Chen Yan didn’t leave after the class.

Cheng Yin felt strange and asked, “Are you not leaving today?”

Chen Yan raised his eyes to glance at her.
“Didn’t I pay my tuition?”

Cheng Yin lowered her head and whispered forcefully, “How much is the tuition fee? You really want to exhaust the advantages of a nine-year mandatory education.”

“Of course.”

Cheng Yin no longer pay attention to him, and only when Zhang Yuehai walked in, she realized.

    The last class was a language class.
Chen Yan always gave Zhang Yuehai face and would not skip his class.

Before the class started, Zhang Yuehai spent ten minutes talking about the 100-year celebration of the Third High next month.

The school will invite many alumni to come back and visit, and will also hold various activities, and shoot a promotional film and produce a school magazine.
 At the end, he added: “But it has nothing to do with our senior year, ha ha.”

Then, why do you say so much?

    The last class passed in a flash.
Today Cheng Sheng came to pick up Cheng Yin from school.
She left the classroom early with her backpack.

And Zhang Yuehai held Chen Yan up, saying he wanted to have a brief chat with him.

When Chen Yan came out, there was no one left in the school.

    He walked out slowly, his mood inexplicably relaxed.

    When he passed the library, he saw Dong Zheng and the others again.

    Unlike the previous encounters, this time, Dong Zheng and the others were blocking the two girls in the corner, and the situation looked tense.
Chen Yan had already walked by, but thinking back to the two girls’ scrawny look, his heart feeling slightly uneasy.

    So he walked back again.

    “What are you doing?”


Dong Zheng jolted.

    He turned around and saw that it was really Chen Yan standing behind him.

    “None of your business.”

    At these words, He Lizhi also winced and whispered, “Zheng, brother Zheng, don’t be impulsive.
I don’t want to work in his father’s factory yet.”
“F*ck, you think I want to?”

The two girls behind him saw that there was help and immediately grabbed their phone’s back from He Lizhi’s hand and ran away quickly.

Chen Yan saw the situation and said, “Robbery?”

    Dong Zheng said angrily, “F*ck! Don’t you f*cking look down on people!”

    He Lizhi again pulled his stupid fist, “Brother Zheng, don’t be impulsive, impulsiveness is the devil.”

Dong Zheng gritted his teeth in silence for a while and said, “What? Can’t I vote for Cheng Yin?”

Chen Yan suddenly stepped forward.
“What vote?”
Dong Zheng did not reply.
He Lizhi looked around and tugged Dong Zheng’s sleeve.
Dong Zheng only reluctantly showed the phone interface to Chen Yan.

It’s a WeChat Public polling article.

— Third High 100th Anniversary is going to be recorded! Choose the most suitable girl in your mind!

Chen Yan looked at it and also took out his own phone.

    “Here, add a WeChat.”

    Dong Zheng: “Huh???”

The next morning, a story was spread throughout the Third High.

The big brother Dong Zheng and He Lizhi and the others went around looking for people to add WeChat.

    It seems that they are going to do small business.

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