Ch4 – You’re a mute

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Du Ci thought he had shown enough gratitude and turned around, intending to leave, but Qi Nanke still held him back and didn’t let go.

Du Ci: “???” 

Du Ci’s fair face was smoked and turned black, however, that pair of clear eyes still sparkled brightly.
Earlier, even though the vice general saved him in the nick of time, when the flaming arrow flew by, it still singed his right eyebrow a little and now a part of it was missing.
His bang and forelock were also slightly burned, their tips all curled up.

Fortunately, his skin was uninjured, otherwise, it would be such a pity for this extraordinary face.



Qi Nanke quietly looked at Du Ci, Di Ci couldn’t help but frown, “This brother, what’s the meaning of this?”

Qi Nanke was faithful in keeping his mouth shut.
Vice General Xu stepped up to ease the atmosphere, “From this young master’s accent, it seems you are from Shu Shi?” 

Du Ci raised his chin, “That’s right, this Pri…Young master is here to do business.”


“At Yongge?” Xu Fujiang asked.

“No.” Du Ci, who pretended to be a merchant from Shu Shi, tilted his head, “How’s that your business?”

“My young master is also going to Yongge.
Since our meeting here could be counted as fate, it would be nice if we could head the same way together.” Vice General smiled a little regretful, “What a pity.”

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Du Ci was a bit nervous.
With just a glance, it was clear these three people were not simple citizens.
Their bodies were shrouded in heavy killing auras which couldn’t be belonged to the decent people.
Even if he was really going to Yongge, he would never dare to go with them

Du Ci suspiciously glanced at the three, then suddenly thought about Qi Nanke who had been fighting on the battlefields for so many years — If he came back, he might also carry such murderous auras, but he would never look like that!

Du Ci first met the Qi family’s little duke at a banquet in the palace when he was 14.
At that time, the little duke was 19 years old, and after the new year, he was going to leave for the frontier to guard it in his father’s place.
Because of this, the topics of discussion all more or less revolved around the duke’s mansion.
That was why Du Ci also couldn’t help glancing at the person a couple times.


Even though that person was only five years older than him, he seemed to belong to another world, with a calm and reticent aura, cold and icy expression, and his black hair casually tied up.
He wore a black attire on his tall and straight stature, paired with a red and gold-patterned belt.
Very handsome. 

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During the banquet, occasionally, someone would come to him and seek guidance on martial arts.
Everyone was looking forward to a good show.
Unfortunately for them, Qi Nanke was skilled at welding both swords and spears, and no weapon could trouble him, he was almost like an epitome of invincibility.

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On that day, Qi Nanke was undefeated.
At first, the crowd was cheering enthusiastically, but gradually, their voices became smaller, and then the atmosphere turned into an awkward silence.
The young Du Ci, who had no clue what was going on, smiled and clapped his hands energetically, thinking that this person was so amazing, so admirable.

In the end, it was the duke’s madame- Princess Renshou who stepped forward to rescue the atmosphere and ended the show in Qi Nanke’s place.
Later, it was said that the emperor became furious and punished several princes and royal descendants.
However, whether it was true or not, no one knew. 

Du Ci thought: His little duke already had a calm and mature temperament at a young age.
Just look at his youth self, such a dashing appearance, fair skin, long arms, long legs, black hair as smooth and glossy as satin, under the moonlight, it made people want to come close and cope a feel.
No matter what, he wouldn’t turn into this gloomy, icy, and rough man with a stubble beard!

Qi Nanke finally released Du Ci said after hearing he was not heading to Yongge, but his eyes still fixed on him.

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Du Ci touched his face, wondering what was wrong with the other person, then picked up his bag and went looking for people: “Douding! Dou…”

The last syllable hadn’t yet fallen when wild laughter could be heard coming from the front.
Then, a few riders on horseback appeared, galloping towards the station.
These people wore coarse clothes, hair tied up high, faces covered with cloth masks, hands carried swords—only a brief glance and there was no mistake they were mountain bandits. 

Instantly, a frown appeared on Du Ci’s face.
Because he saw Douding tied up and dragged behind the horses, along with several children and women.

“My child–”


“Mother! Mother! Wuwuwu'– ”

“Mother, I’m scared!” 

“Son! My son!”

The shopkeeper’s face was plastered in soot and mud.
Holding a bucket in hand, he shouted, “Gentlemen, if you want something, we can slowly discuss it! Don’t hurt the children!”

The little waiter was so frightened he peed his pant and fell on his butt, unable to get up.

At the forefront, a man sat on a tall horse carrying a Ringed Sabre.
He wore a big silver ring dangling from his ear and hid half of his face under a cloth mask, with a vicious voice, he shouted, “All of you, hand over the gold and silver jewelry, or these women and children will all die!” 

Douding tried hard not to cry, but he was really frightened.
His eyes swept through the crowd and quickly met with Du Ci’s.
He suppressed his fear and shook his head gently, mouthing voicelessly, “Your Highness, run away!”

