chapter 29

The 24th Whisper
    Chen Yan and Jiang Wenwen sitting outside the operating room, the corridor was quiet and empty.
If it wasn’t because it was broad daylight at the moment, the occasional footsteps would have been creepy.
“The previous micro-incision was not clean, and it flared up quickly, so this time we had to remove the gallbladder through open surgery.”
    Chen Yan “hmm”, looking at the operating room light sign, his expression did not change.
    Seeing him like this, Jiang Wenwen became dissatisfied.
    “Why do you have such an attitude?”
“What attitude do I have?” Chen Yan asked.
“Didn’t I come here?”
Jiang Wenwen’s eyes filled with fire, slightly closed her eyes to take a deep breath, and then opened her eyes again with a charming demeanor.
“My father is your coach.
He was like a father, accompanies you to grow up, and he is now sick and having surgery.
Can you be less impatient?”
Chen Yan didn’t want to explain anything.
The doctor came out.
The moment the operating room door opened, Jiang Wenwen didn’t go over first, but stared at Chen Yan, waiting for his words.
    Chen Yan only looked at the doctor and slowly rose.
When the doctor opened his mouth, Jiang Wenwen’s attention was no longer focused on Chen Yan.
    The two of them chatted with the doctor for a few minutes before the nurse wanted to push Jiang Chao back to the ward, and Chen Yan and Jiang Wenwen also followed.
Removing the gallbladder is a minor surgery, Jiang Chao has always been good health, and the anesthesia quickly passed, and when he woke up, he did not look too weak.
    When he saw Chen Yan in front of the hospital bed, he couldn’t wait to talk about the business.
    He has recently been busy applying to his superiors to recall Chen Yan.
This matter has been worked on for a while, and finally got settled, so Jiang Chao now does not care about himself, was just having surgery, blah blah blah, and he chanted.
“It’s understandable that young people make mistakes, and it’s not that you’re not given the opportunity to change, but after returning to the team, you’re not allowed to make a second mistake.”
    Chen Yan nodded and said, “Mm.”
“Don’t just say yes.
I’m afraid you’ll do it again.” Jiang Chao said, “If you are an ordinary boy, I will not blame you for spending the night in a bar, but you remember clearly, as long as you return to the team, you are still an active national team athletes, self-discipline is the most basic quality.”
It annoyed Jiang Chao when he mentioned that incident.
    At the end of May, the pre-tournament training for the world championship was held.
    It was a big game, and the entire team took it seriously.
Chen Yan did not return to the team at the specified time, and he could not be contacted, and finally he was photographed in a nightclub.
    In the national team, where discipline is paramount, Chen Yan did not return to the team on time and also appeared in a place like a bar.
The next consequence is naturally to be expelled.
It doesn’t matter what champion you are.
Chen Yan did not explain afterwards.
Even if Jiang Chao asked him, there was no explanation.
Things have passed for so long.
Jiang Chao has been working for this matter.
There is no one who has never made mistakes, and the punishment has been given, so Jiang Chao expects that Chen Yan will soon be recalled.
But the one thing that Jiang Chao has always resented is why Chen Yan did not explain.
He has been taking Chen Yan since he was six years old, and the two of them are considered having grown up together.
One entered the national team as a coach, one became the national team’s main athlete.
Their relationship is better than the ordinary teacher and student.
The two of them have been in a single-parent family and Jiang Chao was like a father to him.
Jiang Wenwen has not exaggerated this point.
So this made Jiang Chao even more angry.
He never imagined that Chen Yan would be so stubborn in this matter and never willing to explain to him.
    But no matter how hard it was, the matter was almost over after all.
    “Hmm, I understand.” Chen Yan stood by the hospital bed, with his head always bowed.
But this time, he even lowered his eyes.
It is impossible to say that he was not grateful.
When he learned they expelled him, he also had a good period of depression.
He spent his days playing games and drinking, telling his friends that he was compensating for his missing youthful prodigality.
    The doctor came in, looked at Jiang Chao’s condition for a while, and gave a few words of advice to Jiang Wenwen.

    Chen Yan has been listening to the side and has said nothing.
    After learning from the doctor that there was nothing wrong with Jiang Chao, he put his mind at ease.
