Cheng Yin went back to the classroom and realized that Xiao Siran had just cried too.

Maybe she was aggrieved about the promotional video, or maybe it was simply because Xie Ying scolded her.

She currently sitting in her seat wiping her tears, surrounded by several girls trying to persuade her.

    Cheng Yin walked into the classroom without a glance and sat down in her seat.

Only twenty minutes have passed, but Cheng Yin is like an outsider, looked at the language book and flips through the exercise book.

    Nie Nan carefully gave Cheng Yin a packet of small cookies, asking her, “Are you okay?”

Cheng Yin said nothing, unwrapped the cookies and munched on it.
Nie Nan assumed she should be fine.

He asked Chen Yan, “Are you still not leaving?”

Cheng Yin was eating cookies with great enthusiasm.
Her cheeks puffed out like a little hamster.

    Chen Yan resisted the urge to pinch her cheeks, forcibly averted his gaze, looked at Nie Nan, said: “I did not pay tuition or what?”

Nie Nan felt wronged.

He was just asking.

Who asked you to spend more and more time in school lately? People who don’t know may think you love to study.

Don’t know where Xie Ying has gone.
It’s almost time for class and she hasn’t returned.
The chemistry exercise books that were originally handed to her were piled up on the podium, and several group leaders went up to distribute them on their own.

    When Cheng Yin got her own exercise book, she turned it over and saw the big red cross inside, and sighed heavily.

Xie Ying came back, together with Zhang Yuehai.

    He stood on the podium, knocked on the table, the class quickly quieted down.

“Students, listen to me about something.
Today, Xie Ying proposed our class hold a study group system, a group of four people, which is exactly twelve groups.
Each month’s monthly exam is ranked by the average score of the study groups, and the last two groups are responsible for the class hygiene.
I think it is workable, not only can help each other but also can motivate everyone to study hard.
Coincidentally, there is still half a month before the next monthly exam, so let’s start with it.”
When Zhang Yuehai spoke, naturally there were people who opposed.

If some of the top students in the class spontaneously formed a group, wouldn’t they never have to clean up?

    But before they could object, Xie Ying stood up and said, “I’ll bring Qiu Zhengqi, Cheng Yin and Chen Yan.
Is that okay with everyone?”

    A few boys in the class immediately applauded and coaxed.

    “Sister Ying is awesome!!!”

    “No problem, no problem! Whatever Sister Ying says is right!”

Chen Yan: “……”
Damn it ……

Fine, Sister Ying.

    Cheng Yin quietly pulled Xie Ying’s sleeve.

“You don’t need to commit suicide gambling.”

But Zhang Yuehai agreed: “Very well, this way everyone will be together, I believe that our class will have a new level of achievement!”

This matter was settled.

    As soon as Zhang Yuehai left, the class discussed how to form teams, and Xie Ying worked diligently to specify the study plan.

Cheng Yin obviously saw Chen Yan’s face, written with a ‘f*ck, why do I have to do these things with a group of high school students?’ expression.
“You can not take part if you don’t want to.” Cheng Yin whispered.

They would have a higher chance of winning if he replaced by someone else.

    Xie Ying also glanced at Chen Yan when she heard that.

    “If you don’t want to, I won’t force you.”

    Of course, Chen Yan was not willing.

    If Ji Huaijin knew he had joined the study group, he would have been ridiculed for three days and three nights.

    At this time, Xie Changxing came over to find Xie Ying.

    “What is it?”
Xie Changxing glanced over Cheng Yin and Chen Yan, pursed his lips and said, “How about you split to follow me?”

Cheng Yin’s self-esteem was once again injured: “Hey, class monitor, what do you mean?”

Xie Changxing hurriedly waved his hand: “No, don’t overthink it! I’m just afraid that Xie Ying is too tired.”

    After saying that, he blushed.

    His eyes darted around, not knowing where to look.

Chen Yan caught his expression and remembered what Xiao Siran said today.

This kid, he wanted to be publicly in love at a young age, and he played his cards well.

“No need, we have arranged it.”
Chen Yan really doesn’t know which muscle he twitched.
He actually obediently sat in the classroom and listened to Xie Ying state her study plan.

“I roughly calculated our group’s average score reached four hundred and fifty, and then we can rush to the top eight.
I can get seven hundred points in the next monthly exam, and then you three ……”

Except for Chen Yan, Cheng Yin and Qiu Zhengqi are staring blankly at Xie Ying.

    “Three hundred and sixty-seven ……” Xie Ying paused for a moment and said to herself, “Then what is the use of you guys? It all depends on me alone to pull the average score.
How about this, each of you scored four hundred twenty-two, okay? This way, we can have an average score of four hundred and ninety.”

    Cheng Yin and Qiu Zhengqi looked at each other and said sheepishly, “It might be a little difficult.”

    Xie Ying asked Chen Yan again, “What about you?”

