Cheng Yin returned home a bit late, and the nanny waited for her before leaving.

There was only Cheng Yin left alone in the house.
She sat in the living room and called her parents to talk about the promotional video for the school festival.

“Baby is outstanding! Send it to mom and dad when it’s done.
We’ll send it to our circle of friends and show our baby to our colleagues.”

Cheng Yin giggled, didn’t notice Cheng Sheng had returned.

Cheng Sheng was wearing a mask, and walked straight through the living room towards the room.

    Cheng Yin saw his back, and said to the phone, “Brother is back.”

On the other side of the phone, mom and dad told her to put Cheng Sheng on the phone.
Cheng Yin took the phone and went to open Cheng Sheng’s door, but it was locked.

    “Brother, Mom and Dad want you to answer the phone.”

“Changing my clothes.” Cheng Sheng’s voice came out.
“I’ll call later.”


Cheng Yin returned to the living room and continued to speak on the phone.
Cheng’s father and mother asked about the monthly exam results, Cheng Yin froze for a moment and whispered her results.

The mother said nothing, but the father laughed and said, “It’s okay, baby, next time try harder, do not let yourself stress too much.”

Mother Cheng interjected: “Mom and Dad will come back on the National Day and take you guys to eat delicious food.”

“Okay, I miss you both.”

    “Mommy and Daddy miss you too.”

Cheng Yin chatted with her parents again for a while, hung up the phone and heard a noise in the bathroom, and thought it might be Cheng Sheng.

    She went over and knocked on the door.
“Brother, have you eaten yet?”

    Cheng Sheng nonchalantly answered the sound.

    “Are you eating or not?” Cheng Yin said, “If you haven’t eaten, the nanny left some food.
I’ll heat it up for you.”


In the bathroom, Cheng Sheng turned on the faucet.
“I’m going to take a shower.
Don’t stand in the doorway.”


Cheng Yin thought little about it, took out the coconut milk taro balls left for her by the nanny, and sat down at the dinner table and watched anime while eating.

She carelessly engaged in it and watched for over 40 minutes before returning to her senses.

    Cheng Sheng was still in the bathroom.

    Cheng Yin went to knock on the door again.

“Brother, are you eating midnight snacks inside?”

    Cheng Sheng: “……”

    The door opened, and Cheng Sheng walked out wearing a mask.

    “What are you doing? You still wear a mask at home?”

Cheng Yin asked.

“I have a cold, and I’m afraid I’ll infect you.” Cheng Sheng walked towards the room.

    Cheng Yin chased after him and asked, “Did you go to the hospital?”

    Cheng Sheng: “Yes.”

Cheng Yin: “Then can you still be saved?”

    Cheng Sheng: “……”

    “If you don’t do your homework again, I’m going to hit someone.”

    Cheng Yin said nothing, stomping back to the room.

The next morning, Cheng Yin woke up and saw that her votes had exceeded Xiao Siran by over two hundred votes.
Chen Yan is really powerful.
Ah, it’s worth being a senior for five years.
Having five different classes of students is different.

“Look how happy you are.” Xie Ying curled her lips and recited, “Look how calm Xiao Siran, as if she didn’t care.”

    Xiao Siran is still studying and answering questions in class, not affected at all by what happened before.

“Anyway, now the entire class knows that I am campaigning for votes, so I won’t hide it.
I don’t care whether she cares.”

    Xie Ying looked toward Xiao Siran’s seat, rubbed her chin, and said, “I always feel that things are not so simple.”

It turned out that Xie Holmes Ying was right.

The school art festival was on Friday afternoon.
This type of festival is the celebration of the first and second year of high school and has nothing to do with the third year of high school.
Last month, when reporting the program, all senior classes were doing a perfunctory job, some reported a poem recitation, some made a musical instrument solo, and some even did not report it.

    Class 5 was represented by Xiao Siran, who reported a piano solo.

Never seen her prepare for the past month and, just like the rest of the class, doing what they should do.

    Until this afternoon, the school gave the senior class a break.

