Chapter 1: The First Whisper

The beginning of August is the hottest time of the year, and while most students are still enjoying their summer vacation, Third High is already bustling with activity.

Today is the day that senior high school begins.

According to the previous year’s routine, senior students will start school a month earlier.

Cheng Yin is standing in front of the classroom with her schoolbag on her back, boringly fiddling with the tips of her hair that are hanging down in front of her chest.

It’s already 4:30 p.m., and there’s one last class, but they don’t have to go to class.
The school has arranged a parent meeting today.

Many parents came early and entered the classroom as soon as the bell rang, and their children play in the playground or go to the cafeteria for snacks.

Cheng Yin was waiting for her brother to attend the parent-teacher meeting.

This year, her mother and father were transferred to another place for a year and could not come back, so the task of attending the parent-teacher meeting fell on her brother.

“Your brother hasn’t come yet?”

After Xie Ying took her grandmother into the classroom, she came out to find Cheng Yin.

The two are best friends, the kind who go to the bathroom together.

“Well, it should be soon.” Cheng Yin said, “Wait a little longer.”

Xie Ying accompanied Cheng Yin to stand at the door and wait together.

“By the way, did you know that a transfer student is coming to our class this semester?”

“Hmm?” Cheng Yin asked, “It’s already senior year and still transferring?”

“Yeah, I don’t know what’s going on.” Xie Ying pointed to the classroom.
“There’s only a single person in our class.
The transfer student should be your desk-mate.”

Cheng Yin was not interested in transfer students now.
Her mind was full of the parent-teacher meeting.

She took out her phone, found her brother’s number, and hesitated again.

She did poorly on the final exam last semester, and today the teacher is going to hand out all the test papers, so if his brother sees it, he will definitely scold her.
It’s better to forget about it.

If his brother forgot, or came late, the teacher couldn’t blame her for it then.

“What’s wrong?” Xie Ying urged, “It’s about to start.”

The more Xie Ying urged, the more nervous Cheng Yin became.

She simply turned around and walked in the other direction.

The school building of the Third High had two exits, one was the staircase that normal students usually took, and the other exit connected to the office building.
Cheng Yin walked to the office building and then went out via the stairs of the office building.

This way, she would not meet her brother.

She slowly walked alone.

Although school is not yet over, but because of the parent-teacher meeting, the school entrance is wide open, and the security guard will not stop students who want to go home early.

Cheng Yin left the school smoothly, estimating the time when the parent-teacher meeting would end.

The class teacher is a chatterbox.
Even if it is brief, it will take two hours.
Cheng Yin felt that such a good time can not be wasted, she should go to the food street to stroll.

So Cheng Yin called a dedicated taxi, and when she saw that the driver still had a few minutes to arrive, she went to the sidewalk and waited.

She was bored and took out her phone to brush up on her Weibo account, but the commotion on the side attracted her.

— Someone was fighting.

It was two boys in third-grade school uniforms who got into a fight.

Within a few minutes, there were students watching, but no one was up to stop the fight.
One boy was carrying a basketball bag, and as he fought, he was pushed to the ground and the basketball rolled out.

Probably because he felt so embarrassed to be pushed in front of so many people, he became irritated and grabbed the basketball and smashed it.

Unfortunately, when he was angry, his aim was not accurate, and the basketball missed by a hundred thousand miles and flew in the other direction.

The crowd gasped.

Everyone’s eyes followed the basketball and then saw it smash into a passing boy who was talking on the phone, straight towards his head.
Although he is very tall, with broad shoulders and long legs, but he does not look strong.

The strength of the 17 or 18-year-old boy should not be underestimated, if the head is smashed, although it is not a concussion but it will bleed.

However, the next second, the boy frowned, raised a hand, and hit the flying basketball.

The basketball flew towards the grass at a faster speed than earlier.

And his other hand was still holding the phone, did not move a bit.

This time, the contrast of power is obvious.
The boy hit the ball away, but as if nothing happened, faintly swept a glance at the two perpetrators with a bit of impatience, and then continued to talk on the phone and walked away.

That glance made the boy forget to get up from sitting on the ground.

The people in the scene froze for a moment, their attention was still on that person for a long time.

Cheng Yin’s gaze was also glued to him, watching him walk in her direction.

When the two brushed past each other, the boy gave Cheng Yin a casual glance, his gaze lingering only for a moment, before passing her and heading for the Third High gate.

Research by psychologists has shown that when humans see someone who resembles them, the area of the brain that understands people’s emotions becomes sensitive and easily empathizes with the character.

Cheng Yin does not know psychology, she interpreted her blush as – the other person looks amazing.

Although there was only a moment to look at each other, Cheng Yin remembered his eyebrows.

The eyes have a narrow and long shape, and the end of the eyes are pointed upward, which should be as gentle as water, with a deep emotion in the eyes.

But when he looked at the boy on the ground.
Only one glance, and his eyes are very aggressive.
It makes people think about how arrogant he should be under the white skin.

Cheng Yin subconsciously want to look again, but the boy has already walked into the school when she turned around.

Third High.

Cheng Yin was certain that she had never seen such a person before.

Regardless of girl’s age, the boy with the same appearance is always somewhat tasteless.
If you are tall and can be described as “pretty”, and have a natural arrogance, you should be the center of attention everywhere.

If he was a boy in the third grade, his reputation would have spread.
But Cheng Yin has never heard of it.

Thinking about it, Cheng Yin was lost.

He should be a relative of some student who just came to attend a parent-teacher meeting today.

Cheng Yin’s cell phone rang.
It was a call from the dedicated taxi driver.

