The way you speak is not humane here, just because you saw a beautiful lady, you can’t disappear again.”

What the elderly were most worried about were Seta’s mannerisms.

He was very fond of beautiful faces! Ladies with remarkable looks.

Nevertheless, Seta showed up at the empire to perceive such faces.

“I’m here only because I heard that there will be many outstanding faces among the imperial aristocracy!”

“I knew it!” The old man shivered.

“Please don’t have my neck sliced for that.”

There were two kinds of people Seta helped with his abilities.

First, the beautiful kind.
He looked at a person’s face as if looking at a treasure.
Or someone beneficial to Seta like the old man.
That did not mean he wanted money.

‘Sigh, he’s such a peculiar one.’

It was also strange that such an outstanding fortune teller appeared before the event began.
Unable to speak formally.
Entirely covered in a long robe.

Seta smiled under his hood, “I hope they have a pretty face in the Empire!”

If he gets blessed with the sight of an extremely outstanding face, he can even give away his liver, gallbladder, and bones in return!




People of various nationalities gathered in the castle of the capital city.

It was a day before the 10-day exchange event.

The night before, it was customary to gather and greet the guests indiscreetly.

Though it was an informal banquet, quite a few people had already gathered.

The guests of the exchange event and the nobles invited to a separate party were all gathered in one place.

“Piano tsu! But jipedu bu boa!”

“This part doesn’t seem to have changed over the past year! A glass of boa!”

Most of the foreigners knew how to speak imperial, but they could also talk in their regional language.

Ian and Laritte were also present here.

It was because Ian wanted to meet the fortune teller a day earlier.

Regardless of their status and origin, everyone was eager to talk to the Duchess.

Ian asked everybody who approached him, “has the fortune teller arrived from Mirnoa?”

A noble from the kingdom of Mirnoa chirped, “I saw him go out to the balcony earlier!”

“Thank you.”

The balcony here was in the form of a series of slopes.
It would take a while to look around, he thought.

“It’s dark and cold outside, so let me go alone,” Ian whispered to Laritte.

The Empress was the only one who could treat Laritte carelessly.

Since the imperial family did not attend this informal banquet, he had nothing to worry about.

However, the Empress of Iassa was in a state of temper.

Ian agreed to attend the exchange, so it was good that the foreigners were no longer disappointed in her.

Nevertheless, she was annoyed that every one cried Ian’s name as if they were parrots.

She wanted to get a little revenge somehow.

Just in time, the Empress passed through the hall where people were gathered.

The one who stood out the most among the guests was the woman with snowy skin and silver hair.
She was attracting everyone’s eyes.
In addition, she drew more attention due to the cluster of people around her.

Ian’s cheap Duchess is that little girl!

The Empress entered the hall and walked towards her.

She thought she would feel better if she teased her.

Upon the Empress’s sudden entrance, the guests surrounding Laritte fell back.
They all knew that her gaze didn’t mean well.
They were aware of the fact that she hated the Duke.

They waited in anticipation, their eyes switching between the Empress and Laritte.

Feeling the stir in the air, Laritte looked up at the approaching form of the Empress.

Ah, is she the Empress?

She looked similar to Oscar.

However, the evil greedy look in her eyes was completely different from his kind ones.

“Do you know who I am?”

The Empress even had a powerful voice matching her demeanor.

Laritte was anxious about her reply.

She was surely the Empress.

But what if she wasn’t? It would be disrespectful to the middle-aged noblewoman she saw for the first time.

Laritte proudly replied, “I don’t know.”

If she had participated in society for a while, she wouldn’t have had to worry about this.

Very few people dared to speak informally to the Duchess.

“Pffft!” Someone in the quiet room burst into laughter at Laritte’s words.

From their perspective, Laritte wisely responded to the Empress’s sudden outburst.

The Empress choked in her breath.

What is this!

She bit her lips but soon regained her composure.

“You may not know enough because this is our first meeting.
It is believed that it is very difficult to meet an imperial until one becomes a Duchess, yes? So please don’t pay too much attention to the Duchess’s rudeness.”

This meant that Laritte committed such rude behavior because she was an illegitimate child.

While most of them understood the meaning, Laritte did not.

She proudly nodded again, “yes.”

Laritte thought,

She is the Empress who framed Ian.
Perhaps she doesn’t like me either.

But she’s being considerate of me in an official place!

For that, I’m grateful.

The Empress did not know about Laritte’s thoughts and felt that she was being ignored.

It was the beginning of a solid illusion in her mind.

The Empress was a woman who went through hardships.
And, she didn’t want to step down after being washed away like this.

She was looking for ways to humiliate Laritte when she saw a bell.

‘Yes, this would work.’

The very classic method.
Spilling a drink.

The Empress grabbed the bell and asked for two drinks.

She was going to spill one of the drinks while handing it over to Laritte.

The reason why she loved spilling water was simple.
It was an easy method of kicking her opponent out of the banquet hall.
After which she wouldn’t be able to walk while soaked in wine.

When everyone swallowed and watched in anticipation, Ian’s fortune teller, Seta, was not on the balcony, but the double-decker stairs.

The man covered in a robe came down the stairs.
The brilliant faces of the people of the Empire brought great expectations on his face.
Yet he still couldn’t find a person with astounding looks.

‘It’s not fun! Should I just go back to my territory?’

When his eyes finally landed on the Empress and Laritte.

To be exact, he saw Laritte’s face.

Her eyes, nose, and mouth were in the perfect spots.

Unlike others’ eyes covered with thick makeup, her eyes were pretty ocean blue yet simple.
A nose without a single trace of flaw.
And red lips adding to the overall ratio of absolute gorgeous.

Seta’s face was now burning red like his hair.

He seemed to have come here across the sea only to receive such a sight.
It was his fate.

His desire was simple.

He wanted to imitate such a human face and put it inside a house holding rare treasures!

Wouldn’t she allow it if I asked politely?

He was far from being polite, but he wanted to give it a try.

Meanwhile, the Empress tried to spill a glass on Laritte.

Seta clicked his tongue from afar as he noticed her ill intent.

Oh, no! How can you do that? My human face will be damaged!

‘Humans like to do such things even after hundreds of years.’

Seta clicked his finger, and a twirl of energy flowed out of his fingers.

Influenced by his mana, the glass and its content pouring toward Laritte stopped in the midway, refusing gravity.
Instead, the drink fell to the bottom of the tile, splashing on the hem and shoes of the Empress.

Seta whistled quietly.


People began murmuring, creating a commotion in the room.
Seta even saw the Empress leave the hall in embarrassment.

Two kinds of beings in this world could feel magic.

Dragon, or a Swordmaster.

However, there was only one being who could handle as well as use magic.

A Dragon.

Seta was a healthy male polymorphic red dragon.

In addition, he was an eccentric who couldn’t care less about the beautiful faces of humans.

‘As expected, it’s a good thing I came to enjoy the human world.
I fell in love with the face of that human woman!’

Seta felt committed.

I have to show off that I helped that human being and copy her face!

He could sense a big event coming his way.

It was another perception of fondness for Laritte.

The form of love…… which was very unique on its own.

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