Cheng Yin and Xie Ying went to the store to buy ice cream before wandering to the auditorium to see the performance.

After all, it’s just an art festival, which is not too grand, and there are even many students in the auditorium with books to read.
But the senior’s performance is too casual, they did not even change their clothes, and wore the school uniform on stage.

Cheng Yin and Xie Ying are not interested.

    “Forget it.
Go back to class.” Xie Ying said, “Nie Nan and the others are watching a movie.”

“Okay.” Cheng Yin threw away the ice cream, wiped her hands, and was about to turn around when she suddenly heard the host introduce.

    “Next up is Xiao Siran from senior class 5.
Let’s give her a round of applause for <>.”

    Cheng Yin and Xie Ying both paused in their steps, and they looked at each other, understanding each other’s meaning.

“It’s only a few minutes away.
Let’s listen to it before we go?”
  Cheng Yin said.

    “Hmm.” Xie Ying nodded, “I think it’s okay.”

The two returned to the corner and looked at Xiao Siran, who slowly walked onto the stage.

    She was just like the other seniors, not prepared for the performance, nor did she wear makeup, just wearing her school uniform.

    But when she sat down in front of the piano and fiddled with the microphone stand, Cheng Yin and Xie Ying knew that someone was about to make a big move.

    As soon as the stage lights came on, Xiao Siran’s fingers hit the keys.

    — Cheng Yin knew she had lost.

The music flowed from the keys at when Xiao Siran opened her mouth.
— Cheng Yin not only knew that she had lost, she also felt that she had fallen.

Cheng Yin’s starry-eyed looking at Xiao Siran on stage in her school uniform: “Sounds nice, oh.”

    Xie Ying: “……”

    The single-celled creature is really a single-celled creature.

    At the end of the song, the whole auditorium thundered with applause.

    Cheng Yin applauded genuinely.

“Oooooh, play and sing so well.”
 Just after Cheng Yin finished, Xiao Siran stood up, bowed towards the audience, and then said frankly: “Thank you all for liking this song, and please vote for me, too.”

    Cheng Yin: “…………”

Great idea.

    The day after the art festival, Xiao Siran’s votes rose to catch up, and by the second week, it had steadily crushed Cheng Yin.

Xie Ying saw this number of votes and was furious.
She knew that Xiao Siran would definitely pull votes on the day of the festival, but she didn’t expect the effect to be so good.

But the person in question, Cheng Yin, did not react at all, and was even somewhat convinced.
“She deserves to win.” Cheng Yin said admiringly.
“She can play the piano and dance, and she sings so well, I’m willing to lose.”

    Xie Ying leaned on the table and looked at Cheng Yin speechlessly.

    “You have a big heart.”

Cheng Yin also lying on the table, looking at the side of Chen Yan’s empty seat, pulling her own double ponytail play.

Last night Cheng Yin secretly reading manga under the blanket, accidentally read until late and caused to get up late in the morning.
The nanny dragged her up from bed, pulled her to the bathroom, and combed a double ponytail for her while she was brushing her teeth.

“Ugh, then what can I do? The voting ends today, and I can’t practice the piano right now.”
 Xie Ying turned away and ignored her.

    “What is it?”

Chen Yan walked in, scooped up the books Cheng Yin had piled on his desk, paused, and put them back.

    “Why are you here so early today?”

Cheng Yin suddenly lifted her head, propped up her chin, and looked at Chen Yan.

    Chen Yan’s footsteps paused, his gaze fixed on Cheng Yin.

    This double ponytail ……
  It’s too damn cute.

Cheng Yin blinked and looked at him.

Chen Yan didn’t know if his hands were itchy, but he suddenly scraped Cheng Yin’s pointy chin with his index finger.

“You’re quite broad minded.”


    Because of this subconscious action of his, the air seems to have frozen.

Cheng Yin’s eyes stopped blinking and just stared at Chen Yan, and only after a long time she said, “Why are you moving your hands again?”
 Chen Yan leisurely pulled the stool and sat down, crossed his legs and said, “You have rice grains on your chin.”