Jiang Chao was also sleepy, so Chen Yan poured a cup of warm water and put it on the bedside table and left.
Jiang Wenwen followed him out.
Chen Yan knew she was trailing, and did not want to talk outside the ward, so he walked to the hospital lobby before stopping.
“Something else?”
    “I ……”
Chen Yan interrupted her: “Given the urgency to call me, shouldn’t you go to the ward and guard at this moment?”
The hospital lobby was not as quiet as the operating room corridor.
People were coming and going.
Jiang Wenwen felt she was being disgraced.
    “Why are you giving me a hard time? Shouldn’t you come to see your coach when he is sick and undergoing surgery?”
It was the time of the day when the sun was at its peak, and the autumn tiger was emitting its residual power.
Chen Yan frowned, looked at the sky, and let out a long breath, full of impatience.
“Jiang Wenwen, the way you’re deceiving yourself isn’t cute at all.”
    Cheng Yin looked up from her exam paper and poked Xie Ying’s back.
    “Why don’t you sit over here and write the test paper with me?”
The physical education teacher was sick, and they changed the afternoon physical education class to a math study session, and the class representative went to the office to receive a set of mini-test papers to hand out.
    “There are still ten minutes left before class ends.” Xie Ying turned around and gave her a notebook.
“Did you encounter a problem that you can’t do? This is my first-year notebook.
Look first.”
    Cheng Yin flipped through two pages, hastily swept a glance at the above content, and said, “I can’t read.”
Xie Ying was doing questions with adrenaline hormones, no time to pay attention to Cheng Yin.
“Then you look at the book again, and I will explain the questions to you after class.”
Cheng Yin can only continue to bury her head in the questions.
    The questions on this paper are all from the first year of high school, and the teacher is reviewing the content these days.
Although not as detailed as in the first year of high school, but Cheng Yin can understand, and when she went home to do homework, she basically did not encounter any difficulties.
But today’s lesson, she could not focus.
    After she saw Chen Yan and that woman leave together, she couldn’t concentrate.
    When she went to eat at noon, she kept thinking about this matter, and in the afternoon class, she was also thinking about this matter.
Especially in the self-study class, there is no teacher giving lectures.
Once she was idle, she couldn’t help thinking about it.
Who is that woman, and why would she come to school looking for Chen Yan?
His girlfriend?
But the way Chen Yan answered her phone seems to be very unhappy, right?
Did he have a fight with his girlfriend?
Did she cheat on him?
Cheng Yin unconsciously lost in thought until the class bell pulled her into reality.
Xie Ying sat in Chen Yan’s seat and asked; “Speak up.
What’s you don’t understand?”
Cheng Yin took the pen to point out a question on the test paper, but glanced at the side of the draft paper and saw two “Chen Yan” written on it.
    Cheng Yin immediately crumpled the draft paper into a ball and shoved it into the drawer.
    “What are you doing?” Xie Ying was baffled.
“Nothing.” Cheng Yin’s pen tip scratched twice on the test paper, and the words that came out had nothing to do with the topic, “Why don’t we go to the bathroom first?”
Xie Ying felt that Cheng Yin was strange, but still went with her.
    The two walked hand in hand in the corridor.
Cheng Yin suddenly asked, “What kind of boys do you like?”
    Xie Ying’s face suddenly flushed.
    “You? Why do you suddenly ask this?”
    “I’m curious.” Cheng Yin said, “You say, would you like the boy who does not have good grades and is not in the same category as us, but looks very handsome?”

“Am I crazy?” Xie Ying looked Cheng Yin up and down and slowly emerged with an impish smile.
“Oh ~ I know …… you have someone you like!”
Cheng Yin nervously stopped in her tracks and didn’t open her mouth for a long time.
She then realized that she couldn’t say anything to deny it.
    Seeing Cheng Yin like this, Xie Ying was more certain.
    “Oh, oh oh! No wonder you are strange today! Didn’t have good grades, not in the same category as us, but a very handsome-looking boy …… You wouldn’t have been moved by Dong Zheng, would you?”
    Cheng Yin:????
Xie Ying frantically shook Cheng Yin’s shoulders: “Ah Yin, sober up a little, ah! That is Dong Zheng ah! The Dong Zheng who fights and skips class to smoke!”
