Chen Yan casually threw away the phone, unscrewed the mineral water bottle and drank half of it, before going to the bathroom to take a shower and eliminate the fatigue of the day and night.

    When he came out, he saw a few fresh apples on the living room table.

    He took two of them, and washed them in the kitchen, and then slowly peeled and cut them.

    Wang Huiyun came out to pour water and stood beside Chen Yan, asked, “How is it?”

    “It’s stable.” Chen Yan said as he cut the apple, “It’s an old illness.”

    “What about Wen Wen?”

    “Just like that.” Chen Yan did not want to continue this topic, put the apples on the plate, handed them to Wang Huiyun, and said, “I’m going to catch up on my sleep.”

    Wang Huiyun didn’t take the apple.
“I’m not hungry.”

Chen Yan smiled and raised his chin toward the study, said nothing, turned around and walked away.

    Wang Huiyun froze for a long time, but still picked up the apple and walked back to the study and put the apple in front of Cheng Yin.

    “Eat some fruit.”

    “Thank you, teacher.”

    Cheng Yin ate a piece and continued to do her work.

    Wang Huiyun stared at her for a while.

Cheng Yin’s soft bangs were pinned behind her ears, revealing her bare forehead.
She hung her head, and from this angle she could only see her long, thick eyelashes, and rounded chin.

Looks exactly the same, and really beautiful.

After class, it was already dark.

Cheng Yin packed her school bag and brought the additional snacks from Wang Huiyun.

    — (A set of physics test papers:)

    After leaving the door, Cheng Yin turned around and said goodbye to Wang Huiyun.

    “Goodbye teacher.”

    Wang Huiyun nodded.
“Be careful on the road.”

Looking outside, she asked, “Your parents didn’t come to pick you up today?”

    “My brother had some matters.” Cheng Yin replied, “I’ll go back by myself.”

“That’s not possible.
It’s so late.
It’s not safe for a little girl like you to go home alone.” She looked at her watch.
“How about this? I’ll take you home.”

“Huh? No need, no need.” Cheng Yin hurriedly waved her hand.
“My home is not far.
I have already called a taxi.”

    “It’s not safe for you to take a taxi by yourself at night.”

Wang Huiyun couldn’t be refused and directly turned around to get the car key.

Chen Yan came over when she reached the entrance door.

    Holding the car key in his hand.

    “I’ll go.” Chen Yan said to Wang Huiyun, “You go rest for a while.”

Wang Huiyun: “This …… how can you ……”

    “Then I’ll trouble brother.” Cheng Yin suddenly said from the back, “I haven’t had time to place an order.
My family lives in the Xicheng District Tianchen Community.”

 “Huh?” Wang Huiyun looked back at Cheng Yin again and saw that she was calm, as if it wasn’t her who just insisted that she should go by herself home.

    “Then …… you guys be careful on your way.”

    Chen Yan changed his shoes and passed by Cheng Yin, ruffling her ponytail.

    “Let’s go.”

After entering the elevator, Cheng Yin stood in the corner, while Chen Yan leaned in the other corner, looking down at his phone, not saying a word.

    Cheng Yin quietly glanced at him a few times, the man just like into the phone.

    Cheng Yin simply also took out the phone to play.

    Suddenly, the screen flashed, and an unfamiliar caller appeared.

— “Hello, I’ve arrived at the place you’ve located, may I ask ……”

    “Ah, brother, I’m already out of class, hmmmm, on my way home.
The signal in the elevator is not very good.
I’ll hang up first.”

    Chen Yan glanced at Cheng Yin.

The elevator was small and quiet.
Cheng Yin had a feeling that Chen Yan heard what the cab driver said.

But Chen Yan said nothing.
The elevator slowly descended to the bottom floor and when the door opened, he directly walked out.

    Cheng Yin froze for a moment before following up.
The underground parking lot is huge, Chen Yan has long legs and walks fast, Cheng Yin almost has to jog to keep up with him.

“That ……” In order to break the awkwardness, Cheng Yin said hesitantly, “Are you going to class tomorrow?”

    “No.” Chen Yan found his car spot and opened the door to get in.

He moved quickly and quickly sat down in the driver’s seat.
Cheng Yin went around to the passenger side and got into the car, while putting on her seat belt and asked, “Why?”

Chen Yan held the steering wheel and pointed to his leg.
“How can anyone go to school the day after a car accident?”

    Cheng Yin: “……”

    The small space was silent for a long time before Cheng Yin’s soft voice came.

    “I’m just kidding, no teacher asked you.”
  “Oh?” Chen Yan squinted at her.
“Then why did you lie to me?”

    Cheng Yin’s entire body tensed up.

    You’re still asking me?

    How dare you ask me?

You suddenly said ‘miss me?’ How can I reply?

    Luckily, Chen Yan did not seem to have the intention of waiting for her to answer and started the car to drive out of the parking lot.

