Cheng Sheng completely ignored Cheng Yin’s nonsense.

The next morning, Cheng Yin could not escape from the fencing class, and was carried out by Cheng Sheng from under the blanket.

When they arrived at the club, Cheng Yin unbuckled her seatbelt with a sad face, Cheng Sheng looked aside and said, “I’m going back to the lab later, so go home by yourself after class, you’re not allowed to go shopping, and finish the papers assigned by Teacher Wang, I’ll come back to check at night.”

Cheng Yin said “Oh”, forcefully closed the door of the car, going to the club.

Today, the bearded man taught a theory class and showed some videos of the competition to two students.
Cheng Yin sat in the far corner, waiting for the bearded man to turn on the TV.
Her attention was immediately distracted.
One moment looking at the parents outside the window, and one moment looking at the stool in the corner.

The bearded man walked up to Cheng Yin and patted her head.
“Be serious.
I’m playing Chen Yan’s competition video.
You should learn well.”

    Cheng Yin looked up at the TV, the man in the fencing suit and mask was tall and long, and his attack was clean and crisp, another girl was watching without blinking, and the bearded man, who had watched it many times, was also absorbed.

Cheng Yin is not interested, fiddling with her fingers, and suddenly thought of something.

Cheng Sheng will be home in the evening, and the nanny on holiday today.
She left her keys in Chen Yan’s.
How can she go home?

Actually, the problem is very easy to solve; the nanny lives not far away, so call her and ask her to send it.
But when Cheng Yin took out her phone, she saw the name “Chen Yan” on the call log and clicked on the text message page by magic.

Cheng Yin wrote a few words.

    “I don’t have anyone at home today.
I don’t have my keys.
Can you send me the keys?”

    After sending it out, Cheng Yin thought about it and sent another one.

    “Or I can come to you to get it, QAQ?”

Chen Yan did not return the message.
The time passed minute by minute, Cheng Yin fiddled with her phone and kept staring at the text message interface.

The girl next to her was fascinated by the match and occasionally shouted, “So handsome!” But Cheng Yin is turning a deaf ear to this.
Suddenly, Cheng Yin’s cell phone screen flashed.
It’s Chen Yan’s call.

Cheng Yin breathed heavily and gripped the phone hard.

    She raised her eyes in a small arc and waved towards the bearded man.
“Teacher, can I go answer a phone call?”

    The bearded man was watching enthusiastically and waved his hand for Cheng Yin to go out.

    The moment she walked out, the person on the TV took off her mask and another girl sitting in the classroom exclaimed, “Oops! The face looks so handsome too!”


    Cheng Yin stood in the corner and whispered.

    Chen Yan asked, “When do you want it?”

Cheng Yin replied, “I have to go home after class at eleven.”
Cheng Yin added, “Shall I come to you to get it?”

    She heard Chen Yan on the other end of the phone laugh softly.

    “You’re coming to me?” Chen Yan said in a low voice.
“You can’t enter the place where I am now.”

    Cheng Yin froze and said, “Where are you ……?”

    Chen Yan did not answer her, converging on a smile, and asked, “Where are you? I’ll send you the key at eleven o’clock.”

    “Oh.” Cheng Yin said, “I’m at the Shidou Fencing Club.”

    At the other end of the phone, Chen Yan was suddenly silent.

Cheng Yin thought he didn’t know this place, so she added, “It’s next to the Qingpo overpass, oh oh, that Ikea, you know it, right?”
“Hmm, I know.”

Chen Yan said nothing else and hung up the phone directly.

    Cheng Yin did not immediately go back to class.
She stared at her phone, her eyes resting on the thirty-second call log.

She felt like there was something wrong with her.
She could have asked her nanny to send her keys, but she looked for Chen Yan instead.

The impulse in her heart was not lying.
She knew that she just wanted to see Chen Yan and wanted to have more contact with him privately.

    Cheng Yin kicked the corner of the wall.

She was annoyed and happy.

Do not know what she was annoyed about and do not know what she was happy about.
Internet cafe.

    Chen Yan returned from the phone call, picked up the car keys on the table, and greeted Ji Huaijin and Zhang Yue and the others at the side.

    “I’ll go first.
You guys have fun.”

    “Why are you going?” Ji Huaijin saw he was going to leave, got up and stopped him.
“Qin Old Monster will be here soon.
He rarely comes for a vacation and you don’t see him?”

