Chen Yan took the hat and headed upstairs.
Cheng Yin followed him.

    “You’re still not leaving? Dong Zheng and the others are blocking you up there.”

    Chen Yan said “Oh” and continued to walk up.

Cheng Yin grabbed him by the hem of his shirt and said, “They are really difficult to handle, even the teachers are too lazy to care, and they are so fierce at fighting people.”

    Chen Yan stopped and looked back at Cheng Yin.

    “Have you seen the animal world?”

    Cheng Yin nodded: “Yes, why?”

Chen Yan said: “When I look at them, it’s like watching monkeys fight, do you understand?”

    Cheng Yin was shocked.
She hasn’t seen such a thick-skinned person in a long time.

    However, when they arrived at the classroom door, they did not see Dong Zheng and the others.

According to the students in the class, Dong Zheng and the others left directly after they didn’t find Chen Yan.

Cheng Yin was relieved.
She watched Chen Yan take his wallet and throw the hat on the locker at the back before she went back.

But two days later, during recess, Cheng Yin had just returned to the classroom and had not yet sat down when she heard a commotion outside.

—Dong Zheng is here again with his men.

Cheng Yin subconsciously blocked in front of Chen Yan’s desk, shouted at them: “What are you doing! The classroom is monitored!”
Dong Zheng rubbed his neck.
He said coolly and violently, “This is between me and him, Cheng Yin, get out of the way.”

Cheng Yin held her head high and said righteously, “I won’t!”

Chen Yan also looked at Dong Zheng, stretching his muscles and leaning on the back of the chair, intending to enjoy the support, and was ready to cross his legs.

    Dong Zheng: “Cheng Yin, get out of the way.”

Cheng Yin: “I won’t!”

    Dong Zheng: “Get out of the way!”

Cheng Yin: “No!”

    Dong Zheng could do nothing with Cheng Yin, so he said, “Chen Yan, if you are a man, come out!”
 Cheng Yin: “He is not!”

    Chen Yan: “……?”

Wait, so I finally know which leg I broke?

    “You move over.”

Chen Yan wanted to go out to prove that he was a man – to the men’s bathroom and excrete excess fluid in his body.

But Cheng Yin stopped him in his tracks.

“Don’t be a hero, you can’t reason with this kind of people.
The teacher will come to class soon.
Don’t panic.”

    “No, I ……”

    “That’s enough!”
Originally, the classroom was quiet, and Xie Ying suddenly roared.
Everyone looked at her in unison.

Xie Ying slammed the book on the desk and looked out the door.
“Don’t you tire of it? Like a dog wearing human skin all day long, can you afford to affect my study?”

    “Damn! What a big mouth!” Dong Zheng has not yet spoken, He Lizhi at his side pointing at Xie Ying and scolded, “Isn’t only great at study? You think you’re amazing!”

    “You think I’m only good at studying?” Xie Ying stood up and pointed at them and scolded back, “Do I have to fight you guys to know that I am good at both arts and martial arts?”


    F*ckin’ hell.
Cheng Yin simply wants to kneel.
She can not believe that within 24 hours she met two thick-skinned kings.

    He Lizhi was so angry that he could not speak well, pulling Dong Zheng’s hand and said, “Boss, fight, or not?”

Dong Zheng waved his hand: “Don’t think that I don’t beat women, take her out for me!”

At this moment, the fifth class who were watching the fun all surged up to block Dong Zheng and the others.

Bullying Chen Yan is fine, but can not bully Xie Ying.
She is the one who pulled up the average score of the entire class with her own strength.
She must be protected.

The doorway is chaotic, the instigator Chen Yan sitting comfortably in his seat.
His expression is like watching a show.

Seeing him like that, Cheng Yin believed he was not pretending when he said he was watching them like monkeys fighting.
He was really not afraid, but probably because he hadn’t seen the world.

Don’t know who yelled “Administrative Education Office’s Director is here!” and Dong Zheng quickly analyzed the situation in his head.
This Xie Ying is the heart and soul of the entire school leaders.
If they really touch a hair on her head, the principal will be the first to fight with him.

Forget it, can’t afford to mess with her, so he put down the harsh words and ran away with his men.

Half a minute later, it was Zhang Yuehai who walked in.

    He hurried into the classroom and scolded: “I heard your voices in the playground! You don’t have the impression of being a senior! Do you want me to set up a stage for you to sing?”

    Xie Changxing, sitting in the front row, went to Zhang Yuehai’s ear and muttered a few words, and when Zhang Yuehai heard it, his face became even worse.

