chapter 31

The 27th Whisper

Wang Huiyun was originally having problems with her tonsil, but the infection got worse and turned into a lung infection.

First, this disease requires recuperation, and second, it also has the risk of contagion, so all her students have stopped their classes, and the return dates will depend on her health condition.

But this is bad for Cheng Yin.

Chen Yan, this man is like possessed, every day when she arrived at school she must hand in homework, she also forced to correct the wrong questions after class.

Cheng Yin does not know what she has done wrong.

Is she not pretty enough?

Is she not cute enough?

Why do others can have sweet love, but she can only hold the test papers every day?

If she didn’t do the test papers, she could be in love.

After doing the test papers, there may be only kinship.

This is not how romance novels are written.

“Ugh.” Cheng Yin sighed, “Life is so hard.”

Xie Changxing and she walked side by side, “Who says it’s not?”

It was time for recess.
And she and Xie Changxing went together to the building to get chalk for drawing the new issue of the bulletin board.

Because Cheng Yin has good handwriting, and Xie Changxing can draw, so these three years the two of them basically signed the class bulletin.

“What’s bothering you?”

Xie Changxing asked.

“You wouldn’t understand if I told you.” Cheng Yin dragged her feet, and Xie Changxing did not walk fast.

The chalk pickup place is in the office at the end of the third floor.
Both of them are familiar with it, and they took a shortcut easily.

But when they passed a classroom on the third floor, they heard laughter coming from afar.

It’s not unusual to hear laughter in school, but it’s rare that it happens in this complex where people rarely come.

The instinct tells Cheng Yin, there are bad things happening here.

Cheng Yin and Xie Changxing exchanged a look, looking for the sound and go there.

It’s an unused classroom.

Some unused old desks are stacked along the four walls, leaving a space in the middle.

Five or six boys were sitting on four sides, laughing while throwing a thick notebook.

You throw it at me; I throw it to you, without a pattern, a boy in the middle wearing black-framed glasses chasing the notebook like a puppet on a string.

But the boys were deliberately trying to play him, so they wouldn’t let him grab it.
The more they joked and laughed, the louder they got, and one boy got the notebook and waved at the black-framed glasses boy in the middle.

“You come and get it.”

The black-rimmed glasses boy really went over to get it, and the boy immediately threw it at the back of him.

Cheng Yin was watching from outside and got angry.

“Are they crazy?”

Xie Changxing padded his feet and looked around, saying, “The guy in the middle is Zhao Weiling, the man who took the test for five years and failed.”

So it was him.
Cheng Yin heard about him many times.
This is the first time to see him in person.

“The other ones are from class 7.
Zhao Weiling is repeating in their class this year.”

After Xie Changxing finished speaking, Cheng Yin pushed open the door of this classroom.

“Hey!” Unable to stop, Xie Changxing had to follow her inside.

Several people inside saw Cheng Yin and fixed their eyes.

One of them who looked the most dangling jumped off the table, but then leaned against the table.
“Yo, isn’t this our school belle?”

Immediately after Xie Changxing walked in, the man added, “The president of the student council is also here.”

Xie Changxing was the president of the student council in his sophomore year, so almost everyone knew him.
As he spoke, Zhao Weiling raced to pick up the notebook on the floor and prepared to leave.

A boy by the door suddenly stretched his leg to stop him.

“Why are you leaving? Did I tell you to leave?”

The boy’s voice was so arrogant that Cheng Yin felt uncomfortable.

“What are you doing?”

A few boys smiled and said, “We’re playing with him.”

Zhao Weiling stood in the corner holding his notebook, his head bowed, his eyes wooden.

This kind of thing is known to everyone, and it’s useless even if you talk about it.
Could you say, ‘Are you bullying your classmates? I want to tell the teacher!’

“You guys should go now.” Xie Changxing said, “Classes are about to start.
It’s Wednesday.
The principal is going to inspect the classroom.”


Of course, the boys knew that Xie Changxing and Cheng Yin were rescuing Zhao Weiling, but they all gave Cheng Yin some face.

“Let’s go.”

The leader yelled, and several of them walked out lazily.

Zhao Weiling is still standing in the corner with his notebook.

Cheng Yin walked to the place where the boy just sat.
Zhao Weilin’s schoolbag was on the ground, as if they had stepped it on, and there was a footprint on it.

Cheng Yin picked up the bag, patted off the dust, and handed it to Zhao Weiling.

“They take your notebook, you should just ignore them.
Why bother to be teased by them?”