The only thing is, since then, Cheng Yin did not dare to talk to him again.

    On this early autumn night, the street is still vivacious.

There are many cars on the flyover, and there are many lights on the side of the road.
After passing the familiar two-way street in front of the house, the cars merged into a single lane in front of a temporary sign; it seems that something has happened.

    Chen Yan naturally followed the car in front of him and changed lanes, and had to slow down.

    After the most congested place, Cheng Yin saw a police car and ambulance on the side of the road, and there were bloodstains on the ground.

Following the bloodstains, a man fell into a pool of blood, and a crushed car was three meters away.


Cheng Yin sucked in a breath of cold air.
Seeing this scene in this lively area was strange.

Suddenly, a warm palm covered her eyes, gently turn her head around.
“Children shouldn’t look at these things.”

Then he let go of his hand, and Cheng Yin felt she was dizzy from the light shaking in front of her.

Only a few seconds of contact, but the warmth of the touch stays until now.

    Cheng Yin brushed her bangs in a daze, but she didn’t even dare to look at Chen Yan anymore.

“I’m not a child anymore.
I’ll be eighteen in a few months.”

    Chen Yan heard, but did not speak.

It was silent all the way to the community entrance.
Cheng Yin got out of the car and blew a chilly breeze at the entrance of the community for a while before slowly going home.

When she entered the door, Cheng Sheng returned.
“You don’t stay at school today?” Cheng Yin turned around, but saw Cheng Sheng wearing a mask.
“What are you doing?”

Cheng Sheng walked towards the room.
“I have a cold.
You go to bed early.
I’m so tired and need to sleep too.”

    “Oh ……”

The next morning, Cheng Yin arrived at the classroom abnormally early again, and calmly handed on all the subject homework.
Xie Ying felt unbelievable.

    “All done?”

    Cheng Yin slapped a weekly report on her desk.
“You don’t need to do the B section of the physics weekly report, do you?”

Xie Ying said “hmm” sound, Cheng Yin sat on the seat to rub the Feng You Jing oil.
She rubs too much at once.
It was so hot that she could not open her eyes and her tears flowing.

When she was looking for tissue paper in a panic, she heard a somewhat familiar voice in her ear.

    “What’s that smell?”
Cheng Yin hurriedly wiped the tears and vaguely saw a girl standing in front of her.

Tall, long hair, fair skin, with a pair of glasses that are not too thick.

    “Huh? You’re back?”

Xiao Si Ran nodded, her gaze swept over Cheng Yin’s face and gently inhaled, “Why are you applying Feng You Jing oil early in the morning, don’t you sleep at night?”

    After saying that, she didn’t wait for Cheng Yin to answer, put the exercise book in her hand on Xie Ying’s desk and left.

Xie Ying casually opened a book, looked at it, and sighed: “She didn’t come to class for more than a month, but she actually finished all her homework.”

Cheng Yin: “Is she still human?”
Xiao Si Ran is the art committee in the class.
Her academic performance was excellent.
She got sick during the summer and has been hospitalized.
She didn’t come to school until today.
Xie Ying stood up with the homework books in her arms.
“I’m going to turn in the homework books.
You can help me wash the rag.”

Today is Xie Ying’s shift.
The rag on the podium has to be cleaned.

    Cheng Yin said yes, went to the podium and took the rag out to wash it.

    A few minutes later, she walked out slowly and ran into Xie Changxing, who had just come out of the men’s room.

The two of them chatted and headed back to the classroom.
When they were passing the hallway, a boy from the next class bumped into Cheng Yin and said, “I just saw Xie Ying from your class being dragged by Dong Zheng and the others to the comprehensive laboratory building!”
When Cheng Yin and Xie Changxing heard this, they pulled their legs and ran to the laboratory building, and they also asked the boy to inform the teacher.

The comprehensive laboratory building is near to the teaching building, usually few people went there, Dong Zheng and the others drag Xie Ying over definitely nothing good.

Cheng Yin and Xie Changxing passed through the corridor from the third floor of the comprehensive building, but did not hear any movement, and then ran to the fourth floor to search around, but still there was no one.
The two were anxious.
A boy wearing black-framed glasses passed by them and whispered a ‘second floor.

The two did not care about anything else, and ran directly to the second floor, during which they also met the director of the administration and education department who jogged all the way over, the three made eye contact and said nothing, ran through the laboratory, and finally heard a movement at the door of the physics lab.

The director of the administration and education department kicked open the door and shouted before he had a clear view of the scene inside: “What are you doing?”
When the words fell and the door that was kicked was not yet stabilized.
Cheng Yin and the others saw Xie Ying standing in front of Dong Zheng and He Li Zhi, looking calmly at the director of the administration and education department.
Not only was there no sign of a beating, but the pile of books that she originally held was in Dong Zheng’s hand.

This seems different from the imagined picture.

    “Are you, are you guys bullying your classmates?”