    A fat man came over with a smile.
“Yo, you just arrived and you’re leaving?”

    Chen Yan pinched the keys and said, “Miss me?”

    The fat man was going to hug him, but he stopped, “Don’t gay me, what’s wrong with you? Do you know how many people have been gay by you since you were a kid?”
  “Then go gay.” Chen Yan pushed him away and said, “I’m going to send a key to someone.”

    “Who is it?”

    Chen Yan did not answer, turned around and walked away.

Ji Huaijin shouted behind him, “Who wants you to send a key? Your cheap sister, huh?”

    Chen Yan raised his eyebrows and laughed.

This time the phone suddenly rang, Chen Yan took out and looked, the smile that had not yet reached the bottom of his eyes dissipated.

    After class, the bearded man changed his clothes, carrying a sports bag, and went out with Cheng Yin.
 “Look at you sweating all over.” The bearded man took out wet tissues from his bag and handed them to Cheng Yin.
“Why don’t you take a shower before you go?”

    “Someone came to see me.” Cheng Yin took the wet tissue and wiped her face carelessly.

    “Even if you are in a hurry, you have to take a shower first.
What if you catch a cold later?”

    The bearded man handed over another tissue.
“Wipe your bangs.
Look, you did not wash your hair yesterday, right? They are greasy, it’s pasted on the forehead.”

    “Really?” Cheng Yin turned in the club’s glass windows to look.
“I’m going to the locker room!”

    The bearded man: “Ah?”

Cheng Yin has already run back to the club, washing her bangs in the changing room, and was blowing it dry when the receptionist came in and knocked on the door that was not closed.

“Cheng Yin, someone is looking for you.”

Cheng Yin turned around and saw the receptionist’s eyes flashing with excitement.
“You go quickly!”


Although saying so, Cheng Yin still continued to blow dry her hair, tidy up her bangs before trotting out.

    When she got to the door, she didn’t see Chen Yan’s car, but saw a very flashy Harley.

There was a flamboyant man in a flowery shirt next to the bike – Ji Huaijin.

He saw Cheng Yin and waved at her from afar.
“Little sister Cheng Yin!”
Cheng Yin looked back at the receptionist, only to see her watching the Harley with starry eyes.
Can’t wait to ride on it.

    Cheng Yin slowly walked over and asked, “Where’s Chen Yan?”

    “He has something to do and asked me to come and deliver the keys to you.” Ji Huaijin spread out his palm, the key with the pink unicorn hanging on it was in his palm, “You didn’t wait long, right?”

Cheng Yin took the key in silence and shook her head.
“Class just ended.
Thank you, brother.”

    “No need.” Ji Huaijin stepped onto his precious motorcycle, brushed his helmet, and prepared to go.

Cheng Yin looked at him for a long time, and when he really wanted to leave, she couldn’t help but ask, “What did Chen Yan do today?”

    “I don’t know.” Ji Huaijin held his helmet and said, “He took a phone call and left.”
Ji Huaijin did not continue.
Cheng Yin gave an “oh” and hung her head.
She walked towards the bus stop on the side of the road.

    Suddenly, Ji Huaijin called out to her again.

“Oh, yes, he said if you have no one to pick up, he asked me to take you home.”

A few minutes later, Cheng Yin sat on this flashy Harley with mixed feelings.

Actually, she was unwilling to take the ride, but Chen Yan asked Ji Huaijin to take her home, which means it was Chen Yan who took her home, right?

When she returned home, Cheng Yin impatiently sent a text message to Chen Yan.

    “Got the keys, thanks.”

    Soon, the text message sounded, Cheng Yin picked it up to see, “‘Dog egg, you gently ……’ Zhang Xuemei pretty face red …… “
 Huh …… what the hell.
While eating, she thought about her phone again.
She took it out and looked at it, “Macau’s top and most popular xxx company, a 17-year-old girl earns astonishing revenue of 6 million per month ……”   

    Cheng Sheng knocked on the table.
“Ah Yin, eat well, not allowed to look at the phone.”

Cheng Yin helplessly put down the phone and ate a small bite of tasteless green vegetables.

Ugh, the 17-year-old girl now does not want to earn 6 million a month, she just wants to eat a good meal.

    Unfortunately, some people won’t let her get what she wants.

    After the meal, the phone did not ring.

