When Chen Yan came out of the hospital, it was already noon.

    Before he even stepped out of the hospital building, Jiang Wenwen followed him out.

    “Chen Yan, where are you going?”

    “School.” Chen Yan walked towards the parking lot.

    Jiang Wenwen followed closely behind him and asked, “High school?”

Chen Yan: “What else?”

    With patients coming and going around him, it was noisy, and Jiang Wenwen suddenly reached out and pulled Chen Yan’s shirt.

“Do you have to take college entrance exams?”

Chen Yan stopped in his tracks and looked back at Jiang Wenwen.
“Isn’t this all thanks to you?”

    With that, he stroked away Jiang Wenwen’s hand and left at a brisk pace.

In the afternoon, the Third High was as quiet as a painting.

The guard squatted in front of the gate and tease the dog.
A few girls who did not take a nap strolled around, and senior boys played basketball in the field.

    Chen Yan walked quickly towards the school building.

In late September, the sun is still emitting its last remnants.
Chen Yan dodged the burning sunlight and passed through the sophomore class when the girls inside turned their heads and whispered.
  — “Who’s that?”

— “It seems to be the senior transfer student, the one from Cheng Yin’s class.”

— “So handsome, more handsome than Gu Li Ao in the sports class!”

    — “But I heard he failed to get into college after five years of exams.”

    — “Uh ……”

— “And his father is a gangster, and has been in the prison, just got released.”

    — “Oh, so scary.”
Chen Yan was unaware of these gossips about him, he only wanted to go to the classroom quickly …… to enjoy the AC for a while.

He dashed through the corridor.
At this time, Dong Zheng and his brothers walked arrogantly with their shoulders tied together.

    Chen Yan is a little annoyed.

These seventeen or eighteen-year-old boys, just like unrestrained Huskies.
If you hit them, their bones will be broken.
Although they’re not considered a flower of the country, but there is always the rule of law society.
And get yourself to the police station for a few days.
It is not worth it.

Don’t fight it, the husky can do things only you can’t think of and there is nothing it can’t do.

During the seconds when Chen Yan tangled with how to deal with Dong Zheng and the rest of them, Dong Zheng suddenly stopped in his tracks and then whistled.
And swayed stiffly and politely passed by Chen Yan.
He Lizhi: “Brother Zheng, where do we go tonight?”

Dong Zheng: “Just play the game.
Now the country is vigorously fighting crime and eliminating evil.
Don’t you know that?”

He Lizhi: “Oh oh, then where are we going to play games tonight?”

Several boys’ voices gradually faded, Chen Yan looking at their backs for a while.

He didn’t expect these boys didn’t hold a grudge at all, could it be that he had been out of the high school for too long, and now the school bullies were talking about benevolence, righteousness, propriety, wisdom and faith, and were actively responding to national policies.

Arriving at the fifth classroom, Chen Yan looked in through the back door.
Most people were sleeping and only two or three people were still reading books.
He slowly pushed open the door and gingerly sat down in his seat.

Cheng Yin is sleeping on her school uniform pillow, with her back facing Chen Yan.

    The two cherries on the hairband of her ponytail today are red and glowing in the sunlight.

    Chen Yan did not hold back and reached out to poke the two cherries.

    Cheng Yin suddenly moved, Chen Yan immediately withdrew his hand, picked up the pen on the table and turned it.

    Only then did he notice that there was an exercise book on his desk that did not belong to him, with neat handwriting and basically correct answers.

    Without looking at the name, he knew it was not Cheng Yin’s.

    “Whose exercise book is this?”
Cheng Yin did not wake up, but another voice came to his ears.

    “This is mine.”

    Chen Yan turned around and saw an unfamiliar girl.


    The moment Xiao Si Ran saw Chen Yan, the corner of her tightly pursed lips suddenly loosened.

    “Are you the new student?”

    Chen Yan nodded and handed the exercise book to her.

    Xiao Si Ran took the exercise book, clutched it to her chest, hesitated for a moment, and said, “Have we met somewhere before?”

