Chen Yan looked at the name on the paper.

Cheng Yin, the high school student who altered his history, he will remember.

After the parent-teacher meeting, parents did not rush to leave.
They gathered at the podium to communicate with the homeroom teacher one by one.
Chen Yan did not go, waiting for a while to greet the homeroom teacher.

Half an hour later, the classroom was empty.

Zhang Yuehai packed up his things, put the teaching stick under his armpit and was about to go out when he saw Chen Yan in the classroom’s corner coming towards him.
With little thought, Zhang Yuehai decided he was Cheng Yin’s older brother.

He put down his stick and said with a sigh, “Your family’s girl is a real troublemaker.”

Chen Yan’s footsteps stopped, and his eyebrows raised slightly.
“My family’s girl?”

Zhang Yuehai didn’t wait for Chen Yan to get closer and then said, “Your sister is in her senior year, her grades need to be taken seriously.
Actually, your girl is quite smart, but she is not practical in her studies, and her study habits are not well nurtured.”
Chen Yan stood in front of Zhang Yuehai and said, “Teacher, I’m Chen Yan.”

Zhang Yuehai suddenly choked and looked at the person in front of him from top to bottom.

This guy looks so much like Cheng Yin, they look like siblings.

“Chen Yan? You’ve come to report?”

Chen Yan nodded his head, confirming again.
Zhang Yuehai opened his mouth in half and smiled awkwardly.

This semester, a transfer student is coming to the class.
Zhang Yuehai as homeroom teacher is certainly the first to know.

He was a national team athlete, a world champion, and had outstanding achievements.

Although Zhang Yuehai knew little about the fencing, but he knew he was a heavenly son.

However, recently, Chen Yan was dismissed from the national team.
They have not released yet the news, but since he was going to school, the school management of the Third High certainly could not hide it.
So, this transfer student is already twenty-three years old.

Zhang Yuehai has been teaching high school all his life, and the students he brought were fifteen to eighteen years old, and when he encountered this kind of twenty-something, he didn’t really know how to handle it for a while.

“Uh …… Chen Yan, right ……” Zhang Yuehai’s fingers touched the edge of the lecture table, sizing up Chen Yan, suddenly remembered something and asked, “How did your leg get better?”

A low grunt emerged from Chen Yan’s mouth, unable to distinguish whether it was a sneer or an answer.


After Cheng Yin lay in her room and watched two episodes of anime, the sound of movement finally came from the living room.

She immediately put down her phone, flipped open her textbook, and read it decently.

Half an hour later, there was no movement outside.

Cheng Yin was restless and sneaked into the living room to look.
Cheng Sheng was sitting on the sofa reading a science journal.
It’s not right, it’s not like Cheng Sheng’s style.
How can he be so calm when he sees her test papers?

Is it the calm before the storm?

Cheng Yin retracted her head and planned to close the door unnoticed.

When there is only a finger distance left in the door, Cheng Sheng, who is sitting on the sofa, suddenly said, “What do you want to eat tonight?”

Cheng Yin: “……”
She reopened the door and walked over to Cheng Sheng.

“Spicy hot pot.”

Cheng Sheng looked up and instructed the aunt in the kitchen.

Cheng Yin’s eyes darted around, not daring to stay on Cheng Sheng’s body, and could only secretly look at his reflection from the TV screen: “What did the parent-teacher meeting mention today?”

Only then did Cheng Sheng raise his eyes and turn his head to look at Cheng Yin.
“Oh, I realized I was in the wrong class at the end of the parent-teacher meeting.”

Cheng Yin: “……”

Cheng Sheng: “Hey, I remember you were in class 7, right?”

Cheng Yin: “That was before the arts and science classes were divided.”

Cheng Sheng: “Oh.”

That ‘oh’, the tone is calm, there is no trace of guilt, there are even some justification feelings.
Cheng Yin did not know whether to celebrate or sigh.

Cheng Sheng seems to have a little awareness of being a brother and added: “I will go to your class teacher another day.
What do you think?”

Cheng Yin: “I don’t think it’s good.”

Although Cheng Yin does not feel good, but she knows Cheng Sheng certainly does what he said, just a matter of time.

The next day, the fearful Cheng Yin arrived at school early.
Xie Ying arrived a few minutes later than Cheng Yin and ran up to her as soon as she entered the classroom.

“I just saw the nail man in front of the school again.
He didn’t get in again this year, huh?”

There is a famous nail man in the Third High, who has failed in the exam for five consecutive years, and he is quite famous in the Third High.
Teachers often use him as an example in private.
Unexpectedly, in the sixth year, he failed again.
T/N: nail man is slang used to describe something/someone who refuses to move on or failed, because it’s ‘nailed down.’

Cheng Yin ignored Xie Ying and raised her head to organize the test papers on the table.

Mathematics, English, chemistry, biology, physics ……

“Where are my language papers?” Cheng Yin asked, “Wasn’t it distributed yesterday?”

Xie Ying turned around and found the language test paper from her desk to confirm, “Is it lost? Look for it again.”

Cheng Yin bent down to look through the drawer.

This is her first time to get a full score essay paper, waiting for the teacher to hand it out so she can take it back and frame it in the living room!

Cheng Yin refused to give up and squatted down to search.
The classroom floor is spotless.
There’s no shadow of the test paper, but she sees a pair of white sneakers slowly towards herself.

Cheng Yin raised her head and saw Chen Yan in front of her, then froze.

It was the boy that she saw yesterday afternoon.

Chen Yan’s eyes gently swept over Cheng Yin’s face.

Those eyes would be enchanting on a woman’s face, but the girl in front of him is still young, not enchanting enough, but spirited.

But if these eyes grow on a boy’s face, it is easy to cause disaster.

Chen Yan is obviously a special case, his profile is well-defined, full of heroism.
This pair of long eyes in his face inexplicably had a sense of balance.
At that moment, someone called out in the classroom, “Cheng Yin! Hand over your math homework!”

Cheng Yin answered, picked up her homework and ran towards the class representative.

Chen Yan looked at her back.

It turns out that the little girl who tampered with his history was the one he met yesterday afternoon.

And she would blush when she saw him.

Chen Yan walked to the seat next to Cheng Yin, pulled out the stool, and was about to sit down when he heard the little girl next to him ask in a low voice: “Who are you?”
Chen Yan: “?”

What? He was praised extensively in the essay, and even made up his heartbreaking and inspiring story.
Yet she doesn’t recognize him?

The little girl’s eyes were wide open, her face slightly red, looking innocent enough.
She didn’t look like lying.

Then the answer is only one.
The little girl learned about him from someone else’s mouth, or in a news report, but did not know what he looked like.

Chen Yan sat down, a little lower than the standing Cheng Yin.

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