Chapter 45

‘Don’t tell me you’re kicking her out?’

The Countess wrapped her arms around Rose.

“Honey, she’s still our daughter.”
“I’m not abandoning her.
I’m sure Viscount Walson hasn’t heard of this yet.”

The family of Viscount Walson was one of the families who believed in the rumors Rose spread, and was in the talks of marriage with Rose.

Rose was after him.
Because he had a lot of money to provide.

She was supposed to meet him at the party earlier that evening.

This is what the Count meant.

Viscount Walson had no specific connection with other nobles.
It wouldn’t be until days later that the news of Rose’s disgrace would reach him.

So if she made him pledge to marry her right now, Rose would succeed!

Of course, Viscount Walson would go berserk if he found out the truth belatedly.

But that problem could be solved later.

Rose’s eyes flashed open.

“Dad, is it about marriage?”
“You’re sharp.
Do anything you want.
You don’t have to return for the night, so just make sure to get him to vow for the marriage.”
“Do not worry!”

She realized it wasn’t too late.

Marrying Viscount Walson would not just stop at paying off the Duke’s money.

‘Laritte, if you can act your way with the Duke…… then I will also appear in splendor! The day will surely arrive when I will beat the girl’s throng!’

Rose checked her dress in a hurried manner.

She went outside to find the carriage already prepared.

The Viscount’s mansion wasn’t far from here.
The carriage sped off as she sat inside it.

The maid first went to the door to inform the Viscount that Rose had arrived.

“Please open the door! Please open it.”

The door was gently creaked open.

Upon recognizing the maid from the Brumayers, the butler frowned.

“What’s the matter?”

The maid was surprised by his unusual tone.

She knew Viscount Walson had feelings for Rose.

Every time Rose visited the mansion, he would rush to greet her immediately and treat her nicely in every way, no matter what.

Rose was also beautiful in his eyes.

In addition, the Brumayers were the family that Viscount Walson wanted to stay close to because of their historic presence.

Shivers ran down the maid’s shoulders.

Of course, it was her first time to be here on a night where her Lady came to visit.

But why was the butler’s expression so fierce?

“Miss Rose has arrived to have a talk with the Viscount.”

The butler shook his head firmly.

“My master hasn’t been feeling well since today, so he cannot attend to any guest.”
“What do you mean? Is it fine for a butler to say this without the consent of his master?”

For some reason, the butler wasn’t allowed to welcome Rose Brumayer.

It was the same with all of the servants of the Viscount.

But he couldn’t help it because of the maid’s stubbornness.

“Then, let me go upstairs and ask my master.
Wait here.”

It wasn’t long before the butler came back.

He delivered his master’s refusal through the crack in the door with a lock latch.

“My master said that it’s late today, so he asked her to visit him later.”

Later? It struck the maid.

Had he already heard that Miss Rose was humiliated by Laritte?

The maid was forced to return to the carriage where Rose was seated.

“Miss, the Viscount says it’ll be difficult for him to meet you today.”

Rose couldn’t believe her ears.
Her mouth agape in surprise and shock.

Like the maid, this answer was unexpected to her.

The Viscount must have noticed Rose’s innermost thoughts when she came at such a late hour.

He must’ve realized she had come to talk about the marriage.

But Rose didn’t think the Viscount could refuse her.

‘How dare Viscount Walson refuse my visit?’

“Did you make it clear that I was here?”
“O-Of course….
I have, Miss! The butler said he wasn’t doing well.”

The maid gulped nervously under Rose’s spiteful glare.

Rose was about to smack her palm across the maid’s cheek.
But she gave up on the thought.

She couldn’t afford to hound on the maid now.

Rose got out of the carriage and walked directly to the door of the mansion.

So what if he’s sick?

He would welcome her no matter what since she’s here!

“Come here, right now!”

She bellowed outside the door.

The butler answered the door again.
He looked tired of it.

“I’m afraid, Miss Rose, that….”
“Get out of the way! I’ll tell him myself when I see him in person.”

She pushed herself into shambles.
Storming her way past the butler, she looked around the house.

Beyond the white mid-door with several arches, there was a living room.

There were dolls of various designs hanging from their holders.

Viscount Walson ran a company that made toys for children.
The company was very popular among the middle class people, and it was speeding up the launch of new products now.

That’s how this scenery was created.

‘What’s with this piece of wooden doll? Is that a new toy he’s developing? Hmm, it’s quite interesting that money can be made from things like this.’

Her eyes fell on a doll over the orange table.

She shook her head.
This wasn’t the time for it.

“Where is my dear Viscount? I wish to see for myself how much he’s sick so that I can take care of him.”

The Viscount’s maids rushed to their master to deliver the news.

Finally, he appeared above the stairs on the second floor.

The young man, resembling a crushed rat, stood in a neat costume.

His freckled cheeks were red in embarrassment.

“What’s all this fuss about?”
“My dear Viscount! I heard you weren’t feeling well, so I rushed in.
Are you all right?”

Rose uttered in an abominable word of concern.
She grabbed the railing and climbed up the stairs to get a good look at him.
Suddenly, she frowned.

Didn’t they say he was sick?

The Viscount looked far well from being sick.

It didn’t smell like medicine.
Instead, she could only feel the unique smell of wood and hear the crackling sound of firewood.

Viscount Walson raised his voice in anger.

“What is wrong with you, Miss? Leave my house now!”
“But Viscount…..
are you really sick? With all due respect, I think you look fine…..”

She nervously spoke.

Had he already come to know that the Count’s position crumbled to the ground?

‘I can’t let go of this kind of family with the money!’

The Viscount raised his voice.

“Come on! Get out of my mansion, now!”

She turned her head to see if someone was looking.
And, she felt strange when she found no one caring about their master’s unusual treatment.

Eventually, Rose was forced out of the house.

What happened here?


Laritte threw the raspberries into her mouth.

The sweet and sour nectar collided with her taste buds.

“Mmm, it’s heavenly.”

After returning to the mansion, Laritte and Ian sat at the table.

Raspberry baskets were kept in front of them.

How did this happen?

Late that night after the banquet, there weren’t many places for them to visit.

Inevitably, they found raspberry bushes while having a light walk down the path.

“Glad that we picked the raspberries, right? Snacks at dawn are good as well.”
“Yes, yes.”

Ian unwantedly uttered the words as he watched Laritte bite the berries.

He didn’t like the way things were now.

He was trying to have a friendly conversation with her!

‘I didn’t expect for Laritte to find raspberries instead………’

She asked to pick them, but Ian wanted to oppose it.
The thorny bushes appeared too dangerous for her to approach.

But looking at her, she could even pass through it naked.

Ian had always lost to her.
This time again, it went as Laritte wanted.

Laritte asked.

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“By the way, where did you go earlier? You went to a rather mysterious mansion.
I’m even more curious now that you said it was due to an unavoidable reason.”

Ian’s fingers brushed over the raspberries that he didn’t even eat.

“Ahem, ahem.”
If you don’t want to tell me, that’s fine.”

There was a reason why he couldn’t speak.

Ian recalled the scene when he entered the mansion.

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