“These little brats!”
He slammed the door and went to the ninth class, looked furious.

Knowing that Zhang Yuehai went to ask for an explanation, the whole Fifth Class was anxious.

Everyone knows that if they mess with Dong Zheng, they can’t stay in school, and even if they don’t beat people up, there are ways to force you to live worse than death.

It’s fine with Chen Yan, but today it was Xie Ying who offended them.

Currently, Xie Ying is eating buns while reading the joke in the back of the magazine, without a little worry on her face.

“Xie Ying, what we should do?” Cheng Yin is now worried about Xie Ying.
“You messed with them today.
Will they take revenge?”

Xie Ying did not even bother to turn around, snickered: “Am I can not control them?”
 Cheng Yin wanted to persuade her not to pretend, and she directly turned around and stuffed a piece of bread into Cheng Yin’s mouth.

    “You should worry about yourself first.
The results will be out in a while.”

The test was just finished yesterday, but because it was a monthly exam, the system was lax, and the teachers started marking the papers while they were supervising the exam, so the results were already out this morning.

    While several people were talking, Zhang Yuehai came back.

    He said nothing else, told the class monitor to take everyone to do the test papers, and then asked Chen Yan to go to the office with him.

    When Chen Yan got up, Cheng Yin whispered “Take care.”

    Bottom of the class, and provoked the group of people in the ninth class, he will certainly not have good results.

Chen Yan coldly grunted and went directly to the office.
  Zhang Yuehai was waiting for Chen Yan in his office with his report card, and when he saw him coming, he sighed and then waved at him.


    Chen Yan sat upright with a respectful expression.

Although he might suffer some character humiliation later on, Chen Yan was ready to listen.

    After all, Zhang Yuehai, the teacher, had treated him well.
Zhang Yuehai’s understanding towards him was good, and he would not be required to attend school full time.

    This is too difficult for him, so Zhang Yuehai does not care if he is late and leaves early.
He tries to cater to Zhang Yuehai in other ways and never gives him trouble.
 For example, this exam, if not because of that Golden Bite Cheng, Chen Yan would have done it seriously.

However, he promised his cheap sister to keep her second-to-last position, and Chen Yan can not look too perfunctory, so although he only did the multiple-choice questions in science and mathematics, but he still wrote a few words on other big questions, such as “solution”, such as “from the topic can be known”, and so on.
And then write a few universal formulas.

“Chen Yan ah …… about your transfer to my class, I am still very proud, no matter what you have experienced, you are now an ordinary high school student.
The most important thing is to study.”

Zhang Yuehai wiped the non-existent sweat from his face.
“I learned through a conversation with the principal that your grades in high school were very good.”

    Chen Yan did not make a sound.
“But, since you decided to come back to university, you should have an attitude and take it out, look at your results on this exam, it’s really out of my expectation, I can see that you are a smart person, although it has been many years since high school graduation, but shouldn’t be like this……”

Chen Yan is now full of Xie Ying’s phrase ‘after five times the pig will learn’.

    My day …… I really paid too much for this cheap sister.

after five times the pig will learn, will f*ck you ah ……

Although Chen Yan’s soul wandered away, but Zhang Yuehai is still painstakingly educating.

“We are now expanded university enrollment.
In fact, it is not difficult to get an undergraduate degree.
You have the foundation.
Work harder than usual, we will set a goal, you don’t have to be nervous, I will not give you too much pressure, we will …… improve by five names next time, okay? Look, being second-to-last is not a good thing to say.”
Chen Yan: “Okay, I understand …… wait, teacher, what was my result again?”

Zhang Yuehai thought this guy was surprised.
Did he not be aware in his heart about what his test paper result?

“The second to last, the second.

Chen Yan: “Who is the bottom last?”

    Zhang Yuehai was not happy.

    “You can’t just think about comparing with those who are worse than you.
Look forward.
You should not be ashamed of yourself.
I see that you sit behind Xie Ying, right? That girl is an excellent student.
You should study with her more often.”
Chen Yan turned a deaf ear: “The bottom last is Cheng Yin?”

Zhang Yuehai: “Yes, sigh, this girl is also really ……”

    What Zhang Yuehai said later, Chen Yan simply could not hear.


    I’ve worked so hard to get to the bottom of the class!

    This f*cking is even worse than pigs!

Actually, Cheng Yin is not that bad, but on the first day of the exam, Chen Yan suddenly engaged in some hero-save-the-beauty, so that she was distracted.