The director of the administration and education department did not even have the strength to say this.

    Xie Ying did not make a sound and swept Dong Zheng a glance.

    Dong Zheng looked down at the book held in his hand, and then looked at Xie Ying, “Xie Ying is tutoring us.”

Dong Zheng’s lackeys: “?”
Director of Administration and Education: “?”

    Cheng Yin: “?”

    Xie Changxing: “?”

    Xie Ying herself: “???”

    “Tutoring?” The director of the administration and education department was obviously not convinced and asked Xie Ying again, “Tell me, what the hell are they doing? Don’t be afraid.”

Xie Ying impatiently made a ‘tsk,’ sound.
“Oh, I gave them English lessons, and I just went over the verbs that represent the human senses.
Do you remember how many there are?”

Dong Zheng and his lackeys: “?”

    Dong Zheng: “Verbs, what verbs?”
  He Lizhi: “What word?”

Xie Ying snatched the books from his hand and scolded, “You just spoke and forgot.
What a bunch of grass bags! I don’t even dare to get angry for fear of burning you guys up!”

    Dong Zheng: “?”

Dong Zheng and the others didn’t know how they got out of that classroom, but they remembered that the director of the administration and education department comfortably instructed them to be more like this in the future, and ask questions if they don’t understand, not need to be ashamed to ask.

Dong Zheng now only wants to ask Xie Ying’s whole family.

Forget it, didn’t dare.

    Several students returned to their respective classrooms, and the fifth class was already preparing for morning reading.

    Cheng Yin quietly asked Xie Ying: “What exactly did they call you to the lab today? Is it really to ask English questions?”
Xie Ying looked at Cheng Yin with a ‘do you think it’s possible’ expression, “They want to beat me.”


How can you be so calm?

    “Then what?”

    Xie Ying opened her English book and said lightly, “I told them that Chen Yan’s father had opened a factory.”

“The employees of the factory are all just released from the prison.”

“Chen Yan is now my classmate who covered me.”

    Cheng Yin listened in awe.
“They believe?”
“In the Third High, is there anyone who would think I’m lying?”

    For a long time, Cheng Yin gave a thumbs up towards Xie Ying.

    “Big brother, you are this.”

    The morning reading bell rang and Cheng Yin looked at the seat next to her.
Chen Yan didn’t come.

Although it’s true that he doesn’t necessarily come to the morning reading class either, Cheng Yin always feels that he won’t come to school again for the whole day today.

    Sure enough, after recess, Chen Yan still didn’t show up.

In the past, Chen Yan had been to school for a while and was ready to go home.

Cheng Yin was lying on her desk, looking at her phone for a while, not noticing that there was a person standing beside her.

    “Is the new student sitting next to you?”
 Xiao Si Ran asked.

She did not come to class for more than a month, but heard from her classmates that there was a handsome transfer student.

It’s just a pity that he was a college entrance exam nail man, and his monthly exam results were only one point higher than Cheng Yin’s.

“Hmm.” Cheng Yin looked up at her.
“What’s wrong?”

Xiao Si Ran was holding a few books in her hand, swept the table and sat down.

“It’s so sunny today, the new students didn’t come to class anyway, so I’ll come over and sit for a while.”

Cheng Yin said yes and took back the things she had put on Chen Yan’s desk.

Xiao Si Ran put Chen Yan’s books into the drawer, and opened the book in passing, saw the name on it, and read in a low voice: “Chen Yan …… what a familiar name.”
  She flipped through a few more pages, and the book was as good as new, with no notes on it.

“What’s the history of this new student?”

“How can there be any history? It’s just a transfer student.”

    Cheng Yin took out the language book and read, no longer pay attention to Xiao Si Ran.

    “You’re reading it wrong.” Xiao Si Ran suddenly interrupted Cheng Yin, “Far up the cold mountain stone path slanting, it is ‘xia’, not ‘xie’.
The teacher has told many times how you still can not remember?”

Cheng Yin “Oh”, and skipped the poem.

She and Xiao Si Ran don’t get along too well, the class knows that.

Cheng Yin think there was no problem between them, but from the second semester of high school, Cheng Yin can vaguely feel the hostility of Xiao Si Ran to her, she did not know exactly what the reason, and did not have the courage to ask.
Anyway, after a few years later, the atmosphere between them is increasingly weird.
This kind of situation happens from time to time.
Because Cheng Yin does not have desk mate, and Xiao Si Ran is sitting next to her, those who do not know may think they have a good relationship, but the two of them do not live in harmony, Xiao Si Ran is always very ‘enthusiastic’ to point out Cheng Yin’s mistakes, but in uncomfortable ways.

Seeing that Cheng Yin does not pay attention, Xiao Si Ran took out her language book, read a couple of sentences, and turned Chen Yan’s book over, looking at the name written on it, and fell into deep thought.

    Where has she heard it ……

    Must have heard it somewhere.

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