Zhao Weiling’s myopia is very high.
The lenses of his glasses are as thick as a cell phone.

He is actually quite tall, but he has a huge hump, so he doesn’t look very vigorous.

“This notebook is very important.”

“Huh?” Although Cheng Yin was shocked, but did not ask more, “then you quickly go.
The lesson is about to start.”

Zhao Weiling said “thank you”, turned around and walked away.
When he passed by Xie Changxing, he stopped to say “thank you” again.

Cheng Yin has only heard a few words about Zhao Weiling, and mostly it was bad.

Some people say he has a low emotional quotient and doesn’t communicate much with people.

Although people are not willing to play with him.

Some people also say he has a low IQ and takes notes on every word the teacher says in class, but he still failed to get into the university for five years.

And his eyes under the glasses are often distracted, and he is thin, wearing dirty clothes, and naturally deserves the comments of “low IQ”.

Xie Changxing mentioned this situation, and said, “If I were him, I would not go to university.
Learn a skill is also very good.”
“Ugh, who knows what he thinks?”

This brief episode caused a delay for a while, and the two walked fast, went to collect the chalk and hurried back to the classroom.

In the following days, Cheng Yin often met Zhao Weiling in school.

Cheng Yin thought they knew each other, so she would say hello when she saw him.

At first, Zhao Weilin did not respond, but gradually smiled at her.

One day, Cheng Yin and Xie Ying went to lunch together.

They went a little late, and when they were done ordering, they turned around and saw that there was no empty seat.
The two of them were looking for a seat with their plates when someone suddenly called out “Cheng Yin”.

Cheng Yin and Xie Ying both turned around and found that the person calling her was Zhao Weiling.

Zhao Weiling was sitting alone in the corner.

Although he called Cheng Yin, he did not dare to look up when she turned around.


There are so many people watching here, Cheng Yin will definitely not come over.

Who will sit with him to eat ah ……

And that person is also the school belle who just shot the promotional video for the school festival.

The other one is the pride of the principal and teachers – the first in the entire grade.
The noise of the cafeteria was amplified in Zhao Weiling’s ears, and his brain was feverish, and his whole body felt weightless.

He wanted to run away with his plate.

“When will the school expand the cafeteria? If this continues, won’t we have to wait in line to eat?”

— Xie Ying said.

Zhao Weiling looked up abruptly.
Cheng Yin and Xie Ying were already sitting in front of him.

“I heard that the school might have divided lunch batches after the semester.” Cheng Yin twisted open a bottle of juice and looked up to Zhao Weiling again and said, “Thanks.”

Not only did she sit over, but she also said thank you to him.
Zhao Weiling did not have a reaction, and his eyes did not know where to look.

“Eh, next month we have to review the content of the second semester of the first year of high school.
I can’t find my math book for the second semester of the first year of senior high school.
Do you have more?”

“Hey, what are you dumbfounded about?” Cheng Yin reached out and shook her hand in front of his eyes.

“Huh? Are you talking to me?” Zhao Weiling reacted, but continued to confirm, “Are you asking me?”

This time, not only Cheng Yin, but Xie Ying also gave him a strange look.

“Is there anyone else at our table?”
Zhao Weiling felt he had lost face again, holding his red neck, and said, “Yes I have.”

He changed schools when he repeated for the third time, a special repeated class, and the school reissued a set of teaching materials.

“Then can I borrow it?” Cheng Yin asked.

“Yes, yes.” Zhao Weiling nodded repeatedly.
“I’ll bring it to you next week.”

The next week, Zhao Weiling took the textbooks for the second semester of senior high school and walked to the door of the 5th classroom with anxiety.

At this time, Cheng Yin was revising the blackboard.

Xie Ying had just found a few typos on the blackboard she wrote last week, so she moved Chen Yan’s desk and stepped on it to revise it.
Zhao Weiling stood timidly at the classroom door, wanting to call Cheng Yin, but afraid of attracting too much attention, so he quietly walked in and placed the book at Cheng Yin’s feet.

“I brought the book for you.”

Cheng Yin, holding the chalk in one hand and the blackboard eraser in the other, smiled down and said, “Thank you.
I’ll return it to you when I’m done with it.”

Although Zhao Weiling had tried to keep a low profile, a few people in the back row noticed him and gathered to whisper.

Zhao Weiling immediately turned around and walked away.

Cheng Yin continued to revise the blackboard again.

Chen Yan, who had been robbed of his desk and was sitting alone, looked up and asked, “Who is it?”

While writing, Cheng Yin said, “A member of class 7.”
“New friends?”


