Chapter 42

She couldn’t recognize her for a moment.

It wasn’t the poor, disheveled Laritte that Rose enjoyed bullying.

In place of a girl with hollow cheeks like that of a mouse, stood the most radiant woman in the large room.

That was not all.

Next to her stood Ian, whose eyes bore into Rose’s figure.

He was holding Laritte’s hand in a very affectionate manner.

Finally, his prey had walked right into his den.

Heaven was helping him with his revenge.

“Ah, look, my wife’s sister is here.
Miss Brumayer.”

He greeted her with cold words that came crashing right at her.

Rose stepped back unknowingly.

“Ah, uh…..”

It was clear that all the rumors she had spread were now proved to be fake.

Now, as Rose would be branded as a liar, she would not receive an invitation from any known family.

She wished to hide in a rat hole right that moment.

“Miss Brumayer, I wanted to ask you something.”

Ian approached her.

“You already knew it was upon my will to take Laritte with me.
But you said something against it.
May I ask why you have done that?”


“I can’t hear you very well.
Perhaps you’ve caught a cold, Miss.
Let me get closer.”

It felt suffocating for Rose with every step Ian took.

She thought it was just because of the psychological pressure on her, but that wasn’t true.

Ian was letting his mana slowly spill from his body.

This Swordmaster was capable of energizing the air around his body equal to the sword.

Rose’s eyes met Laritte’s behind Ian.


This whole situation was unexpected to Laritte.

It was almost 10 years.

For that long time, Rose had thrown hate at her, screamed at her for no reason, and consequently made Laritte forget how to cherish herself.

But now, the tables have turned.

The Duke of Reinhardt was now on Laritte’s side, and Rose became a woman of nothing.

It was kind of funny to Laritte.

Every time she saw Rose, her shoulders seemed to shrink down, but not today.

She heaved a sigh.

‘Rose, you were just a girl of my age.’

She felt sorry for herself for having to be frightened by a girl of her age.

She was sorry again.


Laritte approached.

Not to Rose, but to her own past self.

She wasn’t afraid of Rose anymore, so she was fine.

“It has been a long time.”

Of course, Rose took her opponent’s actions differently.

‘Don’t come near me!’

Rose glared at her.

If she failed to marry someone, the Count would not be able to pay the money back…… and the Duke would definitely sue them.

The mansion would be put on an auction, and the value of the Brumayer family would crumble down to the ground.

They would not find any employees for themselves.

What if it ended like that?

She didn’t know if it could get any worse.

She would also have to search for work to have a decent meal.

She would have to live a terrible life like Laritte, whom she once tormented for her own pleasure.

Laritte called her name again.


Rose didn’t want to live as infirm as Laritte did in the past.

She used to be so excited to bully others.

“W-Why are you looking at me…..
like that?”

Despair drove people crazy.

Standing at the edge of the cliff, Rose finally raised her hand and slapped Laritte’s cheek.


Laritte’s face hardened.

Laritte thought, closing her eyes.

‘Ah, it’s been a while since I got hit again.’

This type of violence was familiar to Laritte, but those watching it opened their eyes wide and gasped loudly.

“Oh my! What have you done?”

“Isn’t that a crazy act? She’s an illegitimate child, but now she is……..”

The woman had Ian’s support behind her.

Nobody should touch the Duke’s wife, until and unless Ian himself had lost interest in the illegitimate girl.

Laritte erased her smirk before looking up at Rose with a serene expression.

It didn’t even feel painful anymore.

Rose’s breath became heavy.

“Do you think you’re better than me!”

She couldn’t hear other people’s voices around her.

“You think you would look good by wearing something fancy, hanging a couple of jewelry on your neck, and decorating yourself like that? You were worse than my feet.
Do you know that?”


Rose continued.

“I will–”

Suddenly, a big hand came and gripped her chin in a rough manner, causing her to stop.

It was Ian.

“Ugh, uhh!”

Rose struggled, her toes barely touching the ground.

A sense of fear rushed to her mind.

‘I’m going to die!’

To be honest with you, Ian looked as if he was really going to kill Rose that night.

How dare she talk to Laritte like that….?

His flesh was seething all over.

He wanted to crush her jawbone with his hand.

It was then.

When Laritte came to her rescue.

“Ian, you’re choking my sister.”

Ian would also be accused of murder if he didn’t stop.

Laritte’s hand touched Ian’s arm, and his anger subsided as if her touch had a cooling effect.

She said again.

“Let her go.”


His grip instantly loosened like an obedient dog.

Rose fell to the ground.

“Hah, Hah…….”

It was so intense that it made her shed tears.

She couldn’t even believe she experienced this in the midst of so many people watching.

She was nearly twenty, but this was the first time she had ever been treated like this.

Unable to hold herself back, she raised her head to shout at Ian.

It no longer mattered to her that he was the man she had a crush on.

“Argh! Are you crazy?”

Ian simply set his collar.

Rose was screaming, and it sounded no different than a cry of a cat.

“What were you supposed to say after being saved?”

His tone was commanding.


Ian’s eyes fell on Laritte’s red tinted cheek.

Damn it, she hit her hard.

Contrary to what was directed at Rose, he rubbed her cheek softly.

But his words toward Rose continued.

“I don’t know.”

“What do you mean……”

“But you just experienced it.
Since you’ve lived because of Laritte, you should be grateful to her for the rest of your life.”

His voice caused chills to coarse down through the core of those who listened.

“Don’t be such a poop pig.”

Cupping Laritte’s face in his palms, he checked the wound affectionately.

“Laritte, are you all right? I will make her regret it.”

Others, who were surrounding them, threw words of consolation and concern.

“Duchess, what kind of an act was that all of a sudden?”

“What a mad woman she is! You have to punish her severely.”

“Please take my handkerchief, my beautiful and kind Lady.”

Rose had to admit.

The people around Laritte used to laugh at the scene whenever she hit Laritte in the past.

Laritte was even beaten under the accusation of stealing the jewels Rose hid herself.

When Laritte was whipped in front of the brazier, Rose was the only one to laugh at her…….

How could she get humiliated by Laritte for just one slap on her cheek!

Rose burst into tears.

“Hic, Hic……”

The moment she started sniffling, a shadow came before her.

Rose looked up to see Laritte standing in front of her with her usual calm expression.

Laritte had no accusing expression, but she managed to avert the crowd’s attention to herself.

Rose didn’t like it.

“D-Did you like it? Sniffle! Did you like it? It must be very enjoyable seeing me like this, you mean little girl!”

“An ordinary person would’ve been pleased.
You were a real devil to me.
As for your question, I don’t know.”

In the meantime, the others started to talk to Ian.

Rose would not reappear in society, and Laritte would become the center of attention for everyone.

Ian would make it so.

However, if this conversation was heard, it might pose a negative effect on a noble woman.

The first virtue of a noble was to hide and change their emotions in a graceful manner.

Therefore, Ian made it possible for Laritte to say what she wanted to say.

Laritte’s eyes scooted back to him in a manner of a question.

‘Are you happy that you got your revenge?’

He couldn’t laugh.

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But he didn’t mean to forgive Rose so easily.

“Does it hurt, Rose?”

“Why do you ask the obvious! Do you enjoy it that way?”

“It was the same for me.
It was painful and hard for me as well.
Because of you.”


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