She was telling the truth, except that she had forgotten.
When she learned that Cheng Yin was studying fencing during the second semester of her first year, she followed information about the fencing.

She didn’t know which day it was, but she saw a report on Chen Yan and remembered it very well.

But then Cheng Yin’s fencing performance never got better, and Xiao Si Ran stopped paying attention to fencing, but she still had an impression of this face and this name.

    When Chen Yan said nothing, she added, “I think you look familiar.”

Someone behind Chen Yan whispered forcefully: “You feel familiar with all the handsome ones.”

    Xiao Si Ran: “……”

    Cheng Yin did not know when she woke up, and did not look at these two, grabbed a pen to play with.
  “Awake?” Chen Yan turned his head and asked in a low voice.

Cheng Yin ignored him and turned her back to him to tie her shoelaces.

    Only then did Chen Yan turn around and look at Xiao Si Ran.

    “You should remember wrong.”

Xiao Si Ran was embarrassed to death by Cheng Yin’s remark, and since she had white skin, it was especially obvious when her face was red.

    But the brain was also extraordinarily clear at this time.

    “Ah, I know!”

    Cheng Yin heard these words and looked at Xiao Si Ran.

    Could it be that these two really have some connection?
Looking at Cheng Yin’s curious look, Chen Yan inexplicably felt a little nervous.

Actually, it’s okay to be revealed by Xiao Si Ran who he is, but he feels as if there is a thin layer between himself and Cheng Yin, and it would be no longer meaningful if it broke.

    Under the gaze of the two, Xiao Si Ran said, “You and Cheng Yin look quite similar.
No wonder I said you look familiar.”

    Cheng Yin: “……”

Using her as a medium to start a conversation it is really too much.

Chen Yan breathed a sigh of relief.
After seeing Cheng Yin’s cheek, suddenly he wrenched her chin and came closer.

Close enough for Cheng Yin to see herself in his pupils.
Cheng Yin stiffened abruptly, and did not blink for a moment, her heart beating like a drum.

— until Chen Yan’s voice came to her ears.

    “Hmm? Is it that similar?”

    Xiao Si Ran on the side: “……”

    Actually, carefully thinking, it’s not that similar, like Bing Duo Duo and Bing Xi Xi, okay?

It’s just that Bin Duo Duo and Bing Xi Xi flirting and using her as a medium, really too much.

    No one noticed that Xiao Si Ran took the exercise book and went away silently.

Chen Yan let go of Cheng Yin’s chin, his thumb and forefinger quietly rubbed together.

    Cheng Yin still stared at him blankly.
“You, you shouldn’t be touchy in the classroom.”

Chen Yan had already turned his face away, and when he heard her say that, he turned to look at her again.

“Then where should I touch?”

    The air froze again in this instant.

Cheng Yin’s heartbeat, that had barely calmed down, was once again disturbed.

    “You, you ……”

    Chen Yan looked at her nervous look and suddenly laughed.

Looking at Cheng Yin blushing and stammering, he felt so happy.

The afternoon’s frustration was swept away.
Chen Yan’s smile was not yet closed, and Cheng Yin suddenly approached him and pulled out a newly issued math test paper.

“If you have the ability, you can use your hands on the math test paper.”

    Chen Yan: “……?”

The students in the classroom woke up one by one, and the noise got louder as someone came towards them.

Cheng Yin stood up with a glass of water.
“Make way.
I’m going to get water.”

Chen Yan stopped teasing her and got up to give Cheng Yin a space.

Cheng Yin went to the water dispenser in the front row of the classroom to get water.
Xie Changxing came over with two sets of school uniforms at the same time.
“Your school uniform has arrived.”
  Chen Yan took it and casually stuffed it into the drawer.


In the front row, Cheng Yin stood in front of the water dispenser in a daze, and the water faucet clattered and overflowed.

    She let out a cry of surprise and immediately took a step back, even though she couldn’t avoid the fate of the water spilling on her shoes.

    Fortunately, there is a rag next to the water dispenser.

    Cheng Yin squatted down to wipe her shoes.
Halfway through, she suddenly reached out and touched her chin.

    So annoying ah.

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