Cheng Yin’s ending voice rising, sounding a little smug.

Chen Yan was inexplicably a little upset.

“Why is he so anxious?”

After two weeks of being held down to write test papers and ruthlessly killed the seeds of love, Cheng Yin rolled her eyes at the blackboard.

“Yes ha ha, as old as you.”

Chen Yan raised his eyes and looked deeply at Cheng Yin.

He reached out to hold Cheng Yin’s ankle.
As thin as her wrist, there was still a lot of space in one grip.

“You think I’m old?”

The chalk in Cheng Yin’s hand fell off at once, and she felt like her ankle was electrocuted.

She couldn’t stand still.

“You, you let go of me!” She stomped her other foot.
“Don’t touch me!”

Chen Yan squeezed harder and asked again, “Do you think I’m old?”

A gentleman does not accept a loss.

“No, no.” Cheng Yin said, “I was wrong.”
Chen Yan slightly hooked his lips and loosened her ankle.

Cheng Yin immediately wanted to come down.

She turned her back to the blackboard and was ready to jump when the table shook.

The school desks are several years old and are not too solid.

She hesitated.

Just as she was about to crouch down and brace herself on the table to climb down, Chen Yan suddenly got up and held her by the waist and carried her down.

The scent of Chen Yan’s body suddenly became very close.

So close that Cheng Yin felt her breath was intertwined with his.

It’s over.
Cheng Yin felt that even if she was held down every day to write papers, she still wanted to love, sobs.

This moment of embrace ended when Cheng Yin’s feet touched the ground.

Chen Yan let go of his hand, but Cheng Yin’s hands were still against Chen Yan’s chest.

She lowered her head and her voice was soft: “That …… my birthday next week, are you really not coming?”

Chen Yan looked at her.
His eyes actually showed some apologies.

“It is not on purpose.
It’s my very important friend’s birthday.
I must be there.”

His voice was right next to her ear, and it was low, but very gentle.
But Cheng Yin was still slightly unhappy.

She shrugged her nose.

Wanted to cry a little.

Eighteenth birthday wanted him to be there.

But he is not coming.

Chen Yan saw her disappointment clearly.
His heart also softened a lot.

Unconsciously, he called a “Ah Yin”.

Only her closest people will call her that.

“Be good.”

Cheng Yin quietly raised her hand, holding his little finger, wanting to beg him again.

“Do you really not go?”

Just for a second, Chen Yan was about to change his mind.

At this time, Xie Ying suddenly coughed violently.

When Chen Yan looked up, he saw Zhang Yuehai coming in through the front door.

Naturally, Cheng Yin also saw it.

She immediately let go of her hand and leapt back to her seat.

Her expression changed faster than a selfie.


Chen Yan’s gentleness dissipated.

With this courage, she still wants to fall in love at an early age.
He moved his table back and sat down.

Cheng Yin, still red-faced, looked at him several times and said slowly, “I ……”

“Stop it.” Chen Yan interrupted her, “You only did half of yesterday’s test paper, make up for it before school ends at noon today.”

Cheng Yin: “……”

Stinky man.

Don’t come.

One less person and I’ll save some money.

Who cares!

She heavily flipped out the language textbook, smashed it on the desk, and poked Xie Ying’s back.
Xie Ying turned around.

“Next Friday, at Wanda Haidilao, don’t forget to come.”

Xie Ying nodded.

Cheng Yin said again, “After eating, we will go singing.”

Xie Ying: “Mm.”

Cheng Yin looked at Nie Nan again: “You should come too.”

Nie Nan did not refuse.
“Who else is there?”

Cheng Yin said, “I also plan to call Qin Xuanyang and Wang Zhaozhao.”

These two girls are the ones in the class who have a good relationship with Cheng Yin.

“Ah?” Nie Nan said, “All girls? How embarrassing for me? Don’t you call the boys?”

Cheng Yin ‘hum,’ “Of course I have to call ah! I want to call Xie Changxing, and, and ……”

Who else?

She doesn’t have any male friends.

Xie Ying added: “Zhao Weiling, I heard he doesn’t have any friends in their class, so it’s sad.”

“Okay.” Cheng Yin suddenly thought of another.
“Right, I also want to call Zhang Sikai!”

“Ah! Zhang Sikai!” Xie Ying exaggeratedly matched Cheng Yin, “That’s the handsome senior brother of your fencing club!”

Cheng Yin nodded her head violently.

“Yes, yes, yes, that’s him!”


Chen Yan indifferently glanced at them.

Childish tricks.

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