    Cheng Yin: “……”

She touched her chin while she took out a small mirror quickly and saw nothing.
Before remembering a very important thing.

    “I didn’t eat any rice at all this morning.”


Chen Yan said bluntly, “Maybe you left it last night, and were going to eat it today.”


Cheng Yin turned back to organize her desk.
 Chen Yan stared at the side of her face for a long time.

Perhaps sensing the gaze, Cheng Yin slowly turned away and whispered, “Why are you looking at me?”

    “What did you eat this morning?”


    “Ask you, what did you eat?”

    “Poached eggs and mango milk.
What’s wrong?”


    Chen Yan turned away and stopped looking at Cheng Yin.

    No wonder it’s all creamy and milky.
There were still a few minutes before the morning reading class, and the classroom had already quieted down.

Xiao Siran, who came later, was especially notable in such an ambience.

    She has a very obvious change today.

There is no more signature pair of glasses, the contact lenses should replace it.
After all, her index is not low.

Her hair was draped down, and she had a bangs cut.

    She walked to her seat and the students in front and behind her were looking at her.

Perhaps she was slightly embarrassed.
Xiao Siran quickly go to her seat, panicked and took out a book to read.

    The small talk slowly continued to the back row.

Xie Ying collected the homework, and the table couldn’t fit, so she put a pile directly onto Chen Yan’s desk, then turned sideways to talk to Cheng Yin.

“Really, who doesn’t know it would have thought she is going to shoot a video.”

From this point of view, Xie Ying is a qualified best friend.

Those who don’t like Cheng Yin, she can’t like them as well.

    “Hey, hey, you keep your voice down.” Cheng Yin pointed to the back of her.
“Pei Fei is over there.”
  Pei Fei is Xiao Siran’s best friend.

“So what if she heard?” Xie Ying said with carelessness, “You haven’t settled the score with her for slandering you and Chen Yan for being in a relationship.”

Chen Yan: “……”


No, why does Xie Ying The Bully have to use the word “slander”? Why does it sound weirdly derogatory?

Cheng Yin suddenly blushed, nervously glanced at Chen Yan, and found that he had no expression before pulling Xie Ying.

“Okay, okay, stop talking about it, it is impossible.
Don’t worry about her.
Teacher Zhang does not believe it.
You should not mention it again.”
Xie Ying turned back, Cheng Yin took out the language book and read, while secretly glancing at Chen Yan.

 Cheng Yin’s ears were hot with embarrassment for a moment.

But seeing Chen Yan’s indifferent look, she feels strangely disappointed.

    The sound of reading gradually got louder.

Cheng Yin suddenly remembered that Monday morning was a routine check of appearance.
Chen Yan still did not wear the school uniform, so she reminded him that this morning there would be an inspection.

    Chen Yan didn’t take it too seriously, and took out the school uniform from the locker at the back, which was still in the plastic seal.
Last year, the school uniform was changed.
The freshmen and sophomores all wore western-style uniforms, while only the seniors still had their old uniforms.
But although the western style looks good, it is not as convenient as the old school uniform, which can be used as a pillow, rag and cushion anytime and anywhere, so most of the seniors are still wearing the old school uniform, just like Cheng Yin, who has not worn the new school uniform yet.

Cheng Yin thought that Chen Yan would wear the western style one and was looking forward to him wearing a suit, but unfortunately he took out an old school uniform shirt.

    Chen Yan opened his arms and casually put on his clothes.

    When he zipped up, he suddenly turned his head and looked at Cheng Yin.

Cheng Yin thought Chen Yan found her peeking at him and immediately said, “You quickly put it on.
Someone is coming to check!”
Chen Yan responded, zipped up, and added: “Do you feel,..
we wear the same school uniform, it seems ……”

    He paused.

Cheng Yin’s breathing tensed.

There has been a popular saying among these high school students.

School uniform is the first couples’ outfit.

He …… should not be saying that they seem to wear couple’s outfit, right?

    Cheng Yin pinched the pen and said nervously, “What, what?”

    Chen Yan said faintly: “Parent-child outfits.”

    Cheng Yin: “……”

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