“Hello, I have arrived at the place you have marked ……”

“Okay, I’m coming.” Cheng Yin took one last look at the school and turned around to walk towards the car.
“Chen Yan? Are you listening to me?”

On the other end of the phone, Ji Huaijin chattered endlessly.

Chen Yan walked into the school, looked up and saw a certain building crowded with people, so he lifted his feet and walked in.

“What’s wrong?”

“What happened to you just now?”

Chen Yan did not want to mention, but after a pause, he jokingly said, “I just saw a girl in front of the Third High.”
Ji Huaijin laughed on the other end of the phone: “Girls? What’s wrong? Which girl is actually worthy of your special attention?”

Thinking of the girl’s appearance, Chen Yan laughed lightly.
“A high school student.
She looks a bit like me.”

Hearing this kind of thing, Ji Huaijin instantly lost interest.
“Do you want to go on a road trip this weekend? You used to be in the national team and never went out with us.
This time, it was a perfect chance.
We’re going to Lake Xinghu and will stay for two days.
Isn’t romantic watching stars and the moon at night?”
“No.” Chen Yan said, “I’m going to study.”

“Study? For what?”

Chen Yan said, “Back to study in high school, senior high school.”

The other end of the phone was silent for two seconds and let out a burst of laughter.

Without waiting for the other party to continue, Chen Yan hung up the phone.

He had already walked to the door of the 5th classroom of senior high school.

The parents’ meeting has not yet begun.
There are still many students standing at the door.
Once they see him coming, their eyes are naturally attracted to look at him.
Chen Yan is used to the attention.
He did not care, and pushed open the back door of the classroom, but saw that it was full of parents.

The only empty space is the two tables in the last row.

One table is full of books and stationery, the other table is empty, and there is no owner yet.

Chen Yan sat down and took another look at the classroom.

He was supposed to report this morning, but when he drove to the road and through busy downtown, the car speed dropped to 30 and moving like a turtle, and brushed up against an old man, and naturally blackmailed.
After this matter was dealt with, it was already 4:00 p.m., and school was almost over.

However, on the first day of reporting, it is necessary to appear in front of the class teacher, so Chen Yan still came to school.

But he didn’t expect to be in a parent-teacher meeting at this moment.

A Mediterranean man walked in with a lot of spirit.

“Hello parents, I’m Zhang Yuehai, the homeroom teacher and language teacher of class 7.
Everyone be quiet, we’ll start the meeting right away!”

The class indeed quieted down, and all the parents looked at the teacher on the podium with respect.
Zhang Yuehai cleared his throat and asked the class monitor to hand out the test papers from last semester.

The first one was Cheng Yin’s test paper.
The class monitor walked directly to the back row.

He saw Chen Yan, with a face that resembled Cheng Yin’s, and tacitly agreed that this was Cheng Yin’s biological brother.

So the class monitor put the test paper in front of Chen Yan, turned around, and left.

Chen Yan did not even look at it, directly put the test paper to the side, but accidentally knocked over Cheng Yin’s pencil case.

He reached out to pick up a pen topped with a cherry doll.
Then there was a pen topped with a pink hair ball.

And a pen studded with rhinestones.


Chen Yan couldn’t help but glance at the score on the test paper next to him.

Oh, the results are not very good, but the equipment is quite fancy.

A breeze leapt in from the window, blowing up Cheng Yin’s test paper, swaying in the air, and finally landing in front of Chen Yan again.

Chen Yan lowered his eyes, carelessly swept a glance.
On the page of the essay, in the first line, neatly written in a beautiful font –

My idol Chen Yan

Chen Yan squinted his eyes.


He looked down.

My idol, Chen Yan, is a fencer.
He won the national championship in the junior division at thirteen, and he topped the Asian Games at seventeen and got the World Cup championship at nineteen.
But when he was twenty, he failed to reach the quarterfinals of the championship and was inactive for a long time.
When everyone thought he would be gone for good, he reappeared in the spotlight, winning the championship in one go, and everyone said he was a genius.

Chen Yan read down the ten lines at a glance, the corners of his mouth slightly raised.

He didn’t expect to meet a little fan here.

However, seeing the next paragraph, Chen Yan frowned and had a vague feeling of awful premonition.

But Einstein said that success is one percent of talent and ninety-nine percent of sweat. 
Friend, this is what Edison said.

Chen Yan continued to read on.

When Chen Yan was ten years old, his family was broke and could not afford the expensive cost of the fencing practice.
But he did not give up, and he woke up every morning at five o’clock to sell buns, and went to the night market to set up a stall after he finished training, and finally raised enough money to pay for his studies.

Chen Yan: “……”

How did I not know that I had sold buns and even set up a stall?

Further down the page, it is even more unbearable.

Chen Yan worked his way up, but genius is perhaps always tough, just as the sky is jealous of the beauty easily.
Chen Yan was hit in a car accident and broke both legs.

Chen Yan’s eyelids jumped, resting on the healthy legs under the desk and somehow it hurts vaguely.

He did not know if the weather changed too quickly and got rheumatism.

He was helpless, confused, disappointed, and resentful.
But he never gave up.
He could finally stand up successfully through continuous high-intensity rehabilitation.
Even the doctor who was in charge of him said it was a miracle.

Chen Yan: “Huh?”

A flower blooms because of the spring breeze; a leaf is dyed red because of the autumn sun.
The outside world can still change flowers and plants, but the genuine spirit is pure and untainted, never changed by external forces.
Just as Chen Yan never gave up because of his disability, even if he was ridiculed as a cripple, he could stand up again and run, and prove to the world that he could!

Chen Yan: “……?”

The author has something to say:
Chen Yan: I can not.
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