In addition, Dong Zheng made such a mess.
The invigilator teacher, in order to let him quietly, stood in front of him for the whole test.
That is, next to Cheng Yin.

The invigilator stands beside her, and the effect is like a shot of adrenaline.
Except for Xie Ying, no one can do the questions properly, right?

    Most invigilators have the habit of looking at students’ answers, and every time he looked at Cheng Yin’s test paper, Cheng Yin felt she had done it wrong, so in the end she didn’t even finish writing her essay.

    But Chen Yan does not know these inside stories, he only knows that the moment the results come down, Cheng Yin must be sad and angry.

This is like, a girl was forced to marry a pig, you promised to help the girl escape the marriage, even promised to find a handsome person to get married.
The bride price was received, and they held the wedding ceremony.
On the wedding night, the girl uncovered the veil to have a look.

—Hey, the groom was still the pig.

This is a real f*cking human tragedy.
And Zhang Yuehai talked to him for about one lesson, during which Xie Changxing has come to the office to receive the report card and take to the class to announce.

    This time Cheng Yin must know that she married a pig.

    When he left the office, Chen Yan received a call from Ji Huaijin.

“Tonight Zhang Yue treats dinner.
He was promoted, hot pot.”

    Chen Yan looked up at the sky.
It was almost October; the sun was still so hot.

    The person on the other end of the phone is still chattering: “6:30, Xiaolongkan.
We’re playing mahjong this afternoon.
Are you coming?”

Ji Huaijin and Zhang Yue, they are Chen Yan’s junior high school and high school classmates, almost considered growing up together.
At this age, they are basically working like Zhang Yue, or open their own store like Ji Huaijin, only the few of them are still studying.

These few include Chen Yan.
“Okay.” Chen Yan said, “I’ll come after school at noon.”

The last class of the morning was Zhang Yuehai’s, and he wouldn’t skip it.

    When Ji Huaijin heard this, he was happy, and Chen Yan hung up before he could turn on his mocking mode.

    The classroom was lively at the moment, and although most of the students were sitting in their seats, discussions were going on and on.

Chen Yan walked to his seat and saw Cheng Yin lying on her desk, her back to him.

In such a lively environment, it is strange that Cheng Yin is quiet.

Chen Yan reached out and pulled at Cheng Yin’s hair.

  Cheng Yin did not move.

Chen Yan bent down, held on to the table, and tapped her.


    Cheng Yin still did not move.

    Xie Ying turned her head and said, “Don’t bother her, the results just came down.
She’s having a hard time.”

Nie Nan, Xie Ying’s desk mate, is a sports committee member, not very good with words, and these days gradually made contacts with Chen Yan, and naturally take part in their conversation.

    Nie Nan turned around and returned the red pen to Cheng Yin, saying, “Don’t be sad, the new lessons are taught quickly these days, it’s normal for you not to absorb them, try harder in the next exam.”

Cheng Yin finally had a little reaction.
Her little head moved a little.
Nie Nan added: “Don’t care too much about the ranking, although you got the bottom of the class, but your space for improvement is the biggest.”

    Cheng Yin: “……”

Xie Ying hit him with her arm: “Don’t mention what you can’t mention.”

    Nie Nan knew he had said the wrong thing, and did not know how to remedy it, and could only turn back resentfully.

This time, the bell rang and Zhang Yuehai walked in with his textbook.

Chen Yan sat down, turned over the language book on the desk.

    The daylight outside the window gradually shifted and hit Chen Yan.

    Chen Yan said, “Cheng Yin, close the curtains.”
Cheng Yin did not respond.

Chen Yan called two more times, Cheng Yin was still pretending not to hear, but revealed a section of the red face.

She seems to be furious.

    Chen Yan lazily looked at her for a while, then quietly kicked Cheng Yin’s stool.

There was no response, so he kicked a second time.

    The third time, the fourth time ……

    Cheng Yin annoyed, dragging the stool to the side, then buried her head down again.

    The young girl’s ponytail gently swayed in the sunlight.

Chen Yan plucked her ponytail.
Cheng Yin simply covered her head.

Chen Yan plucked her ponytail again, which finally ignited her anger.

    She raised her head, glared at Chen Yan, and lowered her voice.
“ADHD, right? Try moving your hands again?”


Chen Yan was angry and amused, leaning back against the chair, plucking Cheng Yin’s braid again.

“If I moved, what can you do to me?”


Cheng Yin mumbled, and moved all the books on her desk to the other side, looking as if she had drawn a clear line with Chen Yan.

