.
I looked from a distance at last year’s game, really handsome, okay, definitely the type which you girls like.”
Cheng Yin propped up her chin, not listening to Zhang Sikai, only staring at the phone.

How about calling him back?

What if he changes his mind and comes?

But it’s nine o’clock.
She must go home at ten o’clock, or Cheng Sheng will definitely not let her go out later.

What if he still doesn’t come after she calls ……

The door of the room was kicked open.

It was Xie Ying who saw it first and hurriedly pulled Cheng Yin aside and shouted, “Ya! Chen Yan, you are here!”

Cheng Yin was surprised and happy, immediately stood up, blushing and said: “You, you came ah?”
Chen Yan scanned around and saw that there was only Coke and cake on the table, then he nodded.

And Zhang Sikai, beside Cheng Yin, was stunned.

Chen Yan slowly walked in and Xie Ying automatically moved position.

He sat next to Cheng Yin, looked at the cake that was eaten in pieces, and several boys surrounding her, and said lightly, “Why aren’t you going home at this late hour?”

Cheng Yin was filled with joy.
Earlier there was a sad face.
Now the eyebrows curved, and her tone became lighter.

“My brother told me to be home at ten o’clock.”

Chen Yan looked at his watch.
“Then it’s time to go now.”
Cheng Yin smiled and nodded.

Xie Ying:?????

Nie Nan:????


“It’s not early either.
Thank you all for coming to my birthday today.” Cheng Yin stood up and said, “Then let’s go home.”

Xie Changxing said hurriedly, “No, not even sang two songs yet, I ……”

Xie Ying immediately covered his mouth.
“Don’t you have to go to make up classes tomorrow morning? Go home early.
You’re going to be scolded by your parents when you are late.”
Even Xie Ying said so, and everybody was disinterested and stood up.

Only Zhang Sikai remained sitting still, like a stone statue.

Cheng Yin tugged on his sleeve.
“Let’s go, let’s go home.”

Zhang Sikai opened his lips, spitting out two words: “Chen, Chen ……”

“Ah yes, let me introduce.” Cheng Yin pointed to Zhang Sikai.
“This is my senior brother, Zhang Sikai.”

And then pointed to Chen Yan to Zhang Sikai and said, “This is my desk mate, Chen Yan.

“Desk mate?”

Zhang Sikai suddenly responded.
“Right.” Cheng Yin looked at the time.
“Then we should go.”

desk mate……”

Nie Nan, who is already acquainted with Zhang Sikai, took him out with a hand on his shoulder, “Buddy, let’s go!”

Downstairs at the KTV, Xie Changxing and Zhao Weilin got into a cab.
They went the same way.

Nie Nan asked, he and Zhang Sikai not in the same way, but he grew up loving sports, so he likes to chat with Zhang Sikai, so he offered to go with Zhang Sikai in one car.

Zhang Sikai was still dumbfounded, looking at Chen Yan behind: “He, he ……”

“Don’t look, I know he’s handsome, but you don’t want to be so gay,” Nie Nan shoved Zhang Sikai into the cab, “Let’s go!”
Cheng Yin just sent her classmates away, only Xie Ying remained, standing at the roadside waiting for the car.

“That ……” Cheng Yin stood beside Chen Yan and asked in a small voice, “Why are you suddenly here?”

Chen Yan looked blankly at Cheng Yin and reached out to scrape the cream off the end of her hair.

“If I didn’t come, were you going to play all night?”

“No, I was going to be home at ten.”

Cheng Yin peeked at Chen Yan again, to make sure he brought nothing, inevitably some disappointment, “No birthday gift ah?”

Chen Yan: “Hmm?”
Cheng Yin stretched her feet and kicked the steps in front of her, muttering in a low voice: “Not even a gift for me?”

So they did not deliver the cake?

Really f*cked up.


I’ll complain when I get back.

Looking at the little girl’s disappointed look, Chen Yan was slightly upset.

“I’ll send you ……”

Cheng Yin abruptly raised her head and looked at him expectantly.

“Send me what?”
“I’ll send you home.”

The cab drove smoothly on the road.

When she was about to get in the car, Xie Ying insisted on going home alone, saying that she would not get into the same car with them.

Cheng Yin couldn’t figure out what she was arguing about, probably because she didn’t want to sit in the same car with Chen Yan.

That’s right, except for her who is blind, who else would want to stay with someone like Chen Yan.

The two people sat in the back row, separated by an empty seat.

Cheng Yin looked out the window angrily, and did not want to say a word.

