The 20th Whisper

 Chen Yan’s sentence ‘it’s ugly’ directly made Cheng Yin’s mood hit rock bottom.

    Since childhood, no one has ever said she was ugly.

She frowned immediately, hung her head, and walked out.

Cheng Sheng was waiting for her at the door, and after saying thank you to Wang Yunhui, he took Cheng Yin downstairs.

    From the elevator to the car, Cheng Sheng did not speak.

Cheng Yin felt a little strange, but did not ask further.

She is also suffering right now.

    Back home, Cheng Yin went straight to her room.

Close the door, take out the exercise book, doing the questions for a while, and then review the previous questions.
When looking at it, Cheng Yin’s eyes were a little sour.

The grievances that were held in for a day were infinitely magnified when she was alone, especially when she saw the blank workbook.
The feeling of weakness that came over her was intensified.

Cheng Yin rubbed her eyes and found them wet.

    She sighed, got down, and looked at the pink unicorn lamp on the table.

Do not know whether the light was too strong, or she was looking too long, Cheng Yin’s tears slid down the corners of her eyes and onto her arms.

She did not want to wipe, her head was full of Xiao Siran’s sentence “You really think this bottom of the class, uneducated and brain-empty people can represent our school?” And the silence of the class.

This was too hurtful.
In her almost eighteen years of life, the only thing that made her more upset than this matter was the day her grandmother passed away.

She was only twelve years old at that time, and her grandmother returned home from the hospital, not even wanting to wear the oxygen mask, she hugged her and leaned against the bedside, breathless, “Grandma can’t see Ah Yin growing up, Ah Yin should be healthy and safe, be happy.”

And then said to her parents and brother at the bedside, “You have to protect Ah Yin.
Don’t let her be bullied.”

Somehow, when thinking of Grandma, Cheng Yin’s tears couldn’t stop, tears unknowingly dampened half of her sleeve.

Suddenly, there was a knock on the door.
Cheng Sheng called outside.
“Ah Yin, I want to come in.”

Cheng Yin immediately took tissues to wipe her tears.
When Cheng Sheng came in, her tears were dried, but her red eyes could not be hidden.

    And as soon as she opened her mouth, her voice sounded hoarse from crying.


Cheng Sheng, who was still wearing a mask, stood at the door, holding the door frame, and saw Cheng Yin’s red eyes and nose for a moment, and forgot to say anything.

“You can go out if there is nothing.” Cheng Yin turned her back to him.
“I have to do my homework.”

    Cheng Sheng looked at her back and frowned helplessly.

Ten minutes later, Cheng Sheng came in with a cup of hot milk.
“Drink your milk.”

By this time, Cheng Yin’s emotions had mostly recovered.
She held the cup and took a small sip.

    Cheng Sheng sat beside her and tried to speak several times, but swallowed back.

    Finally, he asked, “What did you eat for dinner?”

Cheng Yin did not dare to say that she ate ten strings of grilled scorpions and lied: “Claypot rice.”

    “With whom?”

Under normal circumstances Cheng Sheng will not ask too many questions, and Cheng Yin herself is a little weak, so said: “Xie Ying ah.”

    Cheng Sheng was silent for a long time.
Although Cheng Yin seems to write homework, but she actually keeps her ears open to catch Cheng Sheng’s reaction.

    For a long time, Cheng Sheng just sighed.

    “Ah Yin, didn’t I say I would pick you up from school this morning?”

    Cheng Yin make “ah” sound, “I forgot!”

    Cheng Sheng frowned more and pressed Cheng Yin’s hand, forcing her to stop writing her homework.

    “Why did you cry just now? Did someone bully you?”

    As expected, she was still discovered.

    Cheng Yin hurriedly said, “No no, just …… just scolded by the teacher.”
Cheng Sheng looked at Cheng Yin’s red ears.
His heart ached and sour.

His sister is crying today, definitely related to the desk mate called “Chen Yan”.

    Cheng Sheng sat in Cheng Yin’s room for a while.
The two siblings did not speak, each with their own agenda.

The time passed, and finally it was Cheng Sheng who broke the silence.

    He pointed to a biology question on Cheng Yin’s workbook and said, “Wrong.”

    Cheng Yin looked at the question and then looked at Cheng Sheng.

“Then what is the right thing to do?”

    Cheng Sheng was a bit confused.

This is the first time Cheng Yin asked him.
Usually if he pointed out where she did it wrong, she did not care, and said that the teacher will talk about it in class tomorrow.
When she came back the next day, her answer was still unchanged.

Cheng Yin buried her head in the question, thought for some time, and did not know how to answer.

His major is biology.
He can see Cheng Yin’s mistakes at a glance, but for him to explain to Cheng Yin, he could not use the theory of knowledge that high school students can understand.

It was too difficult for him to think at a lower level.

Several minutes passed, Cheng Yin did not receive a reply from Cheng Sheng.

“Brother, you …… can’t do it either?”

    Cheng Sheng: “You’d better listen to the teacher in class tomorrow.”

The next morning, when Cheng Yin arrived, the classroom was already full of people.
The last two seats are empty, hers and Chen Yan’s.

The homework for each lesson has been collected and Cheng Yin has to turn it in one by one.

The chemistry class representative is Xiao Siran, who is now counting the homework one by one.

    “Forty-three, forty-four, forty-five, forty-six …… who hasn’t handed in their chemistry work…”

    When she looked up, she saw Cheng Yin standing in front of her, holding her chemistry homework.

The girl in front of her was wearing a new school uniform, a slim suit buttoned up tightly, but she had tied a bow tie around her collar, making the serious school uniform look cute.

The pleated skirt is knee-length, which is why many girls are not willing to wear the new school uniform.
This length is too demonic.
If the calf is not thin enough, not long enough, not straight enough, wearing this would simply be suicide.

And Cheng Yin not only wore it but also put colored socks with high-top canvas shoes.

This is simply …… impatient to tell the world that I have a pair of stunning legs.

    Xiao Siran stopped looking at her, took the homework she handed over and sat down, saying nothing.

    But when Cheng Yin left, she couldn’t help but look back again.

She thought Cheng Yin would tie a double ponytail today, after all, after she did so yesterday, several boys in the class were apparently discussing it privately.

There were also boys from outside the class who came to see her.
  Didn’t expect her to wear an ordinary hairband today.

    But as soon as Cheng Yin turned her head and walked away, the surrounding boys started talking again about the new school uniform and the hairband she wore today.

    Xiao Siran sullenly fiddled with her homework and counted both sides, finally clearing out who else hadn’t turned in their homework.

    Chen Yan.

    She looked back and glanced at the empty seat.

So difficult.

Since the chocolate incident broke out, she felt that Zhang Yuehai looked at her strangely every day.

Actually, she did not know that Zhang Yuehai has taught for decades and has seen a lot of such things, and does not look down on Xiao Siran that much.

This is normal for teenage girls.
It’s not right to play a little trick, but it’s not enough to make Zhang Yuehai look down on her.

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