Inexplicable irritation attacked her heart, and Cheng Yin simply put the phone in the living room, and then locked the door to her room and do homework.
Instead of constantly looking at the phone, it is better not to look at it for a long time.
Maybe there will be some surprise.

So Cheng Yin did not go out every once in a while to look at the phone, and Chen Yan’s text message did not come in by dinnertime, but she finished her homework in advance.

The next day Monday, Cheng Yin arrived early in the classroom, only to see a few scattered people copying homework.

Cheng Yin put down her bag and looked at her finished homework and was overwhelmed.

The entire class was reading neatly and the sound of the book was like a lullaby, and Cheng Yin soon nodded her head at the table.

The weather is still hot.
She casually took off her school uniform and formed a ball, use it as a pillow and fell asleep.

Don’t know how long she slept.
The back door of the classroom was suddenly opened and the sound of footsteps came.

    Cheng Yin woke up and immediately turned around to look at the back of the back door.
 The one who came in was Nie Nan.

Cheng Yin was deflated and sighed, “How is it you?”

    Nie Nan paused in his steps.

“I, I ……, how can’t it be me?”

    Cheng Yin ignored him and fell back to sleep.

    Four classes in the morning, as long as if four centuries have passed.

    In the afternoon, the heat became hotter, and half of the class was dozing off.

    Suddenly someone next to him shouted, “Chen Yan!”

    Cheng Yin woke up from her sleep again.
“Huh? Where is he?”
Xie Changxing came over from the aisle with a piece of paper: “Is Chen Yan here? The registration form for the HKCEE has to be submitted.”

The seat next to her was still empty.
Cheng Yin took the registration form from Xie Changxing’s hand.
“Oh, he didn’t come.”

    After school, everyone went home.

    Cheng Yin is collecting her school bag while looking at her phone.

Chen Yan did not come to school all day today, and did not return text messages, suddenly disappeared.

But fortunately, she will go to Chen Yan’s home later for make-up lessons.

Thinking about it, Cheng Yin was looking forward to the make-up lessons for the first time in her life.

    The entrance to Chen Yan’s house.
 Cheng Yin rang the doorbell, and footsteps sounded inside.

She straightened her bangs and held her breath.

The person who came to open the door was Wang Huiyun.
She smiled and invited Cheng Yin in.

    “Have you eaten dinner?”

    Cheng Yin quietly looked around the living room.
There was no figure of Chen Yan.


“Have you finished with the test paper assigned the previous day? Do you think it’s difficult?”

It’s a little hard.”

“Okay, then we’ll go a little slower today.”

 Cheng Yin followed Wang Huiyun into the study, and the moment she closed the door, footsteps suddenly sounded in the living room.

Cheng Yin said almost instantly, “Who’s out there?”

Wang Huiyun closed the door with a hand.
“My son.”

    She pulled the door open again and said, “Go to your room.
I’m in class.”

    Through the doorway, Cheng Yin saw Chen Yan walking through the doorway with a bottle of mineral water.

    He seemed to see Cheng Yin and raised the mineral water in his hand towards her.
The corners of his mouth seemed to smile.

Wang Huiyun closed the door, get serious and let Cheng Yin bring the test papers to her.

    Cheng Yin’s cell phone vibrated.

    She took it out to see it was a text message from Chen Yan.

    It was a reply to the text message she had sent yesterday.

    Cheng Yin quietly replied with a few words.

    “Why didn’t you come to class today?”

    A moment later, the other party replied.

    “Why, miss me?”

    “Bang”, the phone fell to the ground.

Her chest seemed to be tightened for a moment, and her breathing became unclear.

Wang Huiyun raised her eyes and looked at Cheng Yin, tapping on the table.

“You should read the topic of today’s lecture first.
Don’t play with your phone.”
Cheng Yin said woodenly, “Oh”.
And bent down to pick up the phone, but delayed getting up.



    “Who misses you!”


_.) I just wanted to tell you that the teacher called your name today, and I answered it for you.”

    After sending this text message, Cheng Yin let out a breath.

    “Said what?”

    Cheng Yin didn’t expect Chen Yan to go along with the question, so almost didn’t have to think before typing a quick reply.

    “Said you had a car accident and broke your leg, went to the hospital he he XD,”

    Chen Yan: “……”

    There’s he he.

Even if I am a centipede, it’s not enough for you to break my leg.

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