chapter 28

The 23rd Whisper

“Say, what does it mean if a guy delivers …… a meal to a girl?”

“There are still people who don’t order takeout these days, huh?”

“Then, if a guy sees the weather is cold, and gives a girl clothes, what does that mean?”

“It depends on the person and the situation.”

“Such as what?”

“For example, …… Hey, why are you asking this? Who gave you clothes?”

Cheng Yin’s entire body startled, and her cheeks burned against the phone.

“Ah …… I ……”
“There are boys at school who send you food and clothes again?” Xie Ying snorted at the other end of the phone.
“There’s nothing new.
Why not just send you a set of Wang Hou Xiong?”
T/N = Wang Hou Xiong was an author of exam books.
Cheng Yin:????

“I’m just asking, by the way, you teach me about a question.”

When it comes to questions, Xie Ying’s attention quickly shifted.

This afternoon’s self-study led by the math teacher, biology teacher, and the language teacher, but they didn’t attend the class, and there were three homework assignments.
Since it’s all from the first year of high school, Cheng Yin read the textbook and tutorials before doing the questions, and discovered that it wasn’t as difficult as she thought, although there were a lot of empty questions.

After Cheng Yin asked Xie Ying one by one, it was already eleven o’clock at night.

Usually, at this time, she was already dreaming.
After the homework was all packed up, Cheng Yin found herself so tired that she could hardly open her eyes and walked out of the room in a daze, clutching her pajamas.

The bathroom is at the other end.
Cheng Yin almost walked there with her eyes closed, looking at the bright light in the bathroom, and directly reached out and pushed the door open.

Cheng Sheng, who was shaving inside, was startled, and his first reaction was to cover the corner of his mouth.

But Cheng Yin still saw it.

“Brother, what happened to your mouth?”

Cheng Sheng tried to push Cheng Yin away directly, but couldn’t force his hand, and could only say irritably, “Next time remember to knock when you enter the bathroom.
What if I’m taking a shower?”
How could Cheng Yin care about this now? Her mind was full of what she had just seen, so she reached out to grab Cheng Sheng’s hand.

“What’s wrong with you? Why is that part of your mouth ripped?”

Now that she has seen it, Cheng Sheng did not cover his mouth, and directly turned around to continue shaving.

Seeing his attitude, Cheng Yin asked anxiously: “Talk to me! Did you get into a fight with someone at school?”

At that, Cheng Sheng’s razor in his hand paused for a moment, and his eyebrows loosened a little, so he replied smoothly, “Yeah, I got into a fight with a classmate.”

Knowing the situation, Cheng Yin was relieved: “Did you win the fight?”

Cheng Sheng: “……”
Cheng Sheng quickly pushed Cheng Yin out.

Before reaching the door, she didn’t forget to ask: “Are you stealing someone’s girlfriend?”

“No!” Cheng Sheng tried to restrain his patience, “Fighting with someone while playing ball, you’re not allowed to tell mom and dad, do you hear me?”

“Don’t worry, I won’t tell mom and dad.”

Cheng Yin nodded understandingly, “If Mom and Dad know you’ve been practicing boxing for a few years and still get beaten up like this, they’ll be furious.”

Cheng Sheng: “……”

This week went by exceptionally fast.
In the blink of an eye it will be the National Day.

Even though it’s senior year, and everybody was expecting the heavy homework for the next seven days of vacation, and the monthly exams on Wednesday and Thursday when they return from the holiday break.

But that doesn’t stop everyone from looking forward to the holidays.
At least you can sleep in the morning.

They hung the countdown calendar for the college entrance exams on the wall in front of the classroom.
And as they tore one off each day, the numbers gradually changed.
Everyone’s usual conversation shifted to college entrance exams and universities.

“Which university do you want to go?”

When she got bored after class, Cheng Yin asked Xie Ying.

Although they had been classmates for over two years, Cheng Yin had never heard Xie Ying say which university she wanted to go to.

In Cheng Yin’s understanding, with Xie Ying’s grades, any university in China was at her disposal, which is why she never cared.
But Cheng Yin would like to know about it.

In case there is a chance, Cheng Yin might get into the same city as her.

“I didn’t think about any university.”

Xie Ying answered like that.

As expected.

Cheng Yin knew she was not thinking about these issues at all.

“Because I don’t even know what I want to study.”

Xie Ying said again.

“ Huh?”

Cheng Yin blinked her eyes.
Although seniors usually talk about college, they are basically talking about their visions of school, and almost no one thinks about majors.

“We learned mathematics, science, chemistry, language, English and biology in class, but there are more majors in college than that.”

It was a rare sight that Xie Ying actually also showed a confused expression.

She propped up her chin and looked at the books on the table, “I haven’t encountered other majors, so I don’t know the situation, but next year I’m going to enroll in a major, it’s so unreasonable, how do I know what I like if I haven’t been exposed to it.”

In this case, Cheng Yin did not comment.

If she can get into college, it’s already good.

Xie Ying was also very understanding and did not ask her.
“What about you? Have you thought about which university?”

“It’s not me choosing the university, it’s the university choosing me.”

Saying that, Cheng Yin still can’t help but start imagining college.

“Go to a place where you have family or friends, otherwise it’s too lonely.” Cheng Yin said, “If I had the choice …… either I would go to the same city with you or go with my brother.”

“Your brother is leaving?” Xie Ying suddenly asked, “Didn’t you say he was studying right here?”

“Yes, but he’s already in his third year of study.” Cheng Yin said, “He should continue to study for his PhD, maybe he will go somewhere else.”

Xie Ying asked, “Your brother is still studying for his PhD.
…… What is his major?”
“It was biology for undergraduate, and postgraduate study is so complicated that I can’t remember the name.”

“Oh …… biology ah ……”

Xie Ying still wanted to say something.
Chen Yan, who was sleeping next to Cheng Yin, was suddenly jolted awake by the ringing of his cell phone.

He raised his head, took out his phone, and hung up after looking.

A few seconds later, the phone called again.

Chen Yan still hung up.

This caller was very persistent and called again.

Chen Yan finally ran out of patience, picked it up, and said in the noisy classroom, “Is there a problem?”
Do not know what was said on the other side, Chen Yan did not answer, hung up the phone and went out.

Looking at his back, Xie Ying quietly said, “That look of his just now is so scary, oh.”

Cheng Yin also nodded her head.

Xie Ying said again, “Seems like he wants to hit someone.”

A fight?

Chen Yan is going to fight?

Cheng Yin’s heart suddenly hung in the air.

She looked up at the wall clock on the blackboard, 10:25, five minutes before class.

Cheng Yin followed him out, anyway.
Chen Yan has long legs and walks fast.
Cheng Yin could not see him anymore when he left the classroom.

She knew that Chen Yan had no one he knew at school, so she followed her instincts and walked towards the school gate.

As expected, she saw Chen Yan in the square, who was about to walk out of the school.

Cheng Yin hurriedly ran two steps to follow, just to reach the school entrance, only to see that Chen Yan was walking towards a woman.

The woman looks like she should be about the same age as Chen Yan, long curly hair, white dress, looks so gentle and feminine.

Cheng Yin could not hear what they said, only see the woman said something, Chen Yan followed her.

Thought there was going to be a fight.
It turned out to meet a beautiful woman.

Cheng Yin stood in place for a while, silently turned around and went back to the classroom.

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