Stinky man.
“Cheng Yin.”

Chen Yan suddenly spoke.


Chen Yan turned sideways and looked at Cheng Yin’s face reflected in the car window.

She was furious.


He sighed and said, “Did you not receive the cake today?”


Cheng Yin suddenly turned around, eyes gradually regained brightness.
“You sent that cake?”
Chen Yan nodded his head.

“Ah! You should have said so!”

Cheng Yin immediately reached across the car seat to pat the driver’s shoulder.
“Driver! Go to the Third High School now!”

The driver asked nothing and turned directly towards the Third High school.

“Why go to the Third High school?”

Chen Yan asked.

“I forgot the cake in the school! I’m going to get it now!”

Cheng Yin was excited, her eyes shining as if a cake was some rare treasure.

Chen Yan closed his eyes.
When he opened his eyes again, his usual calm was restored.

“It’s too late.”

“But I ……” Cheng Yin paused, “I like to eat cake a lot.”

When they arrived at the school, Cheng Yin da-da-da-da ran to the guardroom, leaned over the window and said a few words, then returned holding a large cake.

There was an empty seat in the back seat for the cake, but Cheng Yin thought about it and went in first by herself, sat next to Chen Yan, and then held the cake in her lap.

“I thought you really didn’t give me any gifts.”

The fragrance of the young girl’s shampoo filled the small space inside the car, along with her leaping and joyful voice.
“But we’ve been desk mates for so long, I knew you wouldn’t forget.
By the way, is it over on your friend’s side?”


Only then did Chen Yan remember.

He took out his phone and there were already a dozen missed calls on it.

Chen Yan looked away in irritation and quickly sent messages back to several friends.

“Which one of your friends’ birthday is it? It’s so lucky that it’s the same day as mine.”

Chen Yan casually replied a few words, Cheng Yin also babbled on.

“Zheng Wenxing drank too much.
I’ll send him home first.”

A friend sent a message to Chen Yan.
“I guess I won’t come after I sent him home, tomorrow there are still things to do, you guys have fun ah, Chen Yan, congratulations for you kid, finally to return to the team, fighting, I’ll wait for you to win the championship next year.
I’m sure you’ll have to go for closed training, and I won’t be able to see you for several months, so I’ll give you a head-on.”

Chen Yan typed a few words back to him, and when he turned his head, he saw Cheng Yin’s bright eyes.

She smiled so much that her dimples came out.

“When’s your birthday?”

“Still early.” Chen Yan’s voice was unusually calm.
“Ah Yin, let me ask you something.”

“What is it?”

“Do you have someone you like?”
Cheng Yin suddenly froze and turned her head to look out the window with a red face.

“What are you babbling about?”

“Nothing, I’m just asking.”

Cheng Yin’s fingers twisted the silk on the cake and said, “What’s wrong with having someone you like?”

Cheng Yin knew Chen Yan was looking at her, and her fingers slowly pressed against the car window.

She took a breath.
The window haloed out a circle of fog.

Cheng Yin slowly wrote out the letters “cr” on the window.

“I like Chen Yan.”

Unexpectedly, she said so directly, Chen Yan’s heart jumped a little.
He didn’t know how to answer it.

Then, Cheng Yin turned her back on him and said with a smile, “Not you, don’t make a fool of yourself.
I’m talking about the world champion, do you remember? I told you, he is so powerful and handsome.
He is my dream man.”

Behind her, Chen Yan’s breathing was not too steady.

For a long time, he said, “Hmm.”

Cheng Yin saw from the window that his expression was normal, then turned around and said, “I’m home.”

After getting out of the car, Cheng Yin walked into the neighborhood with the cake in her arms.

The elevator had just gone up and there was still a long wait.
The cake was too heavy, her hands were sore, so she put it on the ground and took out her phone.

When she opened it, Zhang Sikai had sent her many messages in a row.

“Ah !!!!“

“Cheng Yin I will kill you !!!! Why didn’t you say so earlier !!!! You and Chen Yan actually know each other!!! He even came to celebrate your birthday!!!”

“The world champion celebrated your birthday !! “

“The world champion is also your desk mate, ah !!! “

“You want me to die of jealousy? !!!! “

“You’re still pretending not to know Chen Yan with me today!!!”

“I’ll kill you !!!! “

Cheng Yin looked for a while before she understood what Zhang Sikai meant.

Chen Yan, it was the same as Chen Yan.

It was the same Chen Yan from her essay.

Cheng Yin recalled what she just said in the cab, and a ‘?’ slowly popped up on her head.

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