Ch10 – Smart little head

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After they agreed on the time and place to meet up, the group parted ways at the foot of the mountain to do separate things.

Du Ci sat on the yellow skin, white-spot horse, swinging his legs.
He hesitantly asked Qi Nanke: “Mute… er no, Qingjun, why are you going to Yongge?” 

Qi Nanke said indifferently, “Doing business.”

Du Ci: “…” Business is such a good excuse, isn’t it?



Truthfully, both of them were well aware, if they wanted to prove the other’s identity, there was no need to go in this roundabout way.
The fish talisman and travel permit they carried could prove their identities.
Still, neither of them intended to bring it up and tacitly ignored the other’s true identity.


Du Ci suspected this big man had something to do with Qi Nanke.
After all, these three coincidentally appeared near the Royal City at this time and had military backgrounds, even Douding could see it.
Moreover, they spoke about frontier matters, so there was a high possibility they were Qi Nanke’s subordinates who returned to report.

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Du Ci rolled his eyes and continued to probe, “So, fish seller, have you come from the faraway Wuse City to Royal City just to do business?”

Qi Nanke glanced at the little prince sitting in his embrace.
Knowing the other party was trying to test the water, he felt a little amused.
But he was also curious about what the little prince was up to, so he decided to play along, “My family doesn’t only sell fish, they also work as a shipwright.
Currently, the imperial court intends to develop the navy, and Royal City wants to recruit people who are knowledgeable about shipbuilding and naval affairs.
I want to go and check it out.”


Du Ci asked, “You want to be an official?”

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Ge Jl aeaafv aklmf, “Pa kbc’a yf fjrs.”


Hl Rjcxf ibbxfv ja tlw, “Qtja wjxfr sbe rjs atja?” 

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Du Ci lightly stroked the horse’s mane and shook his head, “Who doesn’t know that Guojiu is like the sun at midday right now.
Even the Crown Prince has to yield to him in some parts.
Most people support Guojiu and the Da Ming Mansion behind him in court.
It might be possible if you were aiming for another field with more opportunities.
But this navy business? Guojiu has had his eyes on it for a long time.
You have no chance to take any part in it.”

Ktf wbgf Hl Rjcxf ilrafcfv, atf wbgf lcafgfrafv tf yfmjwf: “Tbe xcbk j iba.”

“P tjnf ws kjs.” Ge Jl milmxfv tlr abcuef jcv rcjqqfv tlr olcufgr.

The little prince was raised in luxury since he was young and never had to do anything.
His hands were all tender and delicate, with ten fingers long and slender.
When he raised and snapped them in Qi Nanke’s face, the clean and tidy nails could be seen clearly.
Qi Nanke’s eyes unconsciously followed those round and rosy little fingers. 

Qi Nanke tightened the hand on his knee, his whole body felt very itchy.
He had an urge to capture that white hand in his palms and squeeze it tight.

His voice was hoarse but his eyes were gleaming in the dark, “So, you mean I won’t be able to get a position in the navy field?”

“What do you rely on to get in? What kind of background do you have? Are you famous? Are you blessed by Budda?” Du Ci tutted, “The Ming family is now like dogs relying on its master to act big.
Not only you, even the famous and prestigious people won’t dare to get involved in this navy business.”

Qi Nanke breathed out an “oh,” then stopped talking. 

The little prince still continued softly, “But, it’s a different story if you helped me.”

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“I am Qi Nanke’s official fiance!” The little prince raised his head, looked at Qi Nanke’s rigid face and observed his expression, “When the time comes, I will reward you with a half-official position in the navy field!”

The little prince lowered his voice and whispered, “What do you say? The Qi family is still the Duke family.
Their words should have some weight.” 

Qi Nanke found this amusing for some reasons.
First of all, he hated people who liked to play small tricks, took advantage of people and made use of connections, as well as those who wanted to show off and acted frivolously.

However, when it came to this little prince, he couldn’t find an ounce of annoyance in him.
On the contrary, he wanted to indulge the little prince, if it meant the person would smile a little more.

When the little prince wore that proud look, it made people resent the fact they couldn’t pick the moon and stars off the sky and present them in front of him just to exchange for one more of that look.

Qi Nanke felt he must have gone crazy and was dazed for a while.
The corners of his mouth rose subconsciously. 

All of this didn’t escape Du Ci’s stare.
He touched his chin thoughtfully: This person is really strange.
If he was an ordinary merchant, just hearing the Qi family name would usually make them reveal a yearning look.
But he did not.
If he was a jianghu’s warrior, as a person who had wandered through south and north, he should have heard of the “Wind Fury” sword and General Qi’s prestige.
Then, shouldn’t he show some admiration or at least disdain? Then finally, if he came from the army, that weird expression earlier was even more suspicious.
As a soldier, how could he just ignore his general’s name?

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Du Ci’s little head turned rapidly.
Then, a little lightbulb lit up.


He and Qi Nanke are very familiar with each other! Maybe they were of equal rank or each other’s life and death brothers.
That’s the only explanation why he could show that attitude! 

With that said, this guy is not a shrimp soldier or a crab lieutenant, but also a general?

The more Du Ci thought about it, the more sense it made.
The other two men obeyed him and called him young master.
Naturally, they were his subordinates.

Du Ci suddenly became restless.
He wanted to inquire about his man’s news! But he had already talked so much about Qi Nanke, yet this big man was like an unmovable giant boulder and didn’t take initiative to bring him up.
It seems the road ahead will be quite difficult.

Du Ci had thought about it before.
Qi Nanke might remember him, but it didn’t mean he would accept marrying him.
However, that wasn’t a problem at all.
When Qi Nanke came back and met him, he had his own way of pitting the person! 

The little prince is very confident and prideful.
After all, he was raised preciously and grew up to be this beautiful and attractive.
In terms of family background and wealth, he isn’t inferior to the Duke residence.
His only weakness is probably his current position, but he has a smart little head to make up for it!

In the book, a smart little head can win their husband’s love, let alone him, who’s not only brighter but also pretty! Is there another thing better in the world? No!

Qi Nanke is so clever.
He will naturally know this!

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