    Chen Yan snapped out of his daze.
“How much is it?”
Cheng Yin reminded him, “Four hundred and twenty.
Is it difficult?”

    “Yes, it is very difficult.”

This is not doing English and language in order to get 420, right?

Someone suddenly hooked his hand underneath.

Chen Yan turned sideways and saw Cheng Yin pulling his sleeve and whispering, “Let’s do it together, then.”

Chen Yan’s heart suddenly softened.

“420 then, I can do it.”

So Chen Yan sat in the classroom until school ended at noon.
For four hundred and twenty, it was fun enough.

    The boys in the classroom rushed out like hungry wolves to grab a meal, especially the people in the back row.

The only exception is Chen Yan, who slowly stood up and looked for his car keys in the drawer when he heard Xie Ying call Cheng Yin to go to eat with her.

Cheng Yin shook her head, lying on her desk, “You go, I’m not hungry.”

    “How can you not eat lunch? Let’s go.
Today is Monday.
The main dish is sweet and sour pork.” Xie Ying pulled Cheng Yin, “Let’s go.”

Actually, Cheng Yin has been depressed all day, everyone around can feel it.

She remembered that there still tutoring in the evening, and her heart’s mood was even more indescribable.
It would be really humiliating if she still failed the next monthly exam.

    “I really don’t want to go.” Cheng Yin broke away from Xie Ying’s hand, “I’m not hungry, you go.”

Xie Ying stared at Cheng Yin for a while and made sure she really didn’t want to go to eat, so she said sullenly, “Okay.”

    After Xie Ying left, Chen Yan sat down again.

    Cheng Yin was lying with her back faced to him.

   Chen Yan’s hands itched to fiddle with her ponytail, but found that the double ponytails were pressed by Cheng Yin’s arms.

“Are you still not happy?”
“Can I be happy?” Cheng Yin muttered, “Xie Ying doesn’t understand how hard it is for me.
Do you not understand it either?”

    Chen Yan: “……”

    He really doesn’t understand.

    Cheng Yin was quietly lying, her wide school uniform caged around her fingers, revealing only half of her slender fingertips.

    She reached out and fumbled around in the drawer, pulled out a tissue, and buried her head to wipe her eyes.

    Chen Yan suddenly got up and grabbed Cheng Yin’s school uniform collar.

“Let’s go eat.”

    Cheng Yin wailed and stomped her foot.
“I’m not hungry.”
“If you don’t go to eat, I’ll let my mom assign you double homework.
Buy one, get one free.”

    Cheng Yin: “……”

She still hadn’t figured out how Chen Yan could be so shameless when she appeared in the cafeteria.

The cafeteria is crowded, but there is no longer a queue at the food counter.

Cheng Yin and Chen Yan walked towards the counter, attracting the attention of many people.

Cheng Yin looked at the dishes on the counter and still had no appetite, so she casually pointed out the sweet and sour cabbage and said, “Just this one.”

The rice server aunty asked, “Don’t you want anything else?”

    Cheng Yin shook her head.
“No, I don’t want it.”
The aunt was puzzled, but after looking at Cheng Yin’s thin appearance; she didn’t think much of it and gave her an extra spoonful.

“Little girl is still growing up.
You need to eat more, ah.”

    Cheng Yin hung her head and nodded, and just as she caught the plate, she was held down.

Chen Yan stood behind her, his arm passed her shoulder and grabbed her wrist.

    “Auntie, give her two more dishes.”

    “I’m not eating.” Cheng Yin held the plate and wanted to leave, but Chen Yan suddenly stretched out his other hand and pressed Cheng Yin’s shoulder.

Cheng Yin was encircled in his arms.

She did not dare to move at once, her back against Chen Yan’s chest, his scent lingering on the tip of her nose.
Intimate scent.

And Chen Yan seems to be unaware of it, taking away her plate and putting it back in the window.

    The moment he leans over, his chin brushes against the top of Cheng Yin’s head, and the two of them press tightly together.

    Then they separated again.

    Auntie looked at the two, and her old face turned red.

    What the hell!

    What the hell!

This is a public school.
How can you be so intimate?

Chen Yan took a step back, probably because he noticed the aunt’s gaze.
 “My sister.”

    He touched the corner of his lips, feeling like he was deliberately explaining.

The aunt’s gaze swept over their faces again.

She was relieved.

After taking the dishes, Cheng Yin immediately turned around and walked away with her plate.

    Chen Yan stood in the same place for a moment, frozen in his tracks, before noticing that many students in the cafeteria were looking at them.

    He ignored it and walked towards Cheng Yin.

    Cheng Yin sat at a table by herself, and Chen Yan sat opposite her.

There’s whispering sound all around.

    — “Are these two in love?”

— “Definitely, you can see just now, she was hugged from behind.”

    — “Wow, that transfer student was taken so quickly, Cheng Yin is awesome.”

