The people in the classroom were almost gone when Xie Ying and their hygiene team cleaned up.

    There were two more boys in the group who skipped on the pretext of playing basketball.

Xie Ying was furious, but also helpless.
These two boys have been like this since the first year of high school, shameless.
It is useless to talk about it.

It’s already autumn, and it’s getting dark faster.

    Xie Ying finished sweeping the floor, told Nie Nan to take out the garbage, she stayed in the classroom alone to mop the floor.

    Suddenly, someone knocked on the back door.

Xie Ying did not turn around, said: “You mop from the back row.
I’m almost done with the front.”

No sound.
Xie Ying turned around and saw a strange man standing at the door.

    He was wearing a white shirt and a mask.
His eyebrows were deep, but there was a sense of lightness.

    Xie Ying does not know how to describe it.

    It’s like the dusky sunset and like the morning wind.

He was probably the most suitable man Xie Ying had ever seen in a white shirt.

    “Who are you looking for?”

    Xie Ying asked.

    Cheng Sheng scanned the classroom and said, “Is Cheng Yin here?”

He was looking for Cheng Yin.
“She’s already left.” Xie Ying said, “She left with Chen Yan after school.”

“Chen Yan?”

    Cheng Sheng frowned.
“Who is Chen Yan?”

“It’s her desk mate.”

    Xie Ying saw Cheng Sheng take out his cell phone.
His long fingers were conspicuous.

    Xie Ying looked at his hand and was lost in thought.

Cheng Sheng dialed Cheng Yin’s cell phone, but it was turned off.

    Xie Ying saw what he was doing and quickly said, “Her phone ran out of battery this afternoon.”
 Cheng Sheng nodded and turned around to leave.

Xie Ying said again: “Don’t worry, she left with Chen Yan, it seems she went to make-up classes, it’s all right.”

    Cheng Sheng turned around and said, “Thank you.”

    Chen Yan drove the car, passing through the downtown traffic jam for a while, Cheng Yin has been looking out the window.

    Chen Yan followed her gaze and looked over.
It was a dessert store.


    Chen Yan asked.

    Cheng Yin nodded her head.
There was no appetite at noon, but after an afternoon passed, somehow she was hungry.

    Chen Yan immediately changed lanes and slowly parked the car on the side of the road.

    “You wait here.”

There were a few people in the store, and there were a dozen desserts in the window.

    Red, green, pink, black ……

    “What do little girls like to eat?”

    Chen Yan asked directly.

The staff pointed to a pink mousse and said, “Sakura Mousse, it’s one of our best sellers.”

Chen Yan paid and took the Sakura Mousse back to the car.

    Cheng Yin was a little confused.

    “Bought it for me?”

Chen Yan felt that this girl always loves to ask something that is obvious.

“Forget it if you don’t want to eat.”

    He made a gesture to take it back.

Unexpectedly, Cheng Yin really did not reach out to take it, and just looked at him in a daze.

“Really don’t want to eat?”

Cheng Yin slowly turned her head and looked out the car window again.
 “I was thinking of eating that ……”

    Chen Yan now realized that he had just guessed wrong.
Cheng Yin was looking at the store next to the dessert store.

What does that restaurant sell that is so attractive ah?

    It seems to be barbecue, eh?

    What? Grilled scorpions?


    Damn it.

    Chen Yan froze for a moment, “You want to eat …… grilled scorpions?”
 Cheng Yin blinked her eyes and whispered, “It’s delicious.”

    For the first time, Chen Yan burst out in front of a little girl.


The scenes were too magical.

Chen Yan, a man who claimed to be mature, elegant and calm, stood on the roadside, watching a delicate and cute little girl eating a grilled scorpion.

The evening breeze is blowing softly, and Chen Yan is a little on his head.

It’s okay to eat grilled scorpions, but f*cking buy ten skewers at a time.
It’s fine to buy ten skewers, but it’s fifty f*cking dollars for one skewer.

Chen Yan does not know why this broken scorpion is so expensive.
Why do you want to study and go to college? It’s better to sell grilled scorpions.

But the amazing thing is that he actually thought Cheng Yin was weirdly cute when she was eating grilled scorpions.

Her double ponytail was already a little loose and collapsed softly on the shoulders.

The corners of her mouth were stained with oil and glistened in the light as she chewed.

Great, Chen Yan thought, this oily look is strangely beautiful.

Is this grilled scorpion really that delicious?

Cheng Yin ate happily, she has not eaten grilled scorpions for a long time, Cheng Sheng always said this was hot and did not let her eat.

She felt a gaze over her head when she ate the last skewer left.
 Once she looked up, she saw Chen Yan staring at her.

    Cheng Yin looked at the last skewer of grilled scorpions in her hand.

    After a moment of hesitation, she said, “Do you want to eat?”

    Chen Yan tilted his head.


Then why did you stare at me for a long time?


Cheng Yin raised her hand and brought the scorpion to his mouth.

    “Take a bite.
It’s delicious.”
 Chen Yan did not move.

Cheng Yin brought the grilled scorpion toward his mouth again.

    “It’s really delicious.”

    The disgusting shape of the scorpion, and the bright eyes of the young girl.

    It was really over the head.

    Chen Yan lowered his head and took a bite.

    “Well, it’s not bad.”

    Chen Yan took Cheng Yin home and went back to his room after handing it over to Wang Yunhui.

Wang Yunhui was a little sick today and had a bit of a headache thinking that the person she was tutoring tonight was Cheng Yin.
But unexpectedly Cheng Yin today was much behaved than usual, and she did all the questions that she was asked to do, and not as slow as usual and playing with the pen and eraser.

    After the study, Wang Yunhui received a text message from Cheng Sheng, who was already waiting at the door.

She took Cheng Yin out of the study and ran into Chen Yan, who came out to drink water.

    He had changed his clothes, wearing a sports coat, as if he had exercised, with sweat on his neck and a hairband on his head.

    Cheng Yin looked stunned for a moment.


    Chen Yan asked Cheng Yin this question.

Cheng Yin nodded her head.
Chen Yan looked at her dumbfounded look and saw that she had been drained by her studies.

    “Go back and rest early.”

    Cheng Yin still nodded her head.

    Wang Yunhui gave him a strange look, but it was not good to say anything in front of Cheng Yin, so she just led Cheng Yin towards the door.

    “By the way.” Chen Yan spoke again.
“You’re shooting the promotional video tomorrow?”

    Cheng Yin turned around and said, “Yes.”

    Chen Yan held his glass of water, and his gaze rested on her hair.

“Don’t put on a double ponytail tomorrow.”

    Cheng Yin: “?”

    “It’s ugly.”

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