Qi Nanke’s eyes narrowed as he observed Du Ci gritting his teeth in anger.
Until now, Du Ci had always been a subject for pampering, when had he ever been provoked like this? In a moment of fury, Du Ci wanted to dash out but was quickly grabbed by Qi Nanke.

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“Don’t touch this daddy!” Du Ci yelled and glared back with his apricot eyes.

Qi Nanke didn’t say a word.
He threw Du Ci the slightest look, as if he was looking at some kind of little animal baring its fangs and showing its claws, with no threat power whatsoever.
That look really made Du Ci want to jump over and punch him. 

Qi Nanke turned around and signaled Vice General Xu with his eyes.
These people had always worked together on the battlefield, there was no need for many words.
With just one look, Vice General Xu nodded in acknowledgment.
He slipped to the back of the crowd, and went around to the other end.

Vice General Zhou also headed in the opposite direction, Du Ci glanced at them suspiciously.
Suppressing his temper, he whispered, “Do you have a solution?”

Qi Nanke ignored him.

Du Ci remembered, from beginning to end, he had never heard this person speak a word.
He touched his chin thoughtfully and then exclaimed, “I understand now! You’re a mute!” 

Qi Nanke was focused on the bandit in front of him and didn’t care what Du Ci was saying.

This place was close to Qunyang, the largest city near the Royal City.
For such arrogant mountain bandits to appear here, it was very unusual.
The only possible explanation could only be- the bandits had colluded with the government and shared the benefits between each other.
Judging from the shopkeeper’s reaction, this was probably not the first time they had been attacked.

Courier stations are where official messengers often come and go.
Even if the bandits dared to rob the small shops at the foot of the mountain, they would never have to gut to take on this place.
Not to mention other things, just such an act would be considered as slapping the government in the face!

Bastards! Useless good-for-nothings! Even dared to disregard the emperor’s face! A cold light flashed in Qi Nanke’s eyes and a murderous aura exuded from his body, the surrounding temperature suddenly dropped several degrees. 

Qi Nanke pulled Du Ci back and gestured for him to be patient.
Du Ci fidgetly looked at Qi Nanke “What the hell are you going to do? You, can’t you at least give me a hint?!”

Qi Nanke ignored him and silently counted the time in his heart.
Soon, screams could be heard coming from in front of the station.
The people in charge of guarding the gate were all beheaded, their blood splattered on the ground.
The horses ran away in panic, their neighing sounds startled the other horses, made them panic and threw the people off their backs.


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Du Ci’s eyes widened.
He saw Qi Nanke rush out with his bare hands.
His tall body easily flew over the heads of the crowd like a gliding hawk.
One kick threw the leader off the horse.

“Nice!” Du Ci clenched his fists and cheered loudly. 

Hearing Du Ci’s voice, Qi Nanke, who had just jumped on the bandit’s horse, turned around and looked at him.
Two pairs of eyes met under the blazing flame, a little smile seemed to be hidden in those gray pupils.

Du Ci was stunned for a moment, but before he could react, Qi Nanke had already grabbed the rein and calmed the panicked horse.
The bandit’s broadsword was snatched at some unknown point, with one slash, the rope tied behind the horse was cut loose.

Du Ci rushed out, “Douding!”

“Prin… Young Master!” Douding finally couldn’t hold it in anymore and started bawling.
He was only fifteen years old this year.
Since he started following the little prince Du Ci as a baby, when had he been wronged and frightened like this? He really couldn’t hold back any longer. 

Du Ci hurriedly supported him and urged other people to run away, “Quicky, go!”

He took the children and ran ahead.
When they ran out to the front yard, they bumped into a cowardly bandit who had been hiding behind the door.
That guy saw that it was only a young man with a couple of children and didn’t even need to think twice, immediately rushed over with a sword in one hand, his other hand stretched out to grab Du Ci’s bag at the same time.

Although Du Ci was afraid, his dignity as a Prince was still there.
Anger rose up in his heart.
Seeing the opponent was dashing over, he immediately pushed the child and Douding away, then raised his feet and kicked him, followed up with stomping and scolding: “Just a dog like you ​​also dares to climb on this prince’s head? You’re courting death!”

Finished speaking, his foot hadn’t had the chance to land when his collar was pulled back.
He staggered back two steps and then –splash- fresh blood was splattered on his body.
The little bandit’s head rolled to his feet while the headless body convulsed a few times before it collapsed. 

Du Ci: “…”

Du Ci raised his head.
On the horseback was Qi Nanke, who grabbed and lifted him up like he was holding a chicken.
Qi Nanke flicked his right hand slightly, the blood beads on the Ringed Sabre dripped on the ground, revealing a gleaming blade.

A corner of Du Ci’s mouth twitched, then, he leaned over and puked.

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