— “I said, why Dong Zheng can not chase Cheng Yin, I thought Cheng Yin was cold, but it turns out that Dong Zheng is not handsome enough.”

Cheng Yin heard it.
Her face became increasingly red and her head was about to be buried on the plate.

But she didn’t eat much.

Above her head suddenly sounded Chen Yan’s voice.

    “Still not eating? Do you want me to feed you?”
Cheng Yin’s hands shook a bit.
She haphazardly picked up two bites of rice and chewed for some time before saying in a daze, “You’re not eating?”


    Only then did Chen Yan remember he hadn’t eaten lunch either.

What kind of magic does this cheap sister have that makes him forget to eat?

    “I’m not hungry.”

Cheng Yin buried her head for a few more bites and put down her chopsticks.

    “I really can’t eat anymore.”

    She lowered her head and looked at the rice on her plate, her eyelashes fluttering, feeling like eating was killing her.
 “Okay.” Chen Yan finally compromised.
“If you don’t want to eat, then don’t eat.”

Cheng Yin felt that Chen Yan was strange today.

It’s almost the end of school and he hasn’t left yet.
He’s still sitting in his seat.

    Perhaps this is the power of learning.

    Why is learning so magical for others, but not for her?

Maybe it’s the reason that she thought, her parents distributed all the talent of learning to Cheng Sheng, and leaving a minor talent of imagination to her.

Like now, she imagines what is going on in Chen Yan’s head.

He is not leaving even after school is over.
Is the power of learning so great?

But she hadn’t seen him turn the page all afternoon.
  Cheng Yin put on her school bag and poked Chen Yan’s shoulder.

    “You’re still not leaving?”

    Chen Yan raised his head and stared at Cheng Yin for a moment.

    “Can’t you see that I’m waiting for you?”

    “Huh? Waiting for what?”

    Chen Yan got up and stroked a handful of her hair.

“What else is it for?”

The wind outside the window blew, and it blew the curtains and brush Cheng Yin’s face, covering her crimson-red face.

    She walked out with her head buried, her depression-filled mood finally seeing a hint of relief.
 But there is also a touch of melancholy.

    What was the reason?

    Was it the reason she thought?

    Xie Ying had to stay behind to clean up and didn’t care about Cheng Yin.

    Cheng Yin and Chen Yan went out of the school building.
The sunset stretched their shadows.

    Neither of them spoke.

    Although Cheng Yin wanted to speak, she didn’t know what to say.

    — The two girls passed by Chen Yan, turned back frequently, and then one of them turned back again.

Cheng Yin had an impression of that girl, but couldn’t remember where she had seen her before.
“Hello, excuse me…… are you senior Chen Yan of class 5?”

The girl tilted her head and looked at Chen Yan.
Her voice was soft and shy.


    Cheng Yin remembered.

It was the same girl who checked the school uniform last time and noted Chen Yan’s name.


    Chen Yan did not open his mouth.

    The girl was holding her phone in her hand, but her eyes kept glancing at her companion.

    Her companion was hiding behind a pillar, making mouth shapes with the girl.
The girl gulped again and said, “That …… Can you give me your WeChat?”

    Cheng Yin: “……”

    Sure enough, she knew it.

Cheng Yin twisted her back and did not look at them.

    Several seconds passed before Cheng Yin heard Chen Yan speak.

    “Sorry, I don’t have a cell phone.”

    Cheng Yin: “……”

Don’t know why, but at this time she was a little sad for that girl.

    Before Cheng Yin could turn around, that girl walked away with a red face.
Chen Yan turned on his side and grabbed Cheng Yin’s ponytail.

“Are you going or not?”


    Cheng Yin resumed walking side by side with Chen Yan towards the outside of the school.

    During that time, she secretly looked at Chen Yan several times.

    “Don’t look at me.” Chen Yan’s footsteps did not stop, but slowed down.
“What are you trying to say?”

    “I’m not looking at you.” Cheng Yin immediately aimed her gaze at the other side.
“I just think the way you reject people is so cruel, oh.”

Chen Yan laughed and said nothing.
Just then, Cheng Yin saw another familiar figure appear ahead.

    It was Dong Zheng.

    Dong Zheng was happy as soon as he saw Cheng Yin, but then saw Chen Yan on the side, his enthusiasm instantly dropped by a large margin.


How did little cutie Cheng Yin be together with Chen Yan again?

No, it’s too dangerous, she can’t follow the poor example of Chen Yan.

So Dong Zheng plucked up courage, walked to Cheng Yin, glanced at Chen Yan, said: “Cheng Yin ah, are you going home alone?”

    Chen Yan: “……”
Am I not a human being?

Cheng Yin obviously also showed a puzzled expression.

    Dong Zheng coughed and said again, “I’ll send you home.”

    Cheng Yin was silent.

    “Sorry, I don’t have a home.”

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