    The last class of the morning passed in such a twisted manner.

Cheng Yin didn’t pay any attention to Chen Yan, she who likes to whispering in the classroom didn’t say a word.

    At noon, the students left for the cafeteria.

Chen Yan naturally also left the school, but he felt uncomfortable all the way.

But he could not say exactly where he was not happy.

    The moment he arrived home, he suddenly turned the wheel and drove towards the school again.

Half an hour later, Chen Yan reappeared in the classroom.
 Nie Nan watched Chen Yan walk over and asked, “Did you forget to take something?”


    Xie Ying also turned around and asked, “Then what did you come back for?”

    Chen Yan sat down and flipped out a book and spread it in front of Xie Ying: “I’m a student, of course I’m back to study.”

    “Heh.” Xie Ying turned away while muttering, “People who are one point higher than Cheng Yin have a high awareness.”

    Chen Yan: “……”

    He looked around.
Cheng Yin was not there.

After a while, Cheng Yin returned to the classroom sipping a can of strawberry milk, her ponytail tied a little high today, swaying with her feet, the end of her hair glowing with gold, as if the sun was swinging in her hair.
However, the moment she saw Chen Yan, she immediately changed her face, asked nothing, indifferently returned to her seat to sleep.

    Chen Yan looked at her indifferent look, thinking that his own brain is probably suddenly missing a string to run back to sit in this broken classroom.

    And he sat there all afternoon, even the teachers were shocked to see him.

    During that time, Ji Huaijin kept calling to urge him.
He hung up at least ten calls from Ji Huaijin.

    In the late summer heat, the excavators at the nearby construction site were squealing and making a lot of noise.

Friday afternoon there are only three classes, there are less than five minutes to be dismissed.
The students in the classroom were about to go, and Cheng Yin has packed her bag.
Chen Yan’s clear and low voice suddenly sounded in her ear, “All right, don’t be mad.
This time it’s my wrong prediction.”

I didn’t think you couldn’t even get three hundred and eighty-two.

Chen Yan looked at Cheng Yin’s score in the office.
Three hundred and eighty-one, great.

Cheng Yin paused, fiercely zipped up the school bag, then puffed up looking at the blackboard, hands folded on the table, like an elementary school student.

“Words are not faithful.
It’s a loss for me to protect you like that today.”

    Chen Yan: “……”

This time the bell rang, the teacher did not delay, and the class dismissed.
    Chen Yan feels that his patience has reached its limit.
 He no longer said anything, and when he got up to leave, he felt Cheng Yin glared at him again.

Hey, what a crappy temper this little girl has.

    Chen Yan suddenly turned around and pulled away from the stool, bowed and looked at Cheng Yin.

The shadow cast by the tall body easily covers Cheng Yin, although there is no physical contact, but the person’s breath is close at hand.
Cheng Yin felt a strange sensation, suddenly froze.


Chen Yan said, “Little desk mate, be reasonable, okay? I owe you?”

    Cheng Yin was angry and aggrieved, but also really felt that she was unreasonable.

But she is only seventeen years old and Chen Yan is twenty-three years old, so why should she required to be reasonable and not Chen Yan to be trustworthy?
So she turned her head from Chen Yan and continued to pack her school bag, whispered: “I’m the only one in our village who got into high school, my brother did not finish junior high school and went to the construction site to move bricks, just to save money for me to study, and eat a steamed bun every day, he worked so hard, but he will see that I am the bottom of the class, he will certainly kill me.”

Chen Yan draws the corners of the mouth.
This time he really needs to go, can no longer stay in this place.

Cheng Yin is still talking to herself: “It’s fine to beat me up, but my brother will not give me food.
I am only seventeen years old, still growing, without food to eat I will not grow taller, it’s fine not to grow taller, but every day come to school with an empty stomach, what if I passed out on the street with no one know? I’m only seventeen and I’m so miserable.
What did I do wrong?”

You did nothing wrong, you just didn’t answer the questions right.
 The phone in Chen Yan’s bag kept ringing, and Ji Huaijin was urging him again.

    Cheng Yin, carrying her school bag, passed by Chen Yan with her head hanging.

    “And there are people who don’t keep their word, and who push me into the abyss and still don’t have a bit of remorse, and who kick my stool and yank my ponytail.”

Chen Yan: “……”

    “Okay, okay, I’ll give you food to eat, okay?” Chen Yan carried her school bag and walked out.
“You won’t die of hunger.”

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