Cheng Yin was dizzy from her shaking and blurted out, “The one I like is not Dong Zheng! Not Dong Zheng!”
    Xie Ying suddenly stopped as if she had pressed the pause button.
“Then who is it?”
In the end, Xie Ying didn’t get to know anything, but after all, she knew Cheng Yin had someone she liked, which was a little secret for the two of them.
Likewise, although Cheng Yin survived Xie Ying’s chain of questions, she was sure that she had someone she liked.
This is too worrisome.
She is already bad enough at studying, Chen Yan and she are equally matched, but he does not have the same interest in learning as she does, so what can be done?
If they have a child who is not genetically strong, perhaps can not even get into the ordinary high school.
Then, how about learning a sport, fencing, just in case the child has athletic talent? Maybe they can even go to an Ivy League university through this.
But at this moment Chen Yan was dating another woman.
Cheng Yin feels like she’s been cheated on.
The next few days, Cheng Yin wanted to ask who that woman was several times.
But she did not dare to ask, afraid of revealing her mind when she asked.
So she could only keep it to herself.
    She thought she had to find something to distract herself, or she would be suffocating.
 Perhaps the heart is sincere, the day before the National Day holiday, Xie Ying suddenly and mysteriously said to Cheng Yin: “There is a good news and a bad news, which one do you want to hear?”
    “Good news.”
“I just heard the news in Mr.
Zhang’s office, the original monthly exam was not scheduled for Monday and Tuesday of the week after the holiday, but the leaders of the Education Bureau are coming to inspect in those two days, so the monthly exam was postponed to Wednesday and Thursday.”
    “That’s good!” Cheng Yin said.
“We can study for two more days.”
Xie Ying laughed dryly and said, “The bad news is …… I was scheduled to go to Shihai High School on Wednesday and Thursday to have an exchange.
This can’t be changed, so I can’t take the monthly exam.”
    Cheng Yin: “……”
It is over.
She glanced at Xiao Siran, who was sitting in the front row, and almost cried out.
She didn’t want to be looked down by Xiao Siran; she didn’t want to be ridiculed.
    Xie Ying was very guilty: “I’m sorry ah, I didn’t expect this situation when I was putting harsh words …… really sorry ah.”
“It’s not your fault.” Cheng Yin hoofed out the exercise book, hugged it and cried, “I just think I’m too miserable.
Me, Qiu Zhengqi, Chen Yan, the three of us are just waiting to be rubbed on the ground?”
Xie Ying continued to comfort her again, encouraging her along the way, so that the two people were close to kneeling on the ground and kowtowing to each other.
    Chen Yan couldn’t stand it anymore and said lightly, “There’s still me”.
    “Yes! There is still Chen Yan ah!” Cheng Yin cried and said, “I’ve tried very hard, but I can’t carry him!”
  Chen Yan: “……”
Xiao Siran and Pei Fei passed by their side arm in arm.
Maybe they just unintentionally glanced at Cheng Yin, but Cheng Yin felt those eyes provoked her!
So on this seven-day National Day holiday, Cheng Sheng saw a strange scene every day.
Cheng Yin woke up every morning at seven o’clock and studied, but after reading for a while, she stood up and recited the words against the wall, and kneeled with her hands together and made a bow, then quickly returned to the desk to study.
This was repeated until eleven o’clock at night before going to bed.

Although he did not know what she was doing, but Cheng Sheng was quite pleased.
Until the day of the holiday, Cheng Sheng went into Cheng Yin’s room, only to find that she had Xie Ying’s picture on the wall.
At first glance, he thought this female student had died young.
But this incident is really useful for diverting Cheng Yin’s attention.
She was anxious every day, and there was no mood for thinking about Chen Yan.
    On the day of the monthly exam, Cheng Yin went to the exam room as if she were dead.
She already did what she could do, and the rest was up to Chen Yan and Qiu Zhengqi.
The exam continued to be seated according to the previous results.
S-shaped, so Chen Yan, one point higher than Cheng Yin, sits behind her.
The first exam was language, and as soon as they turned the paper in, Cheng Yin couldn’t wait to ask Chen Yan, “How did you do?”
Chen Yan thought carefully and said, “Not good, and the reading questions are difficult.
It’s all empty.”
 It’s over.
    Cheng Yin knew they were finished.
After saying that, Chen Yan even stroked her head: “Relax, it’s all about participation.”
Cheng Yin doesn’t know why in the world there are people with such a good mindset as Chen Yan, who still value participation.
But when she thinks about it, people like them can only get through high school with a good mindset indeed.
If not, they would have jumped off a building.
    Thinking of this, Cheng Yin felt she had found another advantage of Chen Yan.
    So she looked up and smiled towards Chen Yan: “Hmm, you’re right.”
Chen Yan was confused.
This girl just had a worried face, but now she was smiling so sweetly.
It is enough to be cute.
He scraped Cheng Yin’s chin with his index finger: “So obedient.”
The day after the exam, Xie Ying couldn’t wait to gather the group together as soon as she returned.
    “How was it? How did you do?”
    Cheng Yin answered truthfully, “I did my best.”
    Qiu Zhengqi took out the new rag in his hand, “I’ve thought it over, this month’s labor should be distributed physically, I’ll wipe the windows, and Chen Yan will mop the floor.”
 Chen Yan lazily glanced at him.
    “What about you, Chen Yan?” Xie Ying asked, “How did you do in the exam?”
    “We’ll know when the results come out.”
    The results would come out this afternoon.
    Before that, Xie Changxing came back from the office and stood in the front row of the classroom and yelled, “Chen Yan! Teacher Zhang is looking for you!”
Cheng Yin and Xie Ying heard this sentence, and mentally “thud”.
    It’s over.
    Zhang Yuehai usually talks to students individually after the results.
Everything that happens must have a reason.
Ten minutes later, Chen Yan came back, bringing back a report card along with him.
It was a self-study session, and everyone didn’t dare to move, so they watched him put the report card on the wall next to the blackboard.
    When he left, the front row went around to see the report card.
    The people around were quiet.
Cheng Yin and Xie Ying can’t hold back their curiosity, and stand out to see the report card.

The moment they saw the results.
    Cheng Yin and Xie Ying are quiet.
 Math one hundred and fifty.
    English one hundred and forty-three.
    Science three hundred.
    Language one hundred and twenty-three.
    Total score 716.
    Top of the class.
    First in the year.
Cheng Yin wiped her eyes and felt that she must be blind.
    She was so shocked that she forgot to look at her own results.
    The one with a total score of five hundred and three, ranked thirty-fourth in her class.
— This is cheating, right?
    Cheng Yin passed a look towards Xie Ying.
— You can’t be number one in your grade by cheating.
    Xie Ying returned the look.
    So the two of them both walked towards Chen Yan.
There was no time for them to question Chen Yan, Zhang Yuehai walked into the classroom with a smile on his face.
Didn’t expect that without Xie Ying, there would still be someone who could pull up the average score of the class on his own.
He even set the record for the fastest and biggest progress in the 120-year history of the school.
He was instantly complimented Chen Yan on the spot with a 3,000-word mini-essay.
Cheng Yin listened to Zhang Yuehai’s praise and remained very silent.
    She couldn’t figure out why.
    Her head is not enough for her to understand this magic thing.
    Until Zhang Yuehai brought up one thing.
In order to encourage students to study hard, the Third High has always had a tradition.
The school gives a reward of two hundred dollars for every hundredth progress in the grade.
This year’s senior class in the third school has 1020 people, last time Chen Yan took the 899th place, this time he took the first place, so he can get a bonus of $1600.
    No student has ever taken so much at once.
 Hearing this, Cheng Yin suddenly realized.
    She suddenly looked at Chen Yan and said in a low voice, “I know.”
    Chen Yan glanced down at her and saw the little girl’s bright eyes widened, as if she had discovered something remarkable.
    Cheng Yin: “You knew about this school rule long ago, pointing to this to make money, right?”
    Chen Yan: “……”
As Cheng Yin said, she also sucked in a mouthful of cold air.
“Do you especially hate me now?”
    Chen Yan: “?”
    “I was one point lower than you last time, causing you to get two hundred less.”
    Chen Yan: “……”
“You won’t be at the bottom of the next monthly exam again, right?”
    Chen Yan: “……”
Damn it …